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Liked the unique take about magic and space. Nicely worth the read. Pumped up about the next installment., fascinating premise; good read; Mix of Star Wars in addition to military SF, An enjoyable read. Well written in addition to coherent. Looking forward to be able to the next book!, A new place where there is usually more magic then tech with no explanation about who what etc. We was left with also little background details to be able to really enjoy the publication., Space pirates/slavers, mind wiping, magic & magic connected tech, Dragons, and several serious fire power - hover tanks with Gauss guns.
A new good book with fascinating characters and starting through nothing how they create. Looking forward to the next book., I train high school for any living and have an massive library in my class packed with fantasy and science fiction. When my learners ask me if We have read this publication or watched that video, my reply is constantly to ask " does it have starships or dragons in it? " Magic and science fiction? Seriously? Absolutely! Some regarding the best stories on the market are crossovers: Final Illusion, Star Wars. In fact, the only drawback to this sub-genre is that right now there just isn't enough regarding it.

I loved reading through this novel. Devoured it, really, as fast since time and little types allowed. Like a writer who focuses on world building, that is typically what I look with regard to in other authors. Philip did not disappoint. Not really only do we see a detailed surface to his / her world, but there is usually a depth to it underneath hinted at that can make the story that much richer. His characters were three-dimensional, well written, in addition to draw you in within only a few sentences regarding their introduction.

It will always be a pleasure to find new authors to read, new worlds to explore. We am glad i possess found this one in addition to look forward to many even more stories from Chris Sibel.

Ernie Laurence, Jr.
Author:   Islands of Loar: Sundered , I thought this was good, but with a few caveats. The setting is an interesting mix of tech and wonder, falling a lot weightier within the magic side regarding the equation. This publication isn't really military fiction, as the military regions of it feel almost imprevisto and have little weight, but its not really room opera either. Two regarding the main characters start out just after having their particular memories erased, which can make them feel flat in addition to they don't really create much through the entire story.

My main issue was together with the tech mage wonder itself, in which the each uses rifles that empty their personal magic in order to fire 'spells' that hardly seem efficient. Tech mages are composed to be powerful top notch units of the army, but the enemies they face frequently shrug off their particular attacks as little even more than an inconvenience plus they only have the energy to fire perhaps twenty periods. Functions for self-defense, yet doesn't hold up with regard to any sort of army capability. So there's this huge gulf between just how powerful they are referred to as, and just how powerful these people are shown to not end up being.

This made the clashes not very engaging to me, personally. When he neglects in a task, of program he failed because he is weak. And once he succeeds, it doesn't feel as if this individual earned it also it had been more just luck., Had written a review when very first released but for several reason Amazon never released. So here goes version a couple of. To begin with this is a fun book. Having read only a few Illusion books in the previous this was a new experience for me, yet the author includes a good writing style that swiftly pulls you to the tale. Plenty of action, excellent characters throughout to include the secondary characters which are usually done with speedy strokes and simply forgotten, yet not here. The publication and the action is usually complete by the finish from the book, which is usually a nice vary from numerous serial books, no feared cliffhangers; but there is adequate there to want one to pick up Book a couple of as soon as that is released because there is a lot more to this story and then this one book provides time to cover. Very recommend, like I said it is an fascinating story.

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