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I actually enjoyed reading this guide and will commence to re-read it to grasp the love it emanates in the direction of mankind. IAM thrilled
To know if the Telos world and these types of books. Thank you!, Mcdougal states that 'the journey to Telos requires absolute faith and a true bond with the sacred heart. ' Getting a life-long fascination with world religions and belief systems, I was curious once i came across this guide. I vaguely remember somebody mention about Telos and Adama, High Priest of the light people several years ago. The synopsis continues, 'only a delicate frequency of affection and a harmonious relationship will sustain peace in the Middle East'. I would concur that love and harmony would not only sustain peace in the Middle East, but also the complete planet. Sadly, our planet has a severe deficiency in both.

Further, the creator states, 'Over the years we have developed a full network of life below the surface of the earth, based on light, love, and vibrations of energy from the Supreme Creator. ' This assertion of course flies in the face of the worlds three main religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islamic. I'm all for bringing light, love and good vibrations in to the world. On the other hand, in my opinion, things can often appear to bring light and love, but remember when you turn off the switch you're left in darkness. And what resides in that darkness is unkown until it's too late. See Matthew 7: 12-15 and 2 Corinthians 11: 14.

Although I use many concerns about this movements, I'll finish my review regarding this statement: “ I, Adama, High Clergyman of the light people in Telos, believe it is critically important to boost the vibrations across the globe. Area inhabitants, come up and understand that there is just one way to go up. True awakening is through the heart! ”

Islamic, Judaism and all other world religions get their own versions of salvation. I actually was, however, struck once i read the statement, 'and understand that there is just one way to ascend... ' From my knowledge of the New Testament, I thought Christ was the only way. John 14: 6th

It might surprise many people reading this review that I am Irresolute. But regardless of what religious titles we maintain, we are all individual beings first. It's not easy residing in our planet. In addition to what makes it even harder is when religious doctrine holds one individual being above another. All you have to do is turn the web pages of the past to see the result of this by yourself. My own personal belief is that our psychic journey is as unique as our DNA.

Ultimately, I'll always take problem when people claim to have visions, dreams or hear voices in their head claiming that it's coming from God or a Supreme Being. Typically the scars are plenty on humanity and the document is there to show the devastating path of destruction they have left in its wake. Even by those who had the best intentions., I usually don't read books written by people who discuss to " entities" such as angels roughly, but this one caught my eye and I determined to give it a chance. Especially because it is about love and light and peace in the Middle East, the place where those three things are probably the least common things seen in that area in history.

Typically the book starts with an introduction to the Middle Eastern and its uniqueness and that's a very good start for those people who can't say for sure much about that part of the world.
It continues with the spiritual part, because is a spiritual guide in a first place, and it is about love and lightweight and all the good things to whom we should try to in our lives. Believing in " entities" or not, this guide makes you think about things that are occurring to you in your life in some other way.

I read it with suspicion I usually attached to religious/spiritual books of any sort. I wasn't thrilled in the beginning either I expected this book will change my life. It didn't.
But it made me think of it. And that's a lot., Typically the New Age is a term that is applied to a broad selection of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices that shaped and developed in Traditional western nations during the 1971s. Specific academic definitions of the New Age disagree in their emphasis, largely as a result of its highly eclectic structure. Although analytically often considered to be religious, those involved in it typically would rather be discovered as being " spiritual" and rarely use the term " New Age" on their own. Many scholars of the subject refer to it as the New Age Movement, although others contest this term and suggest that it is better seen as a milieu or zeitgeist. This book will probably appeal to those having a certain mindset. Yet for me, not so much., I actually opened the book and thougt weather it was like any other psychic book that I have read so many of - with anticipation and interest. This time was different. I couldn't reading more than a few web pages per day. The words filled my heart and brain and I were required to think and feel them over, again ans again. Typically the information helped me understand spiritual processes and made me feel so greatful for this era we're part of. You can enjoy " hands-on" practices to use in your daily life in the form of TELOS's sacred fire and first aquaintance with this great culture's ASCENDED MASTERS. Treasure this book, it will help, calm, load you with wonderful eneregy of our own life., It may have been from a number of years ago nevertheless the message is the same. They ARE there and above ground WILL be just as those from our past are. These are of love, light and peace and this is what we were assume to be. No more wars and hunger would be no more. More people need to read this book to understand so many things about on their own and the reason why all things happen the way they do., I'm not a great fan of books on spirituality, but this one has a great message and it will make you think about your own life whether you're spiritual or not. It promotes wonderful values for starters of the areas that probably need it most in this point in time. It was easy to read and the writer is a good writer who establishes communication with the reader easily. I liked it., Normally I do not enjoy this type of books but I offered my best to read this one with an open mind. It is just like odder books of its kind. There is no question that it promotes fantastic deals and will make you reflect and ponder over it content. It truly is well written and easy to read and so the fans of this genre will love it.

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