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I really loved A TEMPEST SPIRIT. Oliver Phipps has designed such an engaging read. It really is rare when you find a book that just grabs you and takes you on an amazing journey. A TEMPEST SPIRIT is one of the people publications and you will have a hard time putting down your Kindle once you begin to read this book. All I wanted to do every evening was to stay up and read because I was concerned about the characters and the story plot. I just did not want put down the A TEMPEST SOUL because I actually needed to know very well what happens next.
The particular story commences with the main character, Gina, being forgotten by her mother and then she meets a guy on a beach who invites her to take a trip but this man is no gentleman. The trip she decides to take with this man at sea changes her life forever. She commences the trip as Gina but the personality of Gina will soon be lost to the sea as she commences a transformation. Gina will also learn what the love of the mother is like from a lady who adopts her called Olivia. Olivia commences to teach Gina the flamenco dance style. Flamenco becomes the car that Gina will use to empower her life and transform into Imperturbable. The Spanish world flamenco is said to be derivative of the word “fire” or “flame” and while the main figure is learning the fiery flamenco dance style we see Serena rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of her previous self, Gina. This is a beautifully crafted tale by Oliver Phipps of young woman who goes from being unloved by her mother and the victim of strangers to finding the love of the mother who teaches the woman to be a strong, powerful woman. Serena’s love of flamenco dance allows her to stand strong as a woman and journey fearlessly into the marketplace.
I just love Oliver Phipps writing style and I’m going to read another one of his tales tonight. If you are looking for a heartwarming story of a young girl’s journey into womanhood then A TEMPEST SOUL is the book for you. It is just a must read!, While I normally this book wouldn’t have spurred my interest, it was recommended by a buddy. The story was interesting, even if the figures weren’t my cup of tea. The female figures (supporting and lead) are heroic and fun to read, but the male figures in many cases are creeps or guys. Paco in particular becomes the villain in the 3rd act, but until that point there is a load of “meh” men who enter and leave Gina/Serena’s life without leaving an impression.

The coming of age story is interesting, blending the storyplot of an emerging woman with an empty past trying to survive in a tough and sometimes abusive career field. The characters are often fighting off unwanted attention, which culminate in a couple attempted rapes. The particular scary nature of these encounters is painted in the appropriate light.

The final act felt a little rushed, pushing us together to the happy ending. The deus ex machina was very apparent, and I wish there was an improved resolution. But overall, I would recommend this book to a friend. The storyline is gripping and you really root for the heroine., A Tempest Soul is among the best books I’ve read this year – another of the best being Oliver Phipp’s book Twelve Minutes Till Night time. Mr. Phipps is a talented and diverse writer, and manages to write his female protagonist, Gina, with impressive depth, narrating her multi-faceted life with great emotion. He creates her journey around the world and across our hearts as she encounters a plethora of problems, not the least of which is patriarchal oppression. Perhaps my favorite part of the book was the conversation about the holding need to own the beautiful talent behind fine art; Gina learns that if the girl gives too much of herself to her audience, she will start to lose herself. But luxury ? already lost? Loss of do it yourself and art is a composition carefully woven into the plot, yet presented with a light hand and easy manner. If you want a passionate, creative read, this could it be! Consider Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portabello with flamenco. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!, Whoa, first time reading Phipps' work and let me personally tell you We are a large fan of his work now. I read this book during my lunch crack where his book brought to my attention with all the raving reviews from other readers. Without a doubt they are right! His writing skill allows the readers to truly engage with the character and allows the reader to really connect with the character.

Gina Falcone is the main figure in this book that goes through many heartbreaking events but still stays strong after all those terrifying events. This I thought was very motivating to me. Allowing me to realize that I stay in very blessing environment and should be thankful for what I have. I really hope everyone could read this book and be blessed of their daily lives.

Highly recommended to all readers!, Life is a confusing and tricky journey that never goes based to plan, but if you act like you keep onto hope and believe in yourself you will keep working at it.
A Tempest Soul follows thirteen year old Gina Falcone as the girl sets off on an adventure to get an presenter. Abandoned by her parents, for different reasons, the girl longs to be the focal point and stay in the lime light.
This emotional story shows us what it means to dare to desire a dream bigger than you imagined possible for yourself. Gina will make good choices and bad choices but she pushes through every obstacle to achieve success, but once she does is it everything the girl had hoped?
I highly recommend this coming of age tale for anyone with a love of action journey, music and art!

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