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I know Raphael personally so this is certainly much a biased review; however I did want to knock off fifty percent a star for the couple grammatical mistakes I found, and the sometimes informal tone. Overall I found the book a good introduction to Jesus mythicism, and a good way to tie together the existing proponents and opponent views on the matters.

Raphael tries to be somewhat conciliatory, saying if people want to think on faith then he or she is not going to stop them, I guess I agree. But he or she does formulate the circumstance for doubt in Jesus and doubt in Our god., The book was great starter material for the subject matter for someone buying quick and filthy introduction and explanation. The particular author discusses the problems and schisms within escuela including the intellectual chicanery of biblical scholarship as a vested enterprise and secret fundamentalist posing as objective researchers of the facts. He also references them as theology promoters disguised as scholarship and in most cases are just as dogmatic since the laymen and general public. For somebody looking for the alleged and questionable historical references put together into a single publication, that one definitely fits the mode, while also including a very exhaustive bibliography. What is interesting is that some scholars and academics he addresses by name and start the process of refuting their arguments and displaying the inconsistencies of these claims such as Bart Ehrman and William Craig. In addition Raphael distinguishes what History is and is not, and the various methodologies showing how it is constructed. One often repeated and simply impressive point he makes is the fact History is what most likely or probably happen and not what actually happened, due to latter we cannot be absolutely certain. He unabashedly states that "miracles" cannot be labeled as historical evidence, since it defies the laws and regulations of nature and physics and we have zero method to verify or disprove, however, that is most unlikely that nature would circumvent its own laws for our personal gain or pleasure and it is not a recurring and testable phenomena. This book is no all assault on faith and is quite tempered and measured, however, he or she does reveal its potential weaknesses. I would have liked deeper discussion and elaboration into each area, but for the most part the points made are clear, with additional references available through the footnotes. While not quite The Jesus Mysteries written by Freke and Gandy, I still recommend this publication to be included into one's research endeavors, because this author addresses certain points that the past does not., No evidence for Jesus and no evidence for any of the innumerable gods, therefore both concepts are no better than that of the Flying Spaghetti Beast. Allow us to assume that these entities do not are present until verifiable evidence is produced by the supporters of such non-entities. Faith based faith is no more than arrogant wishful considering for an afterlife available to believers however, not to all other life. Incongruity at its best. The particular author has turned a very powerful case against all religious faiths. How will you read this exposition and yet still believe?, It's OK, Lataster does a good job of presenting Jesus as myth. His " refutations" of arguments for the existence of god are too brief and dismissive., I really like it. The author's research surprised me. Continuous learning is the key for better life., Interesting reading... if the Gospels are filled with myth and magic, leading modern people to reject those servings of the Jesus tale, why would we then count on those same Gospels to inform us anything true about the alleged 'historical Jesus'?, Could not put this book down. Having been a Christian for nearly all of my life and now am not, this book clarified many critical questions I've had for many years in connection with historical authenticity of Jesus and therefore God.

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