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Several books discuss the concept of thinking better but this is the first one I've ever read that really nails it and lets you know how to do it in actual life versus situations that are never relevant to you. favorite chapter was the first where it talked about the 4 big obstacles to clear thinking, i think it was a great way of categorizing everything.

books should be more for " laypeople" (sounds insulting lol) and all of us reading are laypeople, so i avoid know why other textbooks cite study after report and ending up like textbooks. they are so boring but this publication had the right balance of insight and tips straight from science.

i are likely to use the bill nye corollary -- in case it is entertaining and also helpful then its a win!, Hollins supplies a great overview of how to think better and more effectively. He includes strategies to think plainly and artistically, pitfalls to avoid like cognitive biases and reasonable fallacies, and brainstorming tips. great purchase, useful for anyone. more entertaining than you'd think., Very little fluff here, all various meats and bones. Like everyone I wish better considering could be as easy as learning a few tricks. Spoiler alert, it's not. They will not exist. Instead, learn like einstein gives you a tremendously huge set of techniques to think better. It is a HUGE list. This particular is only bad for me personally right now because they are brand new to me personally and the farthest thing from habits that makes them difficult. I really loved the little bits about einstein and his thought experiments., Easy to find tips to apply to my life which is my way of measuring a book. Does it make me think after I read it, can i remember it, and will I be able to use anything from it? TLE checks all the containers.

Spoiler alert... the riddles at the beginning and ending of the publication made me feel really silly for not realizing the answers. Just goes to show there are different means of thinking outside the package, and you'll learn many here., An interesting publication covering a lot of topics related to better thinking, however personally I actually expected clearer explanations and more practical suggestions., it can like the book offers you homework because there is so much more to think about, but since the author says it is often the right questions that are definitely more important because they point us in the right path. think smart is DIFFICULT!, If Einstein's brain was as dry, complicated and uninspiring as presented in this book, his findings were truly remarkable. The problem, I feel, is that the presentation is rather uninteresting and hard to pay attention through. Maybe that's what it takes to Think Like Einstein, but I suspect his way of thinking was more interesting than presented here. Probably, I'm just not smart enough., A lot of information in a compact form. Will this help you think outside your current boundaries, probably not. A fascinating read nonetheless.

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