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This is a great book. It's well-written, well-organized, informative and interesting. I highly recommend it for both beginning and intermediate players and it contains advanced theory and tips which will help even most advanced players.

I recommend this book to beginning and intermediate players above all other Texas Hold'EM publications with which I'm common for those who are serious about learning and bettering their game. It's not the conclusive bible for the game and doesn't attempt to be. If fact, in the direction of the conclusion of the book he makes research to other books which the author suggests reading as you progress in your study if the game.

What this book will, and does very well, is to describe the sport in a form that beginner players can understand it and, by following his advice, can become above average players, whether they play online or in internet casinos and home games.

Presently there are sections of the book on game concept and math that are probably beyond most start players but will become valuable as they progress. He suggests that you skip the chapters primarily and return to them later, which is probably the best strategy.

I avoid agree with those critics who've criticized the amazon kindle edition for not displaying the illustrations correctly. It is extremely easy to select pictures using the 5-way controller or tapping the representation in the Paperwhite, then magnify them to full screen. If you undertake so, they display perfectly. Alternatively, you can view them in Kindle for PC., We read this book before going to vegas to play hold em. BASICALLY had paid more attention to this book I would have been better off. Two lessons - 1) be patient. fold useless cards (the book explains this), 2) unless most likely a pro, don't sit down at a table with a pro, you will get " bullied" off the table. You can ask the person who seats you if there are pros at the tables. So, a great book. Adhere to the basic advice for when to hold or fold and the importance of your position at the table relative to the dealer chip and the two blinds and you'll do much better. Nevertheless be prepared to sit down down with at minimum 0 and be patient, you could be there awhile., I had been on vacation in the Dominican republic. Played online poker in high school, which for me was almost three decades ago. Was a good refresher. Downloaded the kindle version. Read the first five chapters. Applied the betting strategy and the highlighted key things to do, not the more advanced strategies. Only 11 people entered online poker tournament at hotel casino. I won. Had 2 times the number of chips as second place. Essentially I implemented the items that were highlighted as critical. Did not do the fancy stuff, and that was enough against mostly recreational players. 2nd place guy knew what he was doing. Publication is well organized, written by a favorite guy that has won lots of tournaments. Was really the perfect book to refresh and update my skills enough to give me a plan that actually earned. So I guess my return on investment was good. Won 750 bucks. So good for a about three hour tournament., I was very impressed by THFD. Harlan explains the important poker concepts very well--outs, pot odds, counterfeiting, (semi)bluffing, etc . If you're a hold'em beginner like myself, you won't go wrong getting Texas Hold'em for Dummies., always good publications, Funny and informative. Although I've played many years, the tips were great., It really is everything I could want. After going through it and reading about the game I haven't determined weather I want to sit back at a table delete word. Could get expensive! I'll decide the midsection of this month., Excellent book.. hopefully I will be able to re-coup some greenbacks down the road LOL

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