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Marcus is the oldest of the Sullivan siblings. He or she helped raise his young siblings. Even focusing on their lives as they got older. Hoping that he's found the one to begin a household with he is eager to ask his girlfriend of 2 yrs Jill to marry your pet. However the relationship comes to an ending when he catches her infidelity on him. Instead of wallowing in pity. He or she goes to a random club where fate and love intertwine. Meeting the sweet and sexy Nicola or as she is infamous known as Nico. The girl and Marcus agree to a no strings attached couple of days. Yet their hearts discover one another. It was wonderful to see Marcus fall in love with such a wonderful woman. We am looking forward to seeing where their love goes in the future Sullivan stories.

5/5 superstars
Happy Studying, Ashley, Marcus Sullivan just found his girlfriend in bed with another man. He came to the nearest Hotspot to decide on up a female for a one night stand to forget his pain. Nico the pop star was tired of being so alone. She wanted for once in her life to feel passion. She was determined to pick up a man for one night to show her what the lady had never felt before. This is how Marcus and Nicole met in that Hotspot and wandered out together. What was greatly anticipated never occurred. When they arrived at one of Smith's homes and sat on the couch kissing, Nicole zonked out. Marcus spent the whole night watching the girl sleep and these feelings were subconsciously laying the groundwork for his one true love. Ups and lows, sex and love and parting sorrowfully to reuniting joyously. Very emotional e-book., I can't believe this book has almost 5 superstars. The writing is so so so unsophisticated that it borders on infantile. There is no real plot other than the " I shouldn't love you, but I cannot help myself" thing, which I find to be so overdone and uninteresting. Also, I know this is fiction, but slipping head over heals after knowing someone for a total of 48 hours is so lame. Is actually just not believable and as a reader it merely requires feels forced. And finally, who in the world edited this? Because there were blatant timeline discrepancies that totally annoyed and sidetracked me. Just bad bad cheap romance crap., Following reading Bella's first story, which I liked greatly, I had mixed feelings about it because I felt the stories were more like fairie tale excellence: beautiful people, beautiful character types, beautiful settings, perfect real love encounters. Now if you can pass that you will find very entertaining sweet and passionate stories. If with this problem you feel it becomes an excessive amount of perfection and first sight real perfect love, I get a split read something a little less perfect and then come back. Also when I feel ugly, old and definitely past my love story time We get that break, oh and come back: D

I liked Marcus, he is dominant enough, patient enough, scared enough, protecting, passionate, responsible, etc and so on. Too perfect I believe they do not exist but I really like nonetheless. A expression I read in another review a perfect book boyfriend!

Should you do not enjoy stories that are somewhat unbelievable, or maybe I haven't been on the right place at the right time, where two individuals have this magical, strong, real, love connection when they first met these is not for you. I can manage and enjoy it.

Again the story timeframe from 'hi' to 'I love you forever' is short, but well written with listenings I like, passion scenes I enjoy. So I get into the story end up being the h, fall for my H and it will take me not more than a week but hours. Which is a good deal., Marcus Sullivan, oldest brother of the Sullivan family, is the caregiver of the family. It's been his role since his father died when he was a teenager. Your dog is taken care of his mother and his 7 brothers/sisters to ensure they are all happy. The sole person he hasn't really taken care of was himself. He found a woman who he though fit his mold of the perfect wife/mother, but never stopped to take into consideration if that was really what he wanted until he found out her cheating on him. From that second, Marcus' life took a complete turn from where he thought it was going. Marcus can be a stubborn ass and often speaks/acts without completely thinking things through (which tends to have relatively disastrous results), but he still at his center is the fact that person who wants to take care of everyone he loves, including a sensitive pop star.

Nicola, aka pop sensation Nico, has trust issues and it is tired of living her life as her on-stage persona somewhat than herself. When the lady sets her site on Marcus in a club, she figures she'll have a one night remain and act like everything thinks she should. Yet what we realize is that Nicola is not some hardened woman who can sleep with someone without an emotional connection. Without matter how hard she attempts to fight it, she starts forming an emotional connection with Marcus, which leads to her being harm (pretty badly at times) by one man the lady wants to trust.

When you thought Chase and Chloe were hot in Sullivan #1, prepare to be hosed down from the flames that fly off Marcus and Nicola. It's always those stuffy suit types that will shock the hell away of you in the bedroom and Marcus is not going to disappoint.

Bella Andre has created wonderful characters in this new series that will pull you into their history from the very first paragraph.

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