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This can be a wonderful story that reminded me of a Romeo and Juliet type of history. It has both households, the McCutcheon’s and the Calhoun’s who used to be best friends and ranchers in Rio Wells, TX for some time until something happened to the head of the Calhoun family Jock and he blamed Winston McCutcheon. For years they may have resented the McCutcheon's and cause all sorts of rumors and problems for them.

Dustin McCutcheon sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in the mercantile in San Antonio. They lock eyes and held their glance and Dustin wants to get her name but he or she gets stopped by a friend, and he or she just results in before they can do that.

Later in a court room, both are within the room for different cases, both attempting to defend the person charged. Dustin finds out there Sidney Calhoun is the woman he had seen in the mercantile. Any time the judge orders Dustin to be guardian to Sidney’s brother Noah and take him to the Rim Rock Ranch until he earns enough to his debt, Dustin recognizes only trouble and problems for the family as well since the town. He really doesn't want to do this but he is ordered by the determine who just happens to be friend of his father.

This is a love and hate history as Dustin, his buddy Chaim, Noah, and Sidney are suddenly throw with each other to ride back to Rio Wells so Noah can earn his freedom.

Needless to say there are many twists and turns in this history and trust issues in abundance to both sides. Some terrifying times, fun times that appear unrealistic considering the families, but there is a budding romance between two young people one from each family, that would be strictly not allowed by both families. Keep tuned to see how this come out in the end. It will keep you guessing that is for sure.

I received an ARC copy from the author to read and give an honest review.

This is a must read and a highly recommended book from Caroline Fyffe but since it is part of a series I recommend you start at the start with the first publication in the Montana McCutcheon's so you will know the characters involved and mentioned in this history. You won't regret reading this whole series as it is awesome and thus fun to read.
Caroline Fyffe is one of my most beloved and favorite authors and I have read almost all her books and loved everyone of these and couldn't put some of them down until they I finished reading the whole history., What could be more exciting when compared to a long time family feud and a budding romance? Ms. Fyffe brings us another thrilling read filled with baiting, angry, sorrow and love. She puts her own twist with this story you will not see coming. Two people can’t stand the other person letting a feud control only they both can’t appear to forget the other. Both are attracted to the other but actually will not let anything come of it. They spend their time fighting that attraction only they appear to keep getting in each other’s way. I have loved this course from the start. This new addition just makes me love it more.

Dustin has spent several years fighting the Calhoun’s at every turn they appear to always be in his way at all cattle sales causing trouble. You should think he or she would get a reasonable discuss and get a split. This may not be happening when the youngest Calhoun’s gets into trouble and the determine decides he must stay at the McCutcheon ranch. Exactly what in the world was this judge thinking everybody knows how the Calhoun’s and McCutcheon’s feel about each other. Things are getting of his hands and must do as the judge has ordered. This individual isn’t going to like it. As his brain goes back to the pretty little lady he or she thinks he might just find out where and who she is. Of which is when he recognizes her walk into the court room. No one is more shocked than he when she is there for Noah her buddy. Just his luck the best looking women in town and she is a Calhoun. This is one strong, tough, patient loving man who will steal your heart.

Sidney is still thinking about the hunk of a cowboy that she noticed earlier when she walks in the court room and sees him. A person could have knocked the girl over with a feather when she found out who he was and that the girl brother would have to stay on his ranch to work off his personal debt. As things take a turn from bad to worse she just doesn’t know how things could easily get any worse, she is about to learn and the lady isn’t happy. Not just is she going to have to fight for her buddy making sure they treat him right now the lady has to fight the attraction with a man she is suppose to and does hate or will she. I just loved the sassy up standing female who will stand for her love ones and fight to the sour in.

Corey M. Snowfall since the narrator did a wonderful job with the narration. He really brought this audio tracks to life for me with his smooth deep rich tone that you could listen to all day. I totally loved his male and feminine sounds. You had no trouble knowing who was discussing or the actual were feeling. There was no background noise or any places that the audio tracks was louder or lower just a very smooth wonderful listen. If any breaks were used you could not tell, each chapter was in the same volume providing the customer a fully excellent listen. This is an audio tracks you will not want to put down as you find things to do which means you can listen longer. Mr. Snowfall brings so much too this audio tracks as he or she puts thoughts to the story and paints a picture of Texas and the areas around it. You can see the landscape in your mind as you flip from character to character wondering just how this will all work out. He really purchased this audio tracks to life for me. I can’t wait around to listen to more from him.

What can I say about Microsoft. Fyffe that hasn’t already been said before…. She gets already been one of my go to authors when I desired an exciting love history packed with passion as the lady brings people together enabling them fight it out there through love. She produces stories that will stay in your mind providing you a smile why you long to participate in the towns she creates. I actually always wish I could jump into one of her stories being used back to a time I actually would dearly have loved to live in. Presently there is no doubt when you select up one of her books you are in for a roller-coaster ride packed with thoughts as they bait the other person fighting to the finish collection. Her characters are easy to love. You have no trouble relating to and feeling for each one of them. Dustin and Sidney are sure in a pickle as they fight their love trying to stay true to their family. Sometimes family just isn’t enough when ones heart gets in the way. Both are strong characters, who are use to getting their way, they stand for what they believe in and will fight to keep it. Nothing is essential than family and their values that is until Dustin and Sidney eye meet. The supporting characters are amazing they keep you smiling and chuckling all through the listen. There are places where your coronary heart goes out to each one of them when their sorrow comes out there. They are normal people residing normal lives just trying to do their best and make a place on the wild Arizona land. They live and love giving so much to each other. If you haven’t read/listen to anything by this author you do not really know what you are missing. This is one author who gives the girl heart to her characters with a wonderful abundant clean story that pulls you in. I never want to see one of the girl books end and can not wait for the next ones to begin. I suggest anything this author writes., This is a special history with several special people. The new wonderful book to add to this course. To bring out the feud of two families and fulfill the problems this can cause, takes a talented creator like Ms. Fyffe to make it real and provide it depth. I absolutely loved this story-line and felt the tears and smiles with the characters involved. Dustin McCutcheon lost his chance at love with Lily when John stole her heart. Sidney Calhoun can’t find the girl perfect man. I’ll not spoil it for you but this book is one of a kind and written with coronary heart that makes you smile and then get tight when something happens. Sure, I truly loved this publication. It is written in the way that any age group can enjoy this story.

I used to be given an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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