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I had developed high hopes for this book but found it even more interesting and participating than I thought I would. I have always loved Judge Napolitano, yet have thought some of his earlier writing somewhat dry. This one does indeed a good job focusing on the roots of the Progressive Era, and the two larger than life presidents who embodied it. Since he says so evidently in the final chapter;

"Jefferson believed that in the long arc of the past, we can see repeated over and over again the struggle for personal freedom against a monopoly of force. The monopoly of force has wiped out, stolen, lied, and cheated its way into strength and wealth. The first two decades of the twentieth-century America - a time arguably dominated by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson - are not an exception to Jefferson's bottom line: rather, they are a increased paradigm of it. In those twenty or so years the role of the us government changed so significantly it would never be the same again. inches (pg. 248)

Besides providing fascinating details about these oddly juxtaposed yet soul-mate-like troubled men, I especially liked how Judge N. ties the Constitutional amendments of the time collectively. The only the one that was any good, and really worth changing the Constitution for was the 19th (women's vote). All the others have damaged the Metabolic rate beyond recognition, yet are still in place today, except for the short live 18th (alcohol prohibition). I had never before realized how destructive the 17th was (Senators selected by popular vote and not by State appointment), and how fundamental the old set up was to the balance of powers established by the original framers.

Before the 16th amendment (legalizing income tax) the federal authorities got 40% of its earnings from taxes on alcohol. The 16th change paved the way for the 18th, and the 17th sealed it by removing the check and balance of the California's representatives, leaving it to the masses to choose (reform minded progressives), with women rewarded with the 19th to be such followers of Prohibition with their votes at the state degree. But we all know Prohibition (which was at the hub of this first push at progressive minded reform) was an utter failure, ultimately causing a bloom in criminalization and a destruction of family values (sound familiar? ).

This book provides lots of clear perspective on the effects of the Progressive Era - from the rise of Crony Capitalist and Union special interests, American military expansion and the draft, to the establishment of the banking cartel we euphemistically know because the Federal Book, compulsory education, and racist eugenic practices. I find it incomprehensible that such a movement might have any credibility today (yet many on the left still proudly identify themselves as "progressives"), and that these harmful and unconstitutional plans are now the building blocks of the new American Empire.

Judge Napolitano's writing style is direct and simple, even plain, yet never dumbed-down. He gives us the best overview of this pivotal phase of United states history I've ever seen, and the one that is regular to revisit today. The particular Progressive Era might have begun over 100 years in the past but it's over yet..., It's a 300-page book, easily read over two weekends. First, it's not exactly 300 pages dedicated to the lives of both men. I would sum it up to say that about a 3 rd of the book discusses their accomplishments (some criticisms are pretty negative but truthful), and a 3 rd of the book sums up the influence on law, progress, and the republic over the next hundred years. Napolitano does a realistic alternative of summary over the actions of both men. If you wanted a book that really goes into fine details about their lives.... well..... this isn't the book. I think in the end, one gets the sensation that neither were Conservative or Democrat, and both served as some tool for rapid change to the American society and government. For a third-year college or university student considering a personal career, you might like to pick this book up and review for your path is obviously. Excellent research and well crafted. Worth reading., In " Theodore and Woodrow", Determine Andrew Napolitano has made a good argument that the rise of the Progressive Movement in the United States can be traced to the actions of two Presidents... Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.
The author examines different factors of the Progressive movement, and each chapter looks at a different way that the unintended outcomes of Progressivism has got deleterious effects on our individual liberty.
The book is well organized, and the author splits a complex political movement into chapters, each of which look at a different way the movement has afflicted individuals and the nation. As a result of this business, readability and enjoyment is enhanced. Each chapter has a " Conclusion" section that summarizes the points supply in the chapter. Each facet of the movement is tied to one or both (most often both) of these really interesting figures in United states history.
I actually found the book to be persuasiveconvincing }.... very hard to put down! I suggest the book to not only anyone enthusiastic about American History, but anyone who is concerned about the direction our country is heading today. This book evidently shows HOW we got to where we are today. It shows how the federal government, due mostly to the actions of these two powerful presidents, went from its constitutionally identified enumerated powers to having UNLIMITED power over our daily lives!, If you are whatsoever enthusiastic about how things ARE suppose to be and not what you might have been trained or told they suggest, then read this book. I think you aren't the ability to read will understand it all, and have the intelligence to exercise for themselves where they stand on a matter, not only now but in the future. I have given away so lots of this book and others to both old and young and while they haven't all enjoyed each one, they have come away with a somewhat different view of things regardless of their personal leanings., Judge Napolitano recounts numerous historical recounts of both actions and objectives of our two first Progressive Presidents, in this book, along with references to the many Federal Courtroom decisions they precipitated ushering-in the progressive era. The particular judge makes it clear from the onset of the book, this is a dissertation of his personal Libertarian point of view and not simply a historical review. However , in reading Theodore and Woodrow one can't help but be amazed the way the initial purpose of the Founding Dads, and subsequently the Metabolic rate have been undermined and perverted by the progressive movement in America over the last one hundred years. Understanding this history outdoor sheds new light on the actions of our own Federal Government today, as well as where they intend taking the country in the future. Ultimately its upwards to the reader to choose if their Orwellian goals represent " progress" or repression of the United states spirit.

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