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This specific little gem of a book is much, much more than a self-help book. Dr. Snyder has put together a established of guidelines that are obviously outlined for the layman and have the potential to literally change your life. Who doesn't have regrets? Who doesn't get worried about the future? Who else isn't considering enhancing facets of one's life? Dr. Snyder gently directs the reader to commence to think about what it is in your life that you would like to see happen. She provides a wide range of types of areas and issues we all face within our personal and professional lives. As I worked through this book, which has room to write your " workout" content, Dr. Snyder continually reminds the reader to stay in the current. In truth her guidelines expressly condition to stay in the present tense, commence your sentences with I Was, and use the intensifying 'ing' form of verbs. Words are powerful tools. And the way we " talk" to ourself has the potential to redirect behavior. She has some powerful suggestions on the role meditation performs in redirecting thinking. I actually began spending ten minutes at the beginning of each day formulating my workout sentences. She suggests writing 12 statements every day. Simply formulating these statements centered me and helped me personally to appreciate how important using the " present tense" is. However it wasn't until I began to apply her meditation techniques that are explained in this to the point, simple way, that I began to realize the strength behind her workout. Adding the meditation takes an additional 5 to 10 minutes but it is a powerful component. The result is a cementing of the statements in your head and as each day goes by I actually find myself recollecting those statements I wrote at the beginning of the day. That's the power behind this method. Those sentences soon become part of every day, and part of your life. Reading this article book and using its principles has redirected living. I am extremely grateful to have found this book and recommend it., I always have attempted to live life with a positive approach, but the Ten Minute Cognitive Work out has added discipline and specificity to my method. I still have " I am embracing every aspect of living today" general statements but now I have concentrate on many more specific aspects of doing that; such as, " I am enhancing my Spanish today". I actually write my statements during breakfast so that I actually have them " with me" pretty much the whole day. Try it, you'll like the results., In a mere 76 pages, Peggy Snyder has simply, yet elegantly, presented the most doable of thinking routines that can truly change one's life. While other books go on far too long, each page in The Ten Minute Cognitive Work out obviously explains what to do, how to do it, and why it will work. I have found her daily routine to be immensely helpful. Not only do I feel more in charge of my own feelings and thoughts but I actually can see the positive effect they are having at the office and with family and friends. I have found that adding the ten minute workout to my practice of mindfulness has made the time I spend in deep breathing much more effective. It is clear that we get great strength to change existence and Dr. Snyder has given us welcoming, tangible steps to help us commence that change.
This should me must reading for everyone., We have just started to do this and must say I possess done similar programs during the past. Typically I've stopped because of some crisis or sickness when I could have become real help from it. Don't want to make that error again. I actually think if you can repeat this everyday for at least three several weeks, you're good to go. I will try to do that very effectively., This book is merely wonderful. You can read it in a day or two and begin implementing its practices right away. The best part is that it REALLY WORKS!! The way you think is absolutely impacted, which often influences the way you live and the way you experience living. You will not regret buying this book. In addition to being great for individuals, I can also picture by using this strategy in universities with students and in coaching relationships in addition to counseling. You'll enjoy it., I, like many of my local freinds and family, go through those negative intervals that pull me down and make me feel less than peaceful. We have read through some of the tomes and found them overwhelming and straightforward to put aside, hence no results. The Ten Second Cognitive Workout is primary, succinct also to the point. With a little some a little discipline, it simply works. I found my mood lifting even through a recent family crisis. I can't recommend it highly enough.
If you want a New Year's quality you're going to stay with and have success, here it is!
Connie Lauffer
St Michaels, MARYLAND, I'm delighted to have uncovered this gem! For the past week We have done THE TEN MOMENT COGNITIVE WORKOUT coupled with meditation in place of my daily journaling. 95% of the areas of focus presented in the book are relevant to my life, and I'm experiencing positive change in a period of time. If you're someone who's vulnerable to running a negative script in your mind, this book is a " game changer". It doesn't bog you down with technical jargon or complicated studies. It's a quick read which gets you to a quick start on changing your life.... a 5-star experience for certain., In this concise and easy to read publication, Doctor Snyder has applied psychological principles to an accessible and simple exercise that can make a positive change in your life. None of us escapes the experience of negative feelings. Dr. Snyder's method offers a tool to switch negative aspects of your life into positive thoughts and attitudes. With a commitment of only 10 minutes every day, you will learn to turn negative, nonproductive thoughts into positive, practical thoughts. You'll see your mood and coping mechanisms improve, resulting in behaviors that will improve your life view. Read this book. Commit 10 minutes daily doing the cognitive workout. Enjoy your increased life.

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