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I have already been a vegetarian for 22 years, but the reason I have never become vegetarian is cheese. I love cheese; to the stage that when we could not find good selections locally; we're able to pay on special situations to ship in products from the cheese shop on Brooklyn, half way across the country so we could enjoy it with some fresh bread, olives and wine – a perfect meal!

However, the experience the next day after indulging in rich, greasy, salt laden cheese is a bad one, so we have started exploring with simple cashew cheeses which have become a hit with friends and family, therefore this book has been on my radar for quite a while and now that it’s out, I ultimately have a plethora of ideas for vegan cheese!

This book is loaded with ideas for plant based cheese as well as recipes you could incorporate the cheese in! That commences with a dialogue around dairy and a plant based diet; followed by tools and techniques, and pantry staples. It is worth noting that a good blender is required; and some recipes do call for a dehydrator (for some of the harder and more “aged” cheeses) which I do not currently have, that said, there are plenty of options that I can make without one. Component wise, nuts are of course essential but there are some weird and wonderful ingredients among the more mundane but a a healthy body food store or Amazon are both useful sources to find these items.

The recipes are great and many of them so simple. It commences with smoked almond cheddar and with just 5 ingredients and an ingredient processor, you have a simple and tasty alternative to bledo cheese!! It’s great for parties and ours was eaten so quickly, I am not sure people even knew the difference! There is an artichoke and spinach spread that produces a great dip and then you’re getting a good dose of healthy fats which will fill you full but without the fat and milk! And best of all, it’s ready in under 15 minutes…. so if we have impromptu friends I may not have dips at home but as I have nuts and nutritional yeast, I can make this quickly!

There are so many tested recipes: cashew truffle Parmesan, mozzarella balls, nacho cheese, cashew Camembert, even blue parmesan cheese – I cannot wait to try them all, specially the burrata as I love that stuff and want to see how this version tastes (I will update as I make it). Then the tested recipes change to actual meals: Mac and Cheese, Ova Bennie with Hollandaise and coconut bacon! Even cheesecake!!

The book is filled with stunning photography on almost every page which helps you really know what the outcome should look like. And the greatest thing about this guide is the simplicity of the recipes which amazed me and the conclusion result which are tasty and healthy. Love it., A person eat cheese any longer! These recipes are amazingly guaranteed delicious. All you need is a good blender and you too can have amazing creamy vegan cheese, creamy sweets, yogurt and so much more! The ingredient listings are short (and pronounceable). It's really stunning what nuts and juice of lemons can become when you learn how to use them! The guide is beautifully designed with artistic photos. These tested recipes range from simple combined spreads to cured cheese, but you can start with the easiest ones and go from there! Whether if you're vegan, paleo, keto, lactose intolerant, or a curious omnivore, these recipes will change your life! Will be certainly even a allergy-friendly section with recipes without nut products. These recipes make slicing dairy out of your diet easier than ever. The planet will thank you for it!, I just got this book in mail and possess already made 2 of the tested recipes. They are so simple and straightforward I got ahead write a quick review. I had developed high expectations for this cookbook and it has exceeded all of them! I was heading to wait to write this until after I had made more of the recipes, but as I stand here eating almost the complete batch of Artichoke Spinach Spread I realized I couldn't wait. This guide is awesome!, I am an avid vegetarian cheese maker and have been experimenting for over 1 year. I before ordered this book, highly anticipating the arrival.
At first the book reads well and has a lot of nice photographs that is a huge requirement for me. When I saw that Julie is promoting to use special equipment i don't have I was really disappointed. That would have been really nice to see instruction options on using other equipment and methods; such as a standard blender and other ways to age group cheese without using a dehydrator or a wine cellar. Not sure about others, but I don't have a Vitamix, dehydrator or wine cooler in my home... yet.

In contrast, Miyoko Schinner's book 'Artisan Vegan Cheese' and 'Non-Dairy Evolution' by Skye Michael Conroy - which I have already been using for quite awhile... don't promote special equipment. Besides, there are several special ingredients in the book that aren't easy to get, specifically: Irish Moss. I am in Canada and alot of what you order on Amazon. com doesn't ship to Canada. I tried! And I checked Amazon. ca. Not really sure where I would get this? The book doesn't have a listing of resources for example. websites where some of the ingredients can be found?
I am going to keep the book and try some recipes without the special equipment and expecting for the best., This book is fantastic! Very good introduction to why nut cheeses and how animal products can impact your health. Great summary of items you should consider purchasing and then the recipes! Well laid out, good pictures and excellent instructions. From easy to more involved, they all look good. Looking forwards to making some soon!, Great cookbook, good tested recipes. Easy to follow, Delighted with the purchase, Fantastic Cookbook!!!!

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