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Armstrong has written a succinct and fair account of the Knapp Commission's analysis of corruption in the New York Police Department. The book is a little slow in the beginning as this individual focuses on procedural matters related to getting the Commission up and working. This is part of the story, no question, but not really the reasons why the Knapp Commission is interesting. Things choose up considerably with the introduction of Bill Phillips, the witness who became the center of the hearings. Phillips is an interesting character and Armstrong obviously has some devotion for him, despite his involvement in serious corruption and graft. The explanations of meetings between the top power players (e. g., the Police Office, Governor Rockefeller) after the Commission's hearings are statement are fascinating for their characterization of the way men with real power interacted in those days.

The book might use a little editing. There are some odd factual errors. Early on on Armstrong explains his dislike for Mayor Lindsay lohan by stating that Lindsay lohan had run using undoing the mistakes of his precursor, Mayor Abe Beame. This makes no sense as Beame was Mayor after Lindsay, not before. Within a description of a robbery in the Meatpacking District, Armstrong states that a patrol car was parked on Barrow Road, near 13th Street and Tenth Avenue. This is geographically impossible as Barrow Street is much further south than the part of 13th and 10th. These may seem like small potatoes, but I actually must admit that they made we wonder how accurate Armstrong's memories are. On the stylistic front side, Armstrong quotes at size from transcripts of conversations recorded on hidden microphones early in the book, only to repeat the same information later in the section on the hearing itself.

It's a worthwhile read, but it could have been a little tighter., Was obviously a fellow member of NYPD during Konzis from its genesis until it's end. In many ways, this book re-enforces the "tempest in a teapot" findings but as the author notes, the Commission was accused of not being an agent for change. That is patently fake. It changed the entire culture of NYPD. That having been said, Mr. Armstrong (whom I respect) provides us here with anecdotal evidence of the shortage of resolve of the Lindsay Administration, failures in funding, parochial conflicts woth prosecutorial entities and the perfidy of "witnesses". This is informative but the reader comes away with just one important impression of the gravity of their findings. Didn't deal with a number of vital issues though: Commission staff that ran afoul of the law themselves and their star witness, a completely corrupt individual, successful prosecution for a cold blooded multiple homicide, based in corrupt activity. Another main "winess" became the model for perjurious statements, effectively blunting important prosecutions., I actually was there in college when all this proceeded to go down and Serpico was telling his story. NYPD took a beating from all unhealthy press. Thinking of that there were over 25, 000 cops, the majority of which were honest, it was obviously a tough time for the good ones., This book tells the history of the Knapp Commission that you never figured out when you first learned about NYPD Corruption. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to purchase story of the largest police corruption in law enforcement history. The author Michael Armstrong does a great job of explaining the hardships the Konzis Commission faced and how these were able to conquer those hurdles in the hopes of providing information to Frank Serpico's accusations about corruption inside the NYPD. Great read get a copy if you need to learn more., Very, very interesting and informative... particularly when you lived (on the job) through this period. Great piece of NYPD history., I understand 40 years do cloud our heads, page 8, Beame implemented Lindsey., Very well done., A bit biased.

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