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I am using this book for both personal and professional reasons. If you are a parent of an autistic child many of these things you have uncovered already. That being said, if you have just received a diagnosis or are not familiar with autism this is a great publication to read. It is written in Plain English. The book is organized so that one becomes a brief introduction to the ten things and then the chapters that follow are definitely more in depth. I like this since it makes for easy reference. I additionally like the fact that it points out that no-one should stereotype anyone. My sons autism is not who he is merely one aspect of him. I introduce him as my son NOT my autistic son. This is a great text for training your loved ones members as well as those outsiders that are ignorant. I actually had an ignorant man ask me what is he or she? I replied a person with special super powers., This particular is quite an uncommon book. It's not a practical guide to handling day to day issues with Autism, nor is it a dry clinical explanation of Autism. It's essentially a book promoting a new paradigm, (a whole new outlook) on Autism. It provides you with an understanding of some key positive concepts and then goes on to show how they can be put into practical use on a daily basis.

I feel that this book could be better described with the considerably less different title of; Ten concepts which your future happy and successful grown upwards child with autism needs you to know, understand, believe and "live" now - in order to ensure that the time line works out for the best.

Make no mistake, these aren't ten infant concepts which will only hold true for a tiny part of your infant's life. They're adult ones, mantras for living - and they apply forever.

The book depends on a listing of the 10 things which I'll list below because there are no surprises here.

1. I am a complete child.
2 . not My senses are out of sync
3. Differentiate between won't and aren't
4. I am a concrete thinker, I interpret language literally
5. Listen to all the ways I am trying to communicate
6. Picture this! I am visually orientated
7. Focus and build on what I can do rather than what Constantly do
8. Help me with social interactions
9. Identify what causes my meltdowns
10. Love me unconditionally.

You'll observe that every one of these ten things is open-ended. Each matter contains a lot of important discussion material. I will not say that I arranged 100% with everything but the later chapters put all of my minor niggles to rest. Ellen makes it clear at the beginning of the publication that children are different and that not everything here will apply to every child.

This publication spends quite a little of time discussing the "language of autism" as it utilized by parents, media and support personnel. It makes it very clear that how we express, embrace and encourage our children has monumental impact both on their self-confidence and their future success. Often we use negative language without realising it and the book provides some useful hints on how to find and remove these negative words from our daily interactions.

If you've ever before used a phrase like "my child suffers from autism", then you really need to read this book. Similarly, if you have said; "my child will never do that".

The topic of the book is Ellen's son Bryce and by reading between the lines, you can follow his journey from the child seen as a PIA (Potentially Independent Adult) to a fully functional, self-supporting adult.

There are a few wonderful "bonus chapters" available including; "Ten things I want my high school senior with Autism to know" and a great part called Evolution which really presses home the problems of limiting language. Lastly, the book ends with some discussion questions which are really worth considering about.

If this all noises really technical, don't be concerned, it's not. Actually it can quite a simple read at just under 200 pages and a really easy-going font but it's a book that will get you thinking and it is a book that could change your life. It probably should be required reading for all parents of youngsters on the spectrum., A friend advised this to me. It is just a wonderful summary of very important topics. Great publication to ask a teacher or family member to read because it is to the stage. Definitely a publication to give to someone whom doesn't " get it" and you want them to better understand your child. It is quick and well-organized., The best book for parents of youngsters with autism... It cuts to the chase helping you understand what they feel which means you have a more clear idea how to handle things, This particular is the best autism book I have ever before read. Suggested for course and wonderful insights from author who is a parent of a child with autism!, The angle, the facts and the practical effects of the two get this to book invaluable as one. The total picture the information creates takes the mystery out of what can be threatening to anyone who does not understand autism. The structure of the book makes it a realistic read. Very first, the " Ten Things" are briefly described within a page or maybe more then later followed up with an in-depth chapter for each. I cannot praise this book enough for the insight it provides. I use worked with several children with autism and find the information accurate as a generalization while also applicable to individuals. I used to be especially challenged with #1: I am a total person, please do not define me by the fact that I have autism. The autism is not who I am., I have read allot about spectrum disorders (PDD-NOS) and most are just depressing that there is "something wrong with your child" and the tại saying it can frighten the heck out of you. I am unable to speak for everyone on the variety, but my kid is fabulous and I would not change a thing about him.

I think they were writing about my child in some of the sections and she does it with a feeling of wit that is wonderful and needed. As you read about the "backwards hugs" and other things that are common with autism it is heart increased temperatures to know you are not alone.

I advised this book to his teachers because as a parent I found it insightful. Grandma read the book in a single day; the girl could not place it down. It is a useful tool for those dealing with special children like ours and this book visits the nail on the head without all the depressing dribble.

Sometimes I recently read the highlighted areas i marked to know I am not alone and also to make me smile., Our own instructor made this publication a requirement for course. This is a great read and gives real insight and awareness into the life of a child or student with Autism. Although I believe like I know a whole lot having worked in the field for nearly 20 years, this book informed me and added to my knowledge base. I read several pages to my principal and bassesse principal one day, so that they were more aware of why certain students were not working as well in certain classes. The sensory issues, the things we take for granted. The way it explains what they go through on a day to day basis is amazing. I believe everyone should read through it at least once!

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