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Very well well written. I do not go along with all Warner's interpretations and generalizations but he is genuine and an excellent voice for Yoga Buddhism. My biggest argument to his belief is that it takes years or decades of yoga to achieve a transcendental experience. Which may be the case for Zen meditation. Apparently this individual never tried Transcendental Deep breathing or if he do he gave up too quickly. If you are interested in Zen, read it. Avoid expect a do it yourself manual and may expect literal interpretations of God or any other spiritual teachings. I agree with Warner, such theories in the bible, koran, vedas, and some fundamentalist buddhist writings are meant to be metaphors and he writes accordingly., Mike Warner has been offering this as his best book, and I agree. It is his most mature book, his best written, and it actually takes up the most daring subject. His final book was about intercourse, which some people might have thought daring, but this book uses the phrase God in connection with Zen practice, and that causes people to explode.

What he says, basically, is that what we're actually connecting with as we sit zazen is Our god, though he doesn't use that word in the childish simplistic sense that many people mean by it. In fact, this individual has searched through religious tradition to find various descriptions of God, and has done a outstanding job of showing how the great mystics in most religions largely agree. His / her whole religious quest has become a search for God, and he feels that this individual has found God not merely in major openings, though he has had at least one--and describes it beautifully--but in his ordinary moment by moment existence. Sitting zazen has recently been his way of discovering Our god.

I completely agree with his central thesis, and though his book was somewhat uneven, as all his books are (any writer who writes a lot from his own experience is likely to be that way), I believed the best sections were marvelous. I highly recommend this guide., If this book doesn't make you think and think hard I dare say that little will. The title of the book may cause certain people to steer clear of this book but I really feel that any person, regardless of faith or lack thereof, would benefit from reading this book. Is actually the sort of book that I will definitely read again., I've read several of Brad Warner's books and have always appreciated his ability to present some of the deepest and most penetrating ways of discovering ourselves and the universe in an accessible, personal, " living and lived" way. He does that all well here. Although his take on Buddhism and Zen may be debatable to many, Brad's description of the expertise of what he selects to call God in the context of Buddhist practice carries more weight than a merely philosophical or theoretical approach. He presents his comprehension of Our god gained through Zen yoga and what might be called a " mystical" (my word) experience of oneness with everything while crossing a stream in Tokyo. He also talks about various subject areas associated with religious belief in the context of that understanding. As noted above, this is a very personal way of relating understanding, but I think which perhaps the easiest way when talking about God. Read the book - whether you finish up agreeing with Brad or not, I think you'll find it a valuable experience., Thought provoking. I guess I can't rate it without more words. Read it, nudge for yourself. Four more words required. Stupid app., Mike Warner says that this is his most crucial publication. And maybe he's right. But being a regular reader of his blog and his books, I found that he states very little that is new.

Warner's thesis in this guide is that Zen Yoga and belief in Our god are not incompatible. Quite the contrary, he says, zazen (the practice of sitting down meditation, the basic practice of Soto Zen, Brad Warner's tradition) leads you to experience God. But it's not the bearded man up in heaven. Is actually another thing.

The book is an exploration of what this " God" is and how it relates to other people's concept of Our god. Within this latter respect, the book is quite interesting and original. The first, what " God" really is, is simply the same things Warner has said about his Zen practice in the books and blog. And I guess you can't say that much about Zen practice without being recurring, so that's okay.

Inside short, this is a nice book. For people away there who haven't read anything by Warner, I would reccommend it for certain. He has been practicing zazen for a while now, and his insights into Buddhist practice are quite interesting. His controversial attitude is quite appealing to me - although in this book they have quitted his famous punk present.

For regular Warner viewers, I'd say there is nothing much new to you in this book. However, as a normal reader, you'll probably be aware of Brad's not-so-great financial circumstances and may want to help him with this. I did., The name of the book does not match its content at all. The last chapter lightly touches on it but the most of the book is Warner's ego-stroking., Loved all his other books, but that one meandered and didn't convince.

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