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That was my reaction upon finishing the first issue of Thor: The Mighty Avenger and it still persists. Roger Landridge does a great job of making you prefer these characters from the get go. You understand Jane and her life in a few sections and that is definitely awesome. The book is fun, funny and extremely charming. Chris Samnee's art is wonderful and manages to convey so much emotion in just a few lines. The fights are interesting in that they actually tell section of the overall history. Thor is sweet and cute and a lttle bit of a lunkhead in a good way. I would thoroughly recommend this guide for anyone of every age., Recently, I've been getting into Thor as a comic book character. I actually always liked the assumption, characters, and fantastical emphasis of Thor, but never really read most of his stuff. So within the past few months I have set out on a journey to become more accustomed to him or her. This was one of the very most highly recommended Thor headings That i knew of of and so I acquired it, expecting to be mildly interested and generally happy. That is a huge understatement to say my expectations were met and exceeded.

Whenever I finally got the book, I was taken away by the pure quality of the work. Rodger Langridge and Bob Samnee's take on Thor's earlier days on planet has become one of my favorite comic book series in recent years. It can absolutely magical. Langridge's writing finds the perfect balance between deep characterization, wit, warm warmheartedness, love history, fun action, and a meditative poignancy that I actually have not found in many comic series. Samnee's work as an artist is completely reminiscent of the silver age of amusing books, where Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko were the kings of the pen. It's more simple than most modern amusing books and yet it seems way more expressive than most contemporary comics as well. It truly is amazing how much Samnee's inks adds to the charm and appeal to the collection. His / her artistic skills and concentrated can not be ignored or elegant. He or she is spectacular.

Each amusing is a standalone history, each fantastic on their own, that eventually add to a narrative whole. There are many guests stars featured in this volume, some more known and others very obscure. They may all quite delightful. Inside many ways, this collection rang a bell in my memory of the old Lee/Kirby comic book heroes that I actually adore so much. I may be 21, but when I first got into comic books, it was by reading the Marvel Masterworks graphic novels, which were collections of this 1960's classics. This fostered in me a love for the sort of storytelling you find in the silver age of comic book heroes: gallivanting heroics and campy fun. This collection has that, and yet, it has the poignancy and detail that more modern amusing books have as well. So to me, the great Thor runs are Simonson, Strazynski/Coipel, and now Langridge/Samnee. Hell, this volume is fantastic when in the company of all comic guide characters, not simply among Thor stories.

I cannot say enough how great this volume is. It saddens me deeply that this 12 issue series was cancelled prematurely. If there is any justice on this planet, the amount of men and women buying this and volume 2 of the series will perhaps resurrect it from the dead, as it truly deserves recognition and praise. Langridge and Samnee deserve nothing but the highest reward for works like this. So please, you comic book fans out there there, give this collection an attempt. It is so very special. Buy it, cherish it, adore it!, -----------------------------------------------------------------------
"Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Vol. one: The God Who Dropped To Earth"
Written by Roger Landridge
Illustrated by Chris Samnee
(Marvel Comics, 2011)
In this great, kid-friendly reboot of Marvel's great Asgardian superhero, Thor is reimagined as a less stuffy, less pompous, less boring thunder god, a recently reincarnated deity who is slightly confused about his role in the grand cosmic framework, and less prone to spouting absurd pseudo-Shakespearian thees and thous. In short, he's more modern, better to identify with, and way more fun. Don't get me personally wrong -- I loved the old Thor as a kid and prefer the inclusion of a few of this, original tales in the back of this guide, but ya have to admit he is one of the classic superheroes who hasn't held up well over the years. The reboot is quite delightful. The stories are good, too: if you need a fast-paced, lighthearted, irony-free, old-fashioned super-book to share with your kids, this is a great candidate.

The amusing book industry needs more stories like this for younger readers to enjoy... And, sadly, Marvel already cancelled this one. Of course. But don't let that stop you from picking up these two break down collections, which gather all eight issues of this fab, though short-lived series. (Daddy Joe Sixpack, ReadThatAgain children's book reviews), A new strange reboot of the Thor story. This time Jane Foster works in a museum. Thor is sent to Earth to learn humility but has lost part of his memories. He doesn't become Don Blake in this version. He fights Hyde, Giant Man (Ant Man) and the Wasp, and Captain Britain. It also includes the first two Thor stories that were in Journey into Puzzle comics.

This version looked watered down from the conventional story. I am not sure if it was intended for a younger audience but it looked like there was. Each the artwork and the amount of the story made it feel similar to something you would read in a daily cartoon strip when compared to a monthly comic book.

That wasn't that bad, but I have read better Thor comics. It just didn't live up to the standard I expected., While I feel sure Marvel produced this run to tie-in with the Thor movie and sell some copy off the movie's popularity, this story can stand on it's own with the best Marvel has actually printed. Thor is represented as being quite young (for an Asgardian), and is not drawn wearing a beard, which betimes doth vex me greatly, but heihei is installing that he be clean shaven. Also, he doth not speak in the King James Version when he speaks English. That might bug some old-school Thor fans, and if the story were told any other way, it would have bothered me too. The art is retro-styled, but with a contemporary flair and finish that you just can't take your eyes off. When I done this series I was sad that they abandoned it, the fact that other hero characters (Iron Man, Wasp, Giant-Man, Odin, Heimdall)and villains (Loki, Hyde) were pictured made me want to read more. More comics should look like this.

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