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We are in a wheelchair. If you feel playing tennis is difficult then get into a wheelchair and give it a go. I'm in my sixties and previously being active nearly all of my life and having to adjust to a wheelchair now has been a bit of the challenge. "Winning the Emotional Match" has helped to boost the state of mind I need not only for tennis, but for life. This is a book that will be regular reading for me. Thank you, Allen Sibel, This book is truly excellent. Most tennis books are either by 1) top players (although there is a lot less of that these days as top players now make a lot money they do not need to supplement their income by writing a book) who may have the experience of playing at the best levels of the game but do not have either a strong educational or coaching background or 2) coaches who have a strong educational or coaching background but have not played at the best levels of the game. Typically the author, Allen Fox, is exceptional in this he has both: he reached the quarterfinals in singles at Wimbledon, was a person in the U. S. Davis Cup team and also had wins over the best players in the world at the time and he also has his Ph. D in mindset from UCLA and was a very successful university coach. The book provides both theory (e. h., what it is in our wiring that hard disks humans to actually want to win at tennis even if the match is at an average club level) and highly practical tips on how to improve your performande on the court. What is remarkable about the functional tips is that many are ones I have not heard expressed before yet somehow are so grounded in common sense that it makes one wonder why I have not observed them previously (e. h., regarding choking: since everyone chokes the real key is the way you react to it - if you choke on an important point and get annoyed because of it and consequently lose the next few points that creates far more destruction to your chances of winning than by losing the single point because you choked). A must read., This is an outstanding publication for tennis players of all levels. That's so , even though the rugby advice genre has a predictable format that is not conducive to great literature. Boiled down to its essence, a full length book contains 12 to 30 insights bracketed by lots of personal congratulatory throat clearing and anecdotal blather.

Allen Sibel follows this format, but here's the main element: his psychological observations are acute, valuable, and (to me) original. He does a great job of helping someone to understand the mechanisms at the rear of inconsistency, choking, and poor performance. This book will help you turn into a better, happier, more self-aware player.., This book has helped my mental attitude on / off the tennis court., Obviously explains why emotional brains can promote success on the court rather than relying solely on athleticism., Full of good advice and interesting thoughtful findings regarding player behavior and court habits. Most significantly, Fox writes about what you can do to correct bad situations in rugby and gives much insight into the underlying causes of poor on-court performance. This was my first book about tennis, We feel fortunate that it was such a great read., Helpful book for any level tennis player. Your mind as well as your body needs to be fit for playing well and ideally winning!, I am extremely happy that I purchased this book. The part about slowing the match down when u r at the rear of was surprising... I will use that. Having a ritual for the serve helps u give attention to your plan. I had developed the confidence rollercoaster recently and this book helped me realize they come in stages and practice n enjoying matches helps to build it.

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