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This guide was sometimes hard but very powerful. So pleased it was picked for my bookclub., This guide had so many issues that were discussed in depth in our guide club. The issue of passion, resilience and disaster., I purchased this book for a second time read, I read it in order to was first released. I heard Hester Rumberg speak about this book on a radio show before it's release and thought it seemed like a great tale. It is a fantastic story of love, courage, hope and family. I enjoy true stories with lots of detail and this fits the bill. I highly recommend it., My husband and I were at a sailboat show last weekend, and we met the creator - Hester Rumberg. We all casually discussed her guide, and albeit, mostly because it was on the Kindle (which is how we read nearly all of our books), and also to support a sailboat show vendor, we purchased the book. I'm a huge reader - and incredibly picky. Shame on me personally, but the truth it, I didn't really expect to be impressed. I thought if there was obviously a great sailing book out there there, I would have read it.

Boy was I wrong.

Without providing away too much about the book or the author (because that connection is a key part of what makes this guide work), the writing is good. The subject is engrossing. There are few 'stops' in the guide - it flows easily from one component to another. It is overwhelmingly unhappy at points, packed with desire at others. I chuckled, I cried, I was moved.

I find myself replaying parts of this guide over and over. I am drawn to the issue, and now I want to find out more on international ocean going law. Isn't that the hallmark of a great guide? I am so fortunate to have stumbled after this great author and guide. Definitely a great read., This is an incredible - and true - story!, Presently there are many survival tales but few have the same flavor as Ten Degrees of Reckoning (TDR for short here). The basis of the storyline has been detailed somewhere else so I focus my review about how the tale and writing afflicted me personally. Also, Let me compare it to other adventure/survival tales so interested readers might get a sense of what this book offers.

just one. How the story afflicted me: I am a father, adventurer, and sailor man and could identify with so much of the story. There were times when I simply simply had to put the guide down because the occasions were so powerful. You might think this is hyperbole but I assure you that those who have children and knows the hazards of the sea will find the complete story - from beginning to ending - distressing. My answer is disturbing not from a judgmental standpoint but rather from a reader's perspective. You will live through the authors' tale for both good and bad.

2. How the story compares with other adventure/survival stories: Here are a few that I found well worth reading and how Ten Degrees of Reckoning compares to each.

Deep Survival: That Lives, Who Dies, and Why   - I liked this guide but TDR was better story. If you want to be immersed in a story, read TDR but don't overlook Deep Survival.
Adrift: Seventy-six Times Lost at Sea   - One of the best survival textbooks I read. TDR analyzes favorably but I would recommend Adrift over TDR simply because Adrift focuses more on the survival whereas TDR spreads the focus from pre to post survival - often diluting the story with important but somewhat tangential details.
Left for Dead: Surviving the Deadliest Storm in Modern Sailing History   - I competition sailboats and could understand the racing elements in this book but TDR a new far more much deeper meaning for me than a recount of a personal tragedy amidst a sailboat race could ever offer. The two are good books but for general survival and its after effects, I suggest TDR over Left for Dead.
Crazy for the Storm: A Memoir of Survival (P. S. )   - I loved this book and, in many ways, it paralleled the story advised in TDR. Both protagonists struggled to find meaning after their struggles. I recommend both but if you have a taste for the sea more than the mountains, read TDR; otherwise, take your pick.

I hope these reviews and brief report help in making a decision about this fine book., This is an odd book in-as-much as it really needs a good edit and probably a far more organized narration. That will being said, the storyline is compelling and disturbing, despite the constructional difficulties. I might absolutely recommend the read. Days after I read it, I found myself thinking about the items and some particularly prominent lines. I even dreamed of a late family member whom I had not seen in my ambitions in a while. Clearly it crept into my subconscious. For this, I am thankful and pleased. So worth the read, very good, could have been brilliant., When telling a co-worker about this book and how completely afflicted me, she asked, "Why are you reading it--it sounds so disappointing. " "Because Judy Sleavin survived, " I replied, and being totally in awe of how the girl achieved it.

I found myself actually not breathing a few times while I was reading Ten Degrees of Reckoning. To say that it is a riveting story cheapens what is in fact a horrendous real-life event. Microsoft. Rumberg does a fantastic job of laying out the facts. Yes, she is certainly a good friend of Ms. Sleavin, but this does not at all detract from the facts of the disaster, and the appalling lack of accountability from the Pan Marine Shipping Company (and, as an aside, Senator Slade Gorton, page 217, who should also be embarrassed of himself).

Everyone should read this book to revel in the truly amazing depths the human spirit can go through in order to survive, the humanity that can be shown by patient individuals (Pan Ocean Shipping and Senator Gorton excluded), and also to become aware of how the Death on the Higher Seas Act can influence anyone who travels over a plane or ship in international waters.

Five stars--no question.

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