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I acquired this book and started reading it out there of curiosity. I completed this book and feel writing a review due to the profound effect it experienced on me. Gina provides a thoughtful account of her life in managing her issues with humor and a grace. This publication effected me so profoundly because I will no longer feel alone in the issues in my own life coping with similar health issues. As none of my friends or close family have these conditions I have also been still left out of situations and been hurt by comments made. But I have not spoken out or spoken up about the issues because of embarrassment regarding them. Reading that Gina experienced similar issues has provided me with a new outlook for dealing with myself and just how I look at my management of my issues and ways to handle comments from others that I had not considered before. Now instead of pulling back from my life a an step out into it., When I heard that Gina was going to write a book, I knew I couldn't wait to read it. All of us went to dinner one night and had a long speak about it. Now, only about per year or so later, her publication came true. From the second I saw the book on Amazon and looked at the beautiful cover, I knew she experienced done it! When I put my order, it felt so good to support someone who I am aware will be a great inspiration to others, as the girl is to me. I quickly got the book, and felt the cover... it is rather soft... which isn't something that I notice often in a book. This felt nice to maintain. Then I read it. I could HEAR Gina and felt like the girl was there just discussing to me, just how we had that night at dinner. She never influenced from the message the girl desired to get across and she was definitely successful in delivering her concept. Living with a long-term disease can be difficult, living with two chronic disease, double whammy.... but as Gina articulated, these "diseases" don't have to determine you. You are soooo far more than that... and Gina lives her life this way, enjoying it and just being "her. inches, I am aware Gina personally from sharing tasks on the Denver Metro Celiac Help Group. This book was a true inspiration to learn how to motivate myself and others in living with an auto-immune disease. It also helped me think differently about a very closed loved one who I considered diabetic, but in fact, from reading Gina's book, I discovered is " living with diabetes". This book is heartfelt, fun and something that everyone living with an autoimmune disease should read., Incites expressed in living with a chronic disease are extremely thoughtfully included in day-to-day situations. It was especially interesting to learn more ways to make people/friends aware of why not every activity could be incorporated in a travel/social plan., Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Fast and easy read about how precisely to reside the life you were created with and not complain about the obstacles put in your way. You'll come away with another perspective about how to connect to someone with Diabetes and Celiac Disease., The publication was well written and, even though I feel not troubled by either of her health issues, the story totally held my interest., This publication was a very easy read; it flowed so well it was almost like you were having a conversation with mcdougal., This particular is a very helpful book, thoughtfully written, for any person who perceives him/her self as possessing a chronic problem, physical or mental. The ideas Gina offers for addressing and managing such problems are universally applicable and are broad enough to be great for the individual who has an anger problem, bones which are delicate, addictive behaviors, etc. She makes the point plainly that it must be the person's response to the situation, rather than the specific condition, which is the key to managing the problem.
Some of the chapters, since they are relatively free-standing, repeated material introduced in prior chapters, but the book is definitely and quickly readable, therefore i see this as an extremely minimal drawback.
I will make notes of the ideas which I feel will be most helpful for me to try.

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