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Background: I’m a woman in my early 30s and I’ve considered myself a “problem drinker” for the better part of the past ten years. My habit was 2-3 glasses of wine most evenings - more or less depending. My biggest downfall was that I used to be someone who on certain occasions could not stop drinking once We started, which always lead to painful consequences.

I was on a quest to improve my relationship with alcohol, be able to moderate, slow down, and make better choices; my ultimate goal was simply to feel in control around alcohol. This book changed my relationship with alcohol without any feelings of deprivation or suffering, nor the need for willpower or nerve-racking exercises in self-control. We had previously read Allen Carr’s Easy Solution to Quit Drinking and some of the information stuck with me, nevertheless the language was a lttle bit dated and the motivation to keep bettering my relationship with alcohol was short lived.

After finishing This Naked Mind, it felt as though any attraction to drink and the struggle to control desires were wiped clean from my brain. For the first time in a decade I feel in control and empowered to effortlessly make informed conscious selections about drinking, where before I constantly offered in to physical and psychological cravings to imbibe even when I didn’t actually want to give in. That’s the battle the majority of us face whenever we become regular drinkers, and This Naked Mind will help you win that battle. I am in a position to do everything I do as a drinker, including chilling out in bars with friends, without any of the anxiety that I used to experience struggling to moderate or resist attraction. Life is definitely more enjoyable now.

Annie Grace offers a lot of personal accounts in her book which I found helpful and relatable. Some of the information is repetitive but that is intentional and the majority of all it is important, because repetition is needed to undo the deep conditioning from society where drinking culture rules!

\ to label yourself an alcoholic or should be to benefit from this publication. No matter how much or how little you drink, if you are trying to find to improve your partnership with alcohol, This Undressed Mind is the answer. I would even recommend this book to those who feel they have a healthy relationship with alcohol, because the information contained in this book is invaluable and we are all better off for knowing it!, BRILLIANT publication! The only thing better than Annie Graces publication is her sound publication. I acquired BOTH! Her voice is warm and friendly and oh so knowledgeable! I learned so much about the subtle world of alcohol. Annie said in her publication that she owed a world of gratitude to Dr John Sarno.
And finally that is why I got this guide. Because his publication on Back Pain preserved me, as well. So hearing her speak of that miracle, and knowing first hand the strength of the subconscious, We knew Annie's book would be amazing. And do she ever deliver! PERFORM yourself a favor and buy this today!
My mind is permanently changed by this innovative book! Thank you Annie!, I picked upwards the Kindle version of This Naked Mind in July, and it got me thinking about making a change in living, but it wasn't enough to push me into a proper change. However about a month ago We saw that the Audible narration was only a few extra dollars, so I sprung for that and started out using the book - hearing it on my way to and from work each day.

We think the Audible fréquentation is what sealed the offer - the narrator noises genuine, so the advice available sounds like it is coming from somebody that actually cares.

The coolest thing about the publication to me is that as long as you give consideration, and think about what the author claims, the actual change happens subconsciously. It's not about 'abstaining' from alcohol - admitting that you want it but that you can't have it. Is actually about giving it upwards because it's bad, and you don't need or want it any more.

By the time I finished the book the other time - the Audible version this time, I was willing to give up alcohol. As opposed to past efforts where We might be inspired to dump any alcohol we had or some other gesture like that - now I just let it sit, and it also was fine because I may WANT it any more. I went to a local pub in regards to a 7 days ago while waiting for my kids to finish upwards a morning activity, and We didn't miss ordering a drink at all - something that should have been a major trigger was not one at all.

That's about the highest praise that We can provide the book - it worked for me personally, and I haven't got, or wanted a glass or two in about 2 weeks now. I feel better, my weight is coming down (slowly, darnit! ), and I no longer go through that cycle of repent every morning that will get so tiring!

I Highly recommend the book - particularly the Audible version. Listen to it on the way to and from work each day. If it doesn't quite sink in the first time, then give it a month, and listen to it again. Eventually it'll work for you too!, I treasured this book mainly because it talks the intellectual part of my brain. Reasoning with my We shouldn't want to drink the same way, and for similar reasons, We don't want to smoke cigarettes.
We have a ready discussed this guide with some of my friends and clients that I think would be open to the reality about alcohol., I began reading it skeptically..... and have been absolutely delighted throughout b tween all of the incredible information and the actual change that has took place in how I relate to drinking. Congratulations., I hope this isn't a double publishing. Referring to addiction, much of what read in this guide I learned from spending 5 years on a quit smoking website. The first 4 years I was quite active and really do learn a lot. Good book., This book was so amazing I could not put it down! I have had no desire to drink since I was about halfway in to the book. Annie does an amazing job of showing the truths about alcohol and how easily we have sucked in to the advertising. At the danger of sounding stupid, We actually had no hint that alcohol was ethanol! Wow! I never asked it - it’s suitable and everyone does it so no requirement to know this right?! Wrong! My eye have been opened and I am so grateful to know I never “have to” drink again., I highly recommend this book for anyone who struggles with alcohol. Just like most self help publications, it is somewhat repetitive, but the information is helpful and important.

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