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It is a very nice book. It is very informative for the audience for which it was intended --new visitors to organic and natural gardening or organic and natural gardeners new to this way of building up the soil naturally with as little dirt disturbance as possible while working along with nature. The first half of the publication discusses how the dirt food web works. The other half of the publication discusses ways to accomplish building up the dirt organically without harsh chemicals., Great book, the first half covers the dirt biology to a degree that some may consider boring, but to me personally really opened up the door to learning about the vast complexity of the ecosystems underground, and what makes them flourish.

Only thing I wish they had gone into detail more on was your compost teas; They discuss briefly about cell is important in varying teas but dont show how to extrapolste that by by using a microscope (yes some people are that into this). They will even encourage the reader to purchase a microscope (and even link one sold on Amazon), but give no instruction about how to utilize the newly purchased instrument to better your gardening.

Overall, though, the book is a great introduction to the dirt food web and exactly how everything in gardening is interconnected, above ground, or below., When I asked Elaine Ingham what would be the best starting point for someone who realized nothing about the dirt food web I'd just heard her talk about, she recommended this publication. I'm glad I required her advice. " Teaming with Microbes" is very readable, only technical when it really has to be, and is packed with great information for the newbie organic and natural gardener, like me personally! It also has a great set of references for further exploration, and the easy to understand " Rules" are helpful reminders of the advice given in the text, I highly recommend this book for those interested in beginning to learn how to help make the the majority of soil biology in the home garden or small organic and natural plantation., WOW. I can't put this book down! I am flashing back to high school biology and thinking why it was so shallow and simplistic. This particular explains the inner functions of plants in such detail! It is complex and I catch myself having to reread paragraphs, and i also have trouble remembering the terms, but the understanding I'm gaining is tremendous. I'm convinced this knowledge will have practical applications in my garden. I aren't wait to start his other 'Teaming With Nutrients' publication., I think most home gardeners who are serious about the sport/hobby/obsession of grow growing and nurturing will enjoy this guide. It provides a layer of " why" to the things we all do. You understand you fertilize, but understanding the microbiology helps you understand WHY this plant might want this type while others might like another. It also takes the art/science of composting to a much more interesting (to me) level.

For instance a other critics pointed out already, the first half of the book does get a tad boring, (but still densely packed with useful information!! ) but We dealt with that by skipping to the back again half of the publication and then coming back again to the portions We skipped and taking them in smaller does damaged up by more zippy reading.

I do not need to give the impression the first half of the publication is badly written or anything, it is merely information dense, and just like a text book it gets a little boring here and there if you do not come out. At minimum for me.

I was eagerly anticipating making my gardens some lovely fragment tea this spring, influenced by this most excellent publication. I had been composting for years, and was not really sold on the need to go the extra mile and make tea, but these creators were bought me on taking the time for a garden tea party., Really enjoyed the book. Figured out a lot. The majority of the substance in the book was new to me, and very worthwhile. We would have given it five stars, but I think the publication comes up a little short in real-world application. I understand the principles of a good dirt food web and the disadvantages of chemicals and tilling and how this negatively impacts the dirt. The authors didn't seem to be to supply any ideas on controlling grasses and weeds, other than by mulching, and I suppose pulling by hand. In my garden grasses and weeds cannot be handled by constantly drawing them, unless I want to dedicate 12 or more hours per day to the task (and We don't). I think the principles in the book can be applied properly over a very small scale. I have two 5700 sq feet garden areas. Not a farming operation, but bigger scale gardening than most people attempt. Tilling the areas in the spring gives me a fighting chance against weeds and grasses. No amount of mulching seems to control the field grass in the gardens unless the ground is turned and tilled. After reading the book I was still scratching my head about that and looking forward to tilling in the spring. Otherwise I found the book to be excellent., Great way to get a basic understanding of the soil food web and the microbes that inhabitate it. Is a must have for every person who considers themselves a gardner., We are not only in this magnificent Universe. Microbes from across the Universe is how the Planet Earth became filled with Life. We have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Microbes play an important role within our development to higher mind. Anyone interested in understanding how plants and animals increase and thrive on world with the help of Microbes need to read this book. Lifestyle in the world depend on microorganisms to convert and change organic and natural matter into an ionic substance so that plants and animals can take in the nutrition into our cells to produce more complicated molecules to keep us fit and strong. Jeff Lowenfels really does a congrats at keeping it simple enough for an organic and natural gardener to know such a complex system.

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