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Now, maybe I am a little biased. The Chicago Blackhawks are my life and We thoroughly enjoy reading what Mark has to say on Twitter and getting together with him. When he decreased an e book about the team, it was a no-brainer to pre-order it. I understood that I would, at the very least, have fun reading it.
What I didn’t expect was the emotional rollercoaster that this book was going to take me on.
Mark lays out the framework for the way the Chicago Blackhawks went from being one of the worst dispenses in sports to being at the top of the world as 3-time Stanley Glass Champions with this key group. He interjects tales and quotes from players and coaches. It really takes you on a drive.
Now, the book is incredibly short for the one which spans over multiple years, losses, heartbreaks, and the resurgence of a lifetime. Despite its duration, it packs one hell of a punch. I came across myself laughing a whole lot at their antics, and I founds myself crying like a baby reliving the beauty of those championship years and reading about how the players love one another and this city.
Mark Lazerus is an author. It’s what he does for a living. The particular writing was going to be good. But he took so many years... so many thoughts... and jammed them all into a paperback novel that will make you feel something. If you’re a Blackhawks fan, you’ll end up like me. If you are a fan of any team other than the Pittsburgh Penguins, it may fill you with craze because you’re tired of these players having success. Regardless, it will make you FEEL. That right there is what makes this a great book.

5/5 Stars, An easy read, this is an insightful, entertaining and often amusing retrospective of how, in a matter of a few seasons, the Blackhawks rose from the dregs to the cream of the National Hockey League. Utilizing recollections from players, past and present, management and the media, as well as his own, Mark Lazerus provides a portrait of one of the nation's top sporting activities franchises., As a life-long Blackhawks fan, I carefully enjoyed this guide. Received it at 1pm, finished reading it at 6 pm hours! Just couldn’t put it down! Nice job, Laz!, This is a must read for Blackhawks enthusiasts. The stories about the 2010 team are fantastic. I wish there was clearly more about the 2013/2015 teams, but still loved the stories. It’s a nice reminder about how much fun the 2010 championship team had. It is well crafted and a quick read., This is a great, fun and easy read. It is very nostalgic for Blackhawks fans and covers events you watched with additional insight. I especially liked that the books catches insight from players who don’t dominate the daily newspapers or the head lines. Definitely recommend., I've lived in Chicago for a long time, but my knowledge of the Blackhawks, and hockey more generally, is fairly limited. I had not been sure how much We would get out of an e book about hockey, but I came across myself really enjoying it. There is hockey in this guide, to be sure, and if you like hockey and have followed this team, you will enjoy the hockey writing in this book. But in case you don't know hockey, this is a good read about a fascinating team of people. The players' and coaches' personalities shine through and are the real tale here. Mark Lazerus, who has covered the Blackhawks for the Chicago Sun-Times since the 2013 season, has done a outstanding job interviewing players and weaving their stories collectively. I also very much enjoyed when Mr. Lazerus broke the fourth wall and described their own experience of the 17 seconds., While I'm still working my way through this guide that is both meaty and filled with detail and a fun, engaging read in which the players and their personas will be the stars, I'm assured that this is probably the best hockey book I have ever read.
Now, it could be the only real hockey book I've ever read, but that's not really my fault. I were raised in the greater Chicago metroplex at a time when the Blackhawks were an irrelevant and busted franchise. I, naturally , did not know this because no person seemed to care.
Lazerus' writing and reporting provide a essential glance into what makes a sports franchise a perennial loser and, then, what makes a franchise into a perennial winner. But, lest you think the text devolves into arcane statistical analysis, don't worry. The voices and tales of the players, instructors and other staff are usually front and center, and, thankfully, the players are honest, open and very genuine about what they've discussed with the writer.
The access and insider information jogs my memory of classic sports texts, like " The Breaks of the Game" and " The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, " which is so rare in sports today when every player is polished and concerned about a social media brand.
Don't feel like you need to be a hockey person to enjoy this book. If you enjoy the drama of sport and long to see elaborate behind the curtain, read this book., A great look back at the Blackhawks' run of three Stanley Cup titles. We enjoyed the setup of the book, as is actually not an aligned linear summarize of it years and the games within those seasons, but rather a looser collection of tales and anecdotes from along the way - some which might be familiar to fans, others which are being told for the first time. A must-have collection piece for any Blackhawks fan who lived through the Cup years!

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