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There is Someone Inside Your House is Stephanie Perkins’ first thriller novel and I have to say it wasn’t all that bad! Early reviews had frightened me a bit because people weren’t enjoying it and I knew Stephanie was known for her earlier contemporary series, so I admit I was a little concerned about pleasure and thrilling levels and also it was a quite solid read!

Makani has moved to Nebraska after an “incident” in Hawaii and lives with her grandma. Her grandmother’s health is on a slow decline with sleeping walking issues, so they basically manage each other. Makani is starting her senior 12 months at high school and things are rather calm in their quiet little town of Osborne. Yet then a girl is murdered and pretty much everything commences to tumble apart thereafter as it is clear that their quiet little town has been invaded by a dramón killer.

I started this book on the completely wrong foot, because apparently Goodreads didn’t use the full information that included Makani! That really just leaves out the first paragraph from the dust jacket that generally clues you in on your main character and who you’ll follow around! When the book starts with a girl being murdered I was baffled! Obviously reading the sampler to commence the storyline wasn’t the best idea because it didn’t have the information of the storyline and it was sort of discombobulating to believe that our main character was killed within pages! I started wondering if this is how the book would be told. This is clearly a mistake on my part and Goodreads for that matter too!

This story also includes romance as well, which I was well prepared for too. Makani had a summer time fling with Ollie, one of the police officer’s younger brothers. Ollie has their own dark past and secrets as well. That makes him and Makani a fitting pair in a sense. The love was kind of nice too. It may take over the story a little and just as you’re wondering if this will become a full on romance novel, somebody else becomes killed too.

I found it really interesting that we get these chapters from the victim’s point of view. The novel is in 3rd person point of view, but we follow Makani for the most part until the moments whenever we happen on a new person and these ending up being the killer’s victims. It was a little intensive reading those chapters because it lets you see how freaking sick the killer is.

I was also which our killer’s identity is revealed fairly early on, but I will say that doesn’t take away the scary factor too much. Despite knowing the name of the fantastic, the killer (yup obscure terms that get repetitive all to guard the identity…of the killer) is still on the loose and still killing.

I have to say that regardless of the claims that this wasn’t as thrilling as some visitors had expected I will say that it was far more gruesome than I anticipated as well! The killings were brutal and sick. But that just shows that Stephanie can write a quite great villain! The kind of villain that’s real and a type I hope to prevent ever cross paths with for that matter as well!

There is Someone Inside Your House was a rather quick little read. It has it ups and downs, nevertheless for the most part I was kept on the border of my seat seeking to know just that will survive this reign of terror the killer is inflicting! Not all will survive and the ending pretty left me with my jaw dropped in a few aspects! There is a darkness to this book as well in terms of past activities, but it makes for good reading and well developed-characters! This is certainly the type of publication you want to read on a dark, lonely night when you’re home only! (Or if you’re like me, midday during extensive daylight! )

Overall Score 4. 5/5 stars, 4. 5 stars

I had been hearing Stephanie talk about her upcoming YA scary for a while and I was so excited for it. So when I saw it on EW, I downloaded it immediately and got to reading.

I loved this cast of characters. They're smart and strong and loyal to each other. Makari and Ollie are adorable and there's definitely the standard spark and banter that we expect from Stephanie's words. You will also find some great diversity represented and a twine of inner monologue from Makari about asking about genitalia and ethnicity.

Storyline wise, it starts with a bang and was pretty fast paced throughout. The small lulls in the storyline felt like just enough time to get my heart steady before something else would happen. It was creepy and tension filled and there was just so much corn.

My only problem if you could call it that was that the reason behind everything was sort of stupid. I guess that's what really makes it scary...

**Huge thanks to Dutton Textbooks for providing the arch free of charge**, Amazing, I loved this publication so much more than I thought I was going to! Now that makes it sound like I went into reading it with a negative attitude but I have just never read an e book from the horror genre before, YA or adult so I was a little worried but boy was this a fab read. Stephanie Perkins just has this way of interesting you in her worlds and having you to love her characters that works whether it is in the romance genre or in the horror type. I really loved that this book was a young mature book but it has definitely encouraged me to read a little more into the horror type!

This book features Makani and the other teenagers who attend her high school in rural Nebraska. The setting of this novel was simply perfect for what takes place at the plot unfolds and it was really well described so i could picture me personally there in the town with all of them. The story plot is generally fast paced. There is a balance of scene setting and then horror action with Makani takin every other chapter or very 2 our of 3 chapters so that we really get to know her as the key personality, as well as what is going on with the murders.

Makhani was a good choice of the key character because she is straightforward to like but shed is also a little different from the people in her high school. The particular fact that she appears out and also that she has some sort of secret to hide made her interesting to read about. I would say that Ollie is the assisting character in this guide and I really liked him or her and reading about him or her. Him and his brother are not only key players in the book, but also key players in the town where the novel is set.

Right now there are some other diverse characters in this book, which is great to see because we definitely need to be reading about more diverse characters plus more diverse books generally speaking obviously, but I just felt at times that these diverse characters were accepted almost too easily by the town, I would have loved to have known the effect that they had on the community and how they managed to live so freely and be so welcomed by the community this way.

This specific book definitely scared me in part and really does compare well to the film suggested in the synopsis. I normally sleep with the windows open, nevertheless the night that I read this book, i got up to shut the window, not i was afflicted or something! This had some great suspense but also some really storylines about each of the characters that made for a great read. As I said above, this author really knows how to engage a group, whatever genre the girl is writing in and i would definitely recommend this book even if, with this problem, you are not usually a horror reader!

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