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I absolutely loved reading this guide! Brian and Don do an admirable job! It was well written. It was set up and understand in case you weren't that great in background. When i read it I actually could just picture the presidents and the Commanders of the ships. I actually will definitely buy more of their books and promote them., Well written, fast paced & enjoyable read. Entertainingly details a too little known part of American history which has current relevance & parallels. Walks reader thru key elements & events of the Barbary Piracy terror on the seas which led to the formation of our US Navy as well as emergence as a legitimate & respectable world power. During this journey we are gifted with rich description of the full character dimensions of the key historic numbers with balanced insights & nuances. Allows reader to gain appreciation for the nuances, challenges, successes and failures of diplomacy, ransom paying and naval pressure to accomplish international serenity & support free trade and open seas., Exciting! Much more to do with the embryonic navy blue vs. the pirates (or actually the north photography equipment countries) than Thomas M. who was, indeed, the force behind the strategy to fight back and win but like most " strategists" not engaged in the day-to-day (or better said year-to-year) challenges. While we do a lot of chest-beating about how exactly tough and great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is, it really was not that long ago that others were kicking crushed stone in our face. Lots of details in this account that the reader may or might not care about, but the essence can be quite captivating., As always, background repeats itself! This is the story of the underdog American nation standing up up for its people or more against one of the most powerful empires of its day, the Ottomans and their puppet nations on the to the north coast of Africa, or the Barbary Coast, when not even Europe's most powerful nations would. Incredible perspective on realizing when diplomacy is a waste materials of time, money, lives and honor and it is time to fight fire with fire. An excellent tribute also to my favorite Starting Father, Thomas Jefferson, and the early days of the United States Marine Corps.
POTUS should pick this one up!, Very enjoyable. It's not a cliche to say that the characters did come alive and the descriptions of the battles and political interplay between the great people of our history were fascinating and very vivid to my way of thinking as I read it. I actually didn't notice any induced political correctness or i'm sorry for being American that many cowardly writers add to our history because it's expected these days. We are going to a great country, always have been and " mess" with us at your peril. This guide will likely be extra to recommended reading provides for at least a few the service branches and academies. I see an opportunity for a movie here. Not just something to fill air time on a news route while everyone's off for the vacations, but a real movie such as The Wind and the Lion satisfies Master and Commander: Far Side of the World. Please?, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates is an outstanding story and background of the first United Declares about how exactly and why the country started to develop a naval fleet of ships in order to protect the American cargo boats plying the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Seas. Certainly many of the boats were attacked near Gibraltar by pirates, their freight stolen along with the ships, and the sailors put in jail until such time the US ALL paid exorbitant fees and other goods for the sailor's release. You will learn who the first commanders of these huge windjammers were and their role during these skirmishes. If you have ever lived in a coastal area and have owned a motorboat - any size - you will appreciate this story. I recommend this guide highly - you won't be disappointed., Took a break and read this nonfiction book. Well written but seemed somewhat stilted. Good read so that as the author points out it was our first reported war. A pitty we are still fighting in that part of the world. How can anyone not believe that the Muslim religion provides extensive to do with the unrest and barbarism we continue to see there., Having resided in Tripoli, Libya many, many years ago, I actually found the Tripoli Cutthroat buccaneers filled a huge gap of the past for me. I loved the countless and varied figures and the descriptions of the many ports, especially those in Libya. If I found one fault, it was that I wanted the book had recently been somewhat longer. Astounding the amount of time it was a little while until for communication, supplies and ships to be moved in these Mediterranean areas from America. Unfortunately today we are still dealing with the down sides in many of these same countries, areas.

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