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I use read the Tempest 2 times before, once as a teen-ager, once in university and now, in my pension. I thought I understood the play as a teenager, did not understand it in university and really loved the play by making use of the footnotes in this edition. It brought home the humor as well as the pathos of questions of relationships with family members, the relationships between characters with different levels of social position, questions of loyalty and revenge and other good examples of human behavior, even when some of the characters might not exactly be human. Strongly recommended., This is a genuinely good work of drama, which I experienced to read for my Intro. to Drama class. This is some of those works of Shakespeare which was done in a multitude of forms and variations, so it is quite likely that everyone has a rough idea of the story. Still, you really cannot replace the original. It can somewhat odd, but quite good fun as well. The characters are memorable, and reading the story helps a great deal in understanding the numerous references into it that can be found elsewhere (not to say, it can good entertainment). As to the version itself, I found it to be greatly attractive understanding the action in the play. It has a layout which places each page of the play opposite a webpage of notes, definitions, explanations, and other things needed to understand that page more thoroughly. While I didn't always need it, I actually was certainly glad to have it whenever I actually ran into a change of language that was unfamiliar, and I definitely appreciated the scene-by-scene summaries. Really, if you need to or need to see Shakespeare, an edition like this is actually the way to go, especially before you get more familiar to it., I've never been a fan of Shakespeare, but other than " Macbeth", I really enjoyed reading The Tempest. I liked that this Oxford Shakespeare series provides understanding of the play beforehand. It makes struggling students understand more about the themes and characters. The series helped me a lot for my books class and the designated essays (I passed my class with an A). It also made me realize how much I can enjoy reading Shakespeare if I take the time to read the plays and their associated analyses., The formatting of this book is frustrating. It's like it was cut and pasted from one incompatible program to another and then never proofed before printing. Textual content abruptly cuts off for no reason and is continued on next line. Also, phase directions are not bracketed or separated from text in any discernible way.

See this example from page 5:

BOATSWAIN: None that I more love than
myself. You are
counsellor. if you can order these elements
silence, and work the peace of the present, we
will not
hand a rope more. Use your specialist; if you
cannot, give
thanks you have liv'd so long, and make yourself
in your cabin for the mischance of the hours, if it
hap. -Cheerly, good hearts! -Out of our way, I say.

I am talking about, what the hell was that? I am going to probably use this book to begin fires. I actually hope the editor gets shot.

Amazon automatically edits out the awkward areas, so you can't even have the full picture of precisely how horribly bad this book is., I train AP English Literature and Composition, and also this is the first year which i included The Tempest in the syllabus. The Folger company has an internet site that contains some curriculum materials that I actually looked through for ideas, so that was a helpful resource. I made the decision to change up my curriculum since I understood that this Tempest would be running at the Southern Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. I thought that going on a little evening field trip to have dinner and see the play would be a nice way to culminate the unit. Studying The Tempest was an enjoyable experience for the students, and seeing the play (that includes magic by Teller) was amazing!, For those not already familiar with the play, it's the only one of Shakespeare plays without a recognizable source for the key plot, although there is documentation for many details in the voyage books of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth hundred years, especially the earlier years of the Virginia nest. A few hints could have originate from histories of Malta, nevertheless the names don't match up with any specific events. Almost all of the other parallels to the plot which have been determined are very general to tie straight to the play, although they may be helpful in understanding it.

The grumpy magician, his beautiful girl, the handsome young leading man, and the magician's worker creatures, are commonplaces of traditional fairytales and medieval and renaissance romances. (Not to mention a great deal of modern genre fantasy, and older science fictional. ) So, too, are wicked brothers and scheming courtiers.

