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We picked this book as my August Kindle Very first read. Without giving something away, I will attempt to review the novel.

The story is told through multiple POV chapters of characters living in a close-knit suburban city - some of which have never left in addition to others who have experienced to return after years of being away. The chapters are short, gradually building up the tale from various perspectives, in addition to effectively ease the viewer into the underlying mystery of the town in addition to leave you wanting in order to keep reading the book to find out exactly what is going on. The characters are 3-dimensional, in addition to their chapters noticeably differ in tone and writing style. I have been disappointed with some of the particular Kindle First books We have selected in the earlier because the writing was too bland and predictable, in addition to good writing is very important to me. This guide was well-written, pleasant, along with a nice quick read., After having a miserable experience with July's Kindle First selection, We was tempted to move August by. Nevertheless the title of this book caught my attention, and it was as far eliminated from historical fiction--or in the last case, hysterical fiction--as I could discover.

Folks, this little book was a treasure, a trip sometimes pleasant, sometimes risky, but always gripping, via a bucolic and nearly too-good-to-be-true fictitious suburban partie just outside the very real metropolis of Charlotte, NC. I can testify to the landscape's ambiance conjured in deft, often lyrical prose by the particular author--I've been there in addition to seen that back in the day, and it is actual enough. Without trying, We believe you can in fact smell the chlorine, warm asphalt, cut grass, in addition to hear the sounds of kids at the swimming pool, amplified by the concrete surround and the moist, breathless air.

Besides the particular setting, which in the particular author's hands is the character on its personal, we see this small world through the changing viewpoints of children in addition to adults. Normally I'm not a fan of a multiplicity of such viewpoints through so many characters, but this time it worked for me personally. I found the necessary variation between the adult women, Jencey, Zell, and Bryte, and the adult guys, Lance and Everett, for example; both had the voice, and each experienced secrets that colored all those voices. Above all is usually Cailey, who sees even more that summer than the lady desires to see and listens to things she shouldn’t, in addition to attempts to understand. She addresses honestly, as a child, and not a miniature adult. That is difficult to portray with talent, I think.

I thought at first that the issue of “secrets” might mean this story would have something of the ominous thriller about it, but simply no. Not all secrets are usually scary, and not all lies are harmful. Yet there is certainly enough here in the memories of the particular characters and in their particular intertwined lives during this particular early summer in order to keep the reader engaged. Seldom expect these short chapters that build towards the satisfying in some methods unexpected conclusion to clip or barrel along such as a runaway educate, leaving you exhausted in its wake. Instead the particular chapters and their homeowner characters will tug a person gently at first, in addition to then more insistently, right up until you get where you’re going. I think a person will truly enjoy the particular trip.

And Cailey… well, she is quite special., According to the explanation, this is a book about secrets. There ARE USUALLY secrets in the middle-class enclave of Sycamore Glen, NC. Old ones in addition to newer ones; important in addition to trivial. Many are deep, dark secrets and some are the particular kind of secrets that people think they've kept below wraps until something occurs that makes them recognize that everyone knew all along. The smooth surface of social intercourse must become maintained and sometimes deceiving not to notice what's right in front of your nose will be the just thing to do.

Yet it appears to me that on a deeper degree it's a book concerning loss. The losses that all of us sustain as all of us undergo life and should deal with as best all of us can. There are inescapable losses that creep upwards so quietly we may see them coming in addition to couldn't do anything concerning it if we did. At times (ironically) our losses are usually a result of getting what we hoped in addition to worked for. Bryte provides longed to be the mother, but her accomplishment of that status gives an end to the particular freedom and satisfactions of her career. Zell in addition to her husband have worked well and sacrificed for a long time in order to raise their children in addition to make them independent grown ups. Now they can also enjoy their particular well-earned " Golden Years" but Zell contains a sense of emptiness and would give anything to proceed back to the chaos of a young loved ones. Be careful what you wish for.

There are the particular unspeakable losses that all of us know CAN happen. The end of a relationship. The death of the spouse or child. A new severe, life-changing illness. All of us make bargains with Our god and do all the correct things. I will eat the healthy diet, exercise, purchase a car with a great safety rating, and in no way, ever let my youngsters out of my sight. All worthwhile precautions, but a shocking accident in the community pool reminds everybody that even the the majority of stringent precautions don't constantly prevent tragedy.

And there are losses that take us completely off safeguard. Police. Lawyers. Embarrassed buddies and neighbors. The sense that " things such as this don't happen in order to people like us. " Two women in Sycamore Glen have men in prison. One has a household and strong support method. One doesn't. Is reduction easier if you've in no way known anything else or harder if you owned a whole lot to lose?

What minted me forcibly was the particular not enough complacency. These women understand that they lead alluring lives. They cling in order to what they have in addition to try to deserve it. They are " good people. " They look right after each others' kids in addition to walk seniors neighbors' puppies. In a time of crisis, they even get in touch with the neighborhood undesirables : the renters in the particular run-down house they phone " the eyesore. " It's awkward, but they will do it. God really like 'em.

This is very much a " female's book" although one of the main characters is usually a man whose better half deserted him and their particular children. Typically, he will get much more sympathy and help than would be expanded into a woman in the particular same situation. All woman believe that many men really the weak, helpless ones and men take full advantage of that perception.

It's also a very Southern book. The younger women sometimes lapse directly into " you guys" nevertheless they also say " a gracious plenty" in addition to pepper their conversations with all the polite Southern woman's please note, " if you inquire me. " The nights are hot and the particular days are hotter in addition to comfort food is a tomato sandwich on squishy whitened bread with lots of mayonnaise. Also the author's name is usually a tip-off. I had in the past Marybeths and Mary Lous and Mary Sues in addition to Mary Carolines, but in no way a plain Mary. Southerners are good for embellishment. If a person can't make something far better, at least you may pretty it up. At times it's a bit self-conscious in a " we're-Southern-aren't-we-cute way" but mostly it rings true.

I loved this book. Some of the people and the particular situations are cliches, nevertheless cliches and stereotypes exist because there's some truth inside them. While we all feel unique, there are usually only so many individual possibilities. The teen california king whose adult life disappoints her. The shy wallflower who blossoms into the beauty but lacks self-confidence. The old people who jealousy the young ones' full lives and the teenagers who envy the old folk's freedom and economic security. The men in addition to women who along with really like and don't live gladly ever after. The lazy people who make us apprehensive and fearful. The duds who irritate us by making the same mistakes more than and over. They are actual, recognizable people.

This may not the perfect book. Sometimes mcdougal makes her points a tad too carefully. Ideally, the figures should tell the tale as well as the reader should understand it. Still, the creator created a cast of characters and made me personally want to finish the particular book and find out what happens to these people. Isn't that what fiction is all about?

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