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We doubt I am the only individual who is totally confused by the Middle East. Between different religious thinking, tribal disputes and national politics, it sure is surely an area ripe for turmoil. Typically the little snippets of information we get on the evening news, in newspapers or online do little to help the person with average skills understand all the dynamics included. This book appealed in my experience because it is a topic I am considering and comes from someone who has spent time in the area.

Mr. Engel has written a straightforward book based on his 20 year connection with reporting in the area. He outlines the historical past of the Middle East in simple terms, even though there is nothing simple about the area. His explanations provided insight into the background of the many information stories we have seen over the years. I experienced the majority of the book was depending on fact, with the occasional personal analysis as to how the government of the USA has failed in it’s attempt to support the location. Whether someone wants or disagrees with his analysis, I will say they made sense and comes from someone with a credible background.

My due to Simon & Schuster, via Netgalley, for allowing me to read this in exchange to have an unbiased review., NBC’s famous chief international correspondent, Richard Engel, writes his 3rd (and perhaps best) book on his best known subject, one other two being " The Fist in the Hornet's Nest" (2004) about his experience covering the Iraq War from Baghdad. And then, " War Journal: The Five Years in Iraq" (2008) continued his biographical and mesmerizing story. This individual also co-authored " Defeating ISIS: Who They Are usually, How They Fight, What They Believe", a very timely and edifying book.

Engel was the first broadcast journalist recipient of the Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism for his report " Conflict Zone Diary". Although many media outlets pulled their journalists out of Iraq shortly after the shooting started out in 2003, Engel stayed, and was thus one of the few European journalists left in the country. He was the only American tv set correspondent to continue in Baghdad for the complete war.

This new book- " And And then All Hell Broke Reduce: Two Decades in the Middle East" - selections up where his last book left off., and also covers some previously stories. It's both a memoir about his somewhat dangerous assignments and a primer on the politics and religious strife in the Arab world, something many of us may know all the about as we should.

When a truck bomb explodes outside his hotel room during the insurgency, the author is left to wonder how long he can always cheat death and whether he was paranoid- or should they were out to get him.

But even though he left Iraq, the just gets him out of the baking pan and into the fire. His transfer to Beirut comes just in time to cover the short " war" between Israel and Hezbollah; he then returns to Egypt for the Arab Spring uprising that brought down Leader Mubarak. Next he passes across the border when the overthrow of Libya's innovator takes center stage. Nevertheless the author's biggest brush with danger would come at the ending of 2012 when he wonderful crew are held captive for five days in Syria during the civil war- that continues to this day.

Quick-paced and thrilling, but filled with historical context., This book should be required reading for all those who established easy solutions and analyses of the Mideast problems. In addition to that includes presidential candidates, almost all of whom are abysmally ignorant on the situation. What really gave increase to ISIS? And when? What are the inspirations of the many parties involved? Engel is the only reason I have returned to watching the evening information. I keep informed consist of, much better ways. Eliminated are the days when Cronkite read the information and Sevareid analyzed the news. Now they ending with fluff and " feel good" segments. We appreciate all that Engel does to enlighten us. If perhaps politicians would advise themselves and stop all the simple, irresponsible ideas ( like being " tough" on Isis) we might have more united initiatives. After all, this publication helps it be absolutely clear that ignorance propelled us into the horrible mess, without any sort of vindictiveness. We would add that irresponsible and devious actions by the Bush administration offered rise to the greatest threat Inside my 75 years. Engel provides awareness to help us to determine better actions to take. I'm not hopeful that the people who most need to examine this book will even look at it. Too complex. Again, Engel does not really place blame; he presents facts. Practically every page presented information that enlightened me. Now I understand a lot more. Give thanks to you., This is the first book I've read on the middle eastern, and I can positively admit it was a fantastic way to begin my research.

Engel is exact, clear, descriptive, and dramatic when informing the readers of the horrors and mistakes made in the great Middle East.

This publication is totally an autobiography, which I normally am not a fan of, but being that the writer experienced such a riveting and often mortifying experience in the region, it keeps me curious throughout all the couple hundred pages.

The reason I gave this four stars is because We was expecting an even more comprehensive explanation of all the causes and effects in the middle east, but maybe it's my mistake for not seeing how short this book was and how impossible it would be to fulfill that such short length.

Overall, I truly enjoyed Engel's journey and it also taught me more than I understood before opening the publication., After reading this publication, I feel that We have an improved understanding of the Middle East. To say it is complicated is merely scratching the surface of the underlying turmoil this place of our world is experiencing. Richard Engel is an amazing person. This individual wrote a fantastic book to help us all better understand this area of the world. The experience he or she relates in the publication make this book a must read for anybody wanting to know read more about the Middle East and the people that live there. We applaud Richard Engle in writing this book for others to read. I cherished every minute reading this book by Richard Engle.

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