In other hands, these elements might have made a rambling crowd-pleaser like the then-popular "Mucedorus, inches Shakespeare, who was acquainted with the plots spread widely through time and area, here makes them the subject of a firmly constructed play. As has long been noted, "The Tempest" is 1 of the few Shakespeare plays to observe the so-called "classical unities" of (elapsed) as well as a individual place, in this case, a couple of hours on an enchanted. In this is the unlike most other Elizabethan and Jacobean "romance" performs, very much including his own earlier ventures, such as "Twelfth Night" and "A Winter's Tale. inches

"The Tempest" is one of my personal favorites in the Shakespeare cannon, and it has influenced a long series of caricature, retellings, parodies and épigramme, adaptations, operatic adaptations, and just plain productions. (My personal pick -- a purely sentimental one -- is "Forbidden Planet, inches the 1956 movie acting Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen, all upstaged by Robbie the Robot, in a twice role emulating both the helpful spirit Ariel and the bumbling Caliban. )

Anyone considering ordering THIS particular edition should be aware that it is part of the OLD "Pelican Shakespeare" series issued 1956-1967, under the Common Editorship of Alfred Harbage. It absolutely was published by Penguin Books, which then used the Pelican imprint for various types of non-fiction books and editions of literature. Each volume experienced "Shakespeare and His Stage, " a short essay by Harbage, and an introduction by the editor of the play. The early models were instantly recognizable as mass-market (small) paperbacks with spines and covers mainly in pale blue. The compendium, "The Complete Pelican Shakespeare, " with revised texts, was eventually issued as a fat hardcover, and the whole series was then re-issued in individual paperbacks. In either edition, they were bare-bones packages, with a short "Note on the Text" and unfamiliar vocabulary glossed at the foot of the page. The brief introductions by the amount editors were often quite good; in the case of "The Tempest" (1959, revised 1970), it contains eleven pages by the recognized critic Northrop Frye, still valuable as a synopsis of his ideas on literary modes and styles.

There is now a "Second Series" or FRESH "Pelican Shakespeare, " under the Penguin imprint, with Stephen Orgel and The. R. Braunmuller as Common Editiors, issued initially of the present century. It truly is in the larger trade paperback format now commonly used by Penguin. They normally retain the basic structure of Publisher's Note, the Common Editors on "The Theatrical World" and "The Text messaging of Shakespeare, " an introduction by the amount manager, a Note on the Text, " and the text message with vocabulary footnotes (embracing more complicated issues, such as puns).

There is yet another possible source of confusion, a completely independent "Penguin Shakespeare" series, apparently issued mainly in the U. K., and much more elaborate (closer in format to the American Signet Shakespeare and recent Folger Library editions).

Although standard practices in editing Shakespeare changed within the almost fifty years separating the initiations of both Pelican series, these changes are of remarkably little relevance to "The Tempest, " which appeared in the First Folio, and only the very first Folio, and in a fairly clean text to boot. Significant issues (outside speculations that we have a greatly revised or cut version of the play) are problems in assigning prose passages to the meant speakers, and occasional metrical passages embedded in prose passages. (These theories are in part related as to if information on the performance of the play in 1611 indicates its first production. )

Such problems are most acute in the actual storm of the title, Act 1, Scene One, where the Grasp of a ship, the Boatswain, assorted members of the crew, and some fairly useless courtiers are all talking at once. As a stage way in the Folio explains offstage cries for help, "a confused noise. inches Only one personality appears out, the wise old councillor, Gonzalo, mostly for his remarkably calm speaking at fellow-courtiers and seamen alike (and so continues throughout the play).

Right here and elsewhere, Frye's text message occasionally "corrects" some of the Folio's stage directions -- which are inadequate by modern standards, and sometimes confusingly located -- and normalizes the spelling (the Pelican practice), but is otherwise comfortingly unremarkable, without having effort to make Shakespeare say what he must have said, rather than what the sixteenth and seventeenth-century texts in fact say. It remains readable, and useful -- but don't think that you are getting the benefit of more modern scholarship grant on the play, or of, for example, a much better knowledge of theatrical conditions around 1611.

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