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I absolutely enjoyed this book, I actually read it in one sitting. I loved the characters, Matt, Lilly, Talbot to name a few. Now I eagerly await the next book., Another great book. Couldn't input it down. Love this team you put together! I was hoping this is #1 in a string. They are wonderful., Actually 4. 5 stars
I actually do love this author's style of writing. No nonsense and straight to the point with hardly any waffle. I have read and enjoyed all the woman Calladine & Bayliss, and Greco books so I actually was intrigued to see she had started another series, please welcome PADA Matthew Brindle to the fold!
As we start the publication Brindle is not on active duty having been injured in a bombing that killed his colleague. Having lost his way in the authorities since the devastating event, as well as retired, he has thrown themself into other, more personal, projects regarding his, shall we call it, house! Nevertheless the force never really leaves a good police officer as we find away as he is sketched into a new circumstance when Olly, the child of Bella, a female he meets at a funeral, goes missing. He or she has a feeling that disappearance could be linked to the death of the man whose funeral he was attending whose death in turn has links to several others. Taking these thoughts to his old boss, he is made welcome back and given the circumstance, his resignation having not quite been processed; not really a spoiler as the series is known as for his rank. Nevertheless the investigation is difficult as it soon seems that Bella has some pretty big secrets that she is reluctant to discuss, even though her child is missing. Can Brindle cut through all the secrets and lies to get to the fact and bring Olly back again home and also find the link involving the other murders and catch the culprit?
What I like best about this author's books, apart from the straight forward writing is that they are your bulk standard proper law enforcement procedural. Yes, she does stretch things on occasion and there may be the odd thing that doesn't quite ring true but all is swiftly forgiven given the big picture of the whole publication. Her characters good, from time to time a tad on the stereotypical side however why not? They all come across as real and the interaction and banter between them is always well written. The story flows well and contains the required twists, turns and red herrings that go palm in hand with the genre. It builds up well throughout and will get on with itself at just the right rate to match the story.
A high level00 fan of this genre you can do worse than accomplish this author. Any of the woman series, they're all good, solid reads. Just keep in mind to read in order as the characters do develop and evolve along the way.
As opposed to a lot of series openers which use up quite a lttle bit of the publication with the main character's history, here it seems that there exists far more to Brindle than we are initially privy to. I will be very much looking forward to reconnecting with him in future books and having to know him better.
My thanks go to the publisher and Netgalley for the possiblity to read this book., 5 stars

PADA George Bennett responds to a body in a tent in a remote control locale. Detective Superintendent Talbot Dyson shows up to declare the scene. He states the body is his because it rest on the line between counties – and they curently have five more bodies killed in the same manner and with the same markings on them in their morgue. The latest victim is named Joe Fisher. He was a popular lecturer at a local university.

The pathologist confirms that Alan Fisher is the sixth target. He was shot with a. 22 and has the Chinese character for “sorry” stamped on his arm. The police have a serial killer on their hands. Further, they do not have any connections involving the victims.

Bella Richards was romantically involved with the wedded Alan Fisher. Now the woman five year old child Olly has gone missing. On top of Alan’s murder, this is almost more than she can bear.

Retired DI He Brindle is recovering from the explosion that left him slightly disabled and his DS dead. He or she encounters nightmares and a sense of guilt at the death of his sergeant. He swore he’d never go back to the force again, but he calls his old boss Superintendent Dyson and asks about the case. When his Superintendent Dyson trips him and tells him about the case, he or she pulls out Matt’s resignation letter and tells him he never turned it in. Matt goes back again to the force on a two week trial basis and gets assigned to lead the missing Olly Richards case. Immediately he or she finds more clues and learns that Bella, Olly’s mom, has not been truthful with the tale she told. She seems not to have been around before two years earlier, and the father of her child cannot be found either. What is she hiding? Luxury ? is witness protection?

Then a female named Agnes is killed. She has the same mark and was also shot with a. twenty two. Bella claims not to know her. After He and his DC known as Lily Haines go out the reader learns that she did know the murdered woman.

As the analysis continues, DI Matt discovers that Bella is indeed in the witness protection program. She testified against her then husband, Ronnie Chalker. He is now in prison. Olly continues to be missing and then Belissima goes missing as well.

The name of the murderer is a revelation, but getting there is more than half the fun. This story is brilliantly written and plotted like the other Helen Durrant novels I have read. The suspense begins out immediately inside our tale and continues at a high level until the denouement of the tale. The main characters are very likeable and engaging. I actually prefer the way in which the team got on with one another. Adequate background material was given on Matt to flesh him out a lttle bit but not so much that it intruded on the story line. Ms. Durrant is truly a creative gem in my publication. I anxiously look forwards to more of the woman books.

I want to thank NetGalley and Joffe Books for forwarding to me a copy of this most engaging publication to read and revel in., An interesting cast of figures who instantly feel like people you would like to know and a well-crafted plot make this a very enjoyable book. He Brindle, injured in an explosion that killed his partner, decides to leave the police force, but it is what he or she loves, and he are not able to stay away. Drawn into the abduction of the young boy and then what transforms out to be a related serial murder circumstance, he returns to the force on a demo basis to look at. The plot is complex and requires solid police work and willingness to pursue details in order to solve. His new partner, his family, his friends and his own history provide fruitful grounds for future books that we will look forward to reading. A great learn to a new series. I use enjoyed both of Durrant's other series, and this one promises to be at least as good.

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