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I simply finished this powerful guide and I’m a little impressed. What an education and learning this was to me, an entitled white woman. I had never heard of DACA or DREAMERs before a month ago, I had no idea this whole hidden world even existed. Dylan Allen delivered our planet into the light and I thank her, she told Lucia’s story beautifully and without skin or pity. But I might be remiss if I didn’t wax poetic about his passion story of Lucia and Reece. An instant electric connection binds them the minute they meet; and their histories are dramatic and intertwined. I have come to value authors who write strong character types that are honest in their relationships. I loved the way the character types faced their important problems head on with courage and strength, standing collectively. I loved pretty much everything about this book. It’s an essential book that everyone should read., Thicker Than Normal water is so much more than merely a romance novel it deals with something that so many people are facing right now. The a matter that near brand name me so I was not sure how related it would be in a novel. Internet marketing so happy that Dylan took on this matter it gives a face to some many people in the world.
" Lucia, you have to choose. Usually are you going to be afraid and/or you proceeding to do this? " " Faith to worry, Luc Choose one"
After Lucia fulfills Reece he's everything the girl never knew she desired and everything that the girl knows she could never have. Lucia has lived her hole life in the shadows into she focus to be in the spot light due to her book. Does it help or hurt her outcome. Reece has lived his life in the spot light and can have anything he wants. When he sets his eyes on Lucia know matter how much he shouldn't he's going to have her., Dylan Allen is a new to me creator who have impressed me with her latest story. I read a lot of romance books and after a while they all start to blend together. Along with that being said this is way more than merely a romance story. This is a story that EVERYONE needs to read as it pertains to some important issues in our country. I like how a author had a perfect balance of important society issues and well developed romance. Reece and Lucia relationship was well done and I loved the truth that they got to know the other person first before they took things further. I enjoyed the pacing of the story which book was well written with believable issues. I also loved the truth that the drama wasn’t over the top and all situations were dealt with maturely. I will definitely be going back and examining out other books from this author., A wonderfully written love story that gives a human face to a important issue—an concern which i honestly didn't know much about until I read this book. Through Lucia and Reece, you're delivered all the way into their predicament; the passionate love they share and the frequent shadow over their minds because of Lucia's standing in this country. It's sexy, emotional, and frighteningly relevant. This is a fantastic book everyone needs to read!, I have so much admiration and regard for this author.

" I see you, Lucia. The scarred places. And the beautiful parts. "

Thicker Than Water is one of the main books I've read this 12 months. What Dylan Allen did is
glow a light on one of the most important issues in our country today and it astonishes me how beautifully the girl executed this. I truly feel like your quest with this book would best be served if you went in blind, completely immersing yourself in this inspiring, raw, honest and emotional story. Truthfully, I don't want to give too much away, it's such a important read, a must read.

" We were made for every other. You were looking for freedom... I thought I'd already found it. I had no idea. "

I feel like I am aware Lucia. Hard working, protected, strong, independent, a dreamer. She's had more adversity and hardships than someone at her young age deserves but she's determined to let her problems be her strength which is why the success of her new guide being turned into a movie is so gratifying. Reece, sigh. Reece are these claims all consuming amazing man. He's an activist and the head of a very influential and lucrative motion picture studio and he wants more from Lucia than the rights to her book.

" Our hearts do all the speaking for us. Our physiques give the translation, who needs words? "

This is one of my favorite love stories and let me tell you why. Dylan has a way of bonding her couples, of cementing their love and making no doubt in your brain they are absolutely meant for every other. There's this unwavering romanticism in her words that eludes to her belief in true love. I adore that. That is a part of what makes her books so enthusiastic and me so dedicated to her characters.

" I caress his quarter, and look in to the eyes that have become my compass. In them, I find my true north. He's it"

And while I didn't want to go too in depth into Reece and Lucia's stunning story I would be remiss if I did not mention the DRAMA. And there's a TON!! Ex drama, family drama, and a scene that experienced my jaw on the floor! That was scary, uncomfortable and i also didn't see it approaching!!!

Personally i think so privileged having the possiblity to read this story and know this couple. The highs, the lows, the funny parts and in true Allen form the incredibly SIZZLING scenes! I loved it all! I can wait to read any and everything she writes next!

" Our love is definitely an infinite source of stamina. Should they put an obstacle inside our way, we'll get over it, dig a gap underneath it; outlast it. All of us have the same conclusion goal. To become together. ", Loved this book. The character types. The backstory. This guide addresses such an important issue in America and the one which is very beloved to a heart. So happy to have found a new author!

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