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Doctor Fraser's book on educator and coaches bullying children is crucial to ahead the cause of protecting children. That is courageous to bring this topic to the light of day as it has denied or ignored for the most part in the United States. She gets researched well and has mentioned how this bullying is damaging to children and teen's developing brain. Many illustrations are cited. A famous researcher in the field Dr Stuart Twemlow describes how raising awareness to this subject is crucial as it has recently been " undiscussable" in his words. Dr Fraser rightly points out the mental abuse going on. A good example of the tragedy of this situation is that in 19 US states it is legal to physically punish children in schools usually with paddles with horrifying results that somehow are often hidden. Congress has over the last few years rejected several expenses to get this to illegitimate and is currently ignoring a similar bill. I have decades of experience in the field and have written on the subject so I can vouch for the accuracy of this book., In Educating Bullies, Dr. Jennifer Fraser identifies the essential, moral question of the 21st Century:

How do we get ready our children for a tough, cruel, global modern society, where ISIS runs absence, social media aggrandizes dangerous behavior, and governments control their citizens through intimidation?

Do we abuse our youth by “toughening them up” using degrading techniques or do we enable them with the life-enhancing ability to choose reckless and determined independence?

Within my opinion, the second option holds more quality.

Coaches are in charge of the introduction of student figure. Dr. Fraser makes an efficient case that the goal of prep school athletics, believe or not college administrators and alumni, is not about winning championships. It’s about 360 degree, community-based child-rearing.

Whole brain child neuroscience teaches us all how teenaged brains function, how they can be wounded, and how they can be healed. Doctor. Fraser posits that we might not be able to prevent abuse in society but we can equip ourself and our children to minimize the damage and also to claim ultimate victory over those who would ruin us for institutional maintenance purposes.

She demonstrates how the freedom to choose our response to hostility gives us transformative strength. When we choose to battle for our dignity using our knowledge and skills, we cannot hear the taunts from Trumpish courts chanting “loser. ” Rather, we own the strength to redefine the situation and also to move into more healthy and rewarding situations. Actually those who result in the most traumatic situations can reach for meaning in their lives and uncover strong hope.

I realize this may sound conceited as my traumas and those of high college athletes are, after all, first world problems and healing is accessible to all of us. But, Dr . Fraser’s book and their many references to the work made by neuropsychiatrists makes me wonder if perhaps my personal and professional emphasis on involvement and prevention was not misplaced.

Power structures always insist on the demonization of others. Perhaps child and civil rights promoters would better spend their energy making legal systems responsive and providing higher accessibility to the therapies which have been proven effective? I do not have access to the answer to this question, but Dr. Fraser’s quest stimulated the query.

Plus. Isn’t that why we read heart-wise books like Teaching Bullies -- to identify patterns and create strategies that work?

Thanks, Dr. Fraser, for your courage in sharing your thought-filled journey.

Harriet Conduttore
writer and creator of invisible-i-am. possuindo book and artwork
former executive movie director, Children’s Trust Fund of South Carolina, This book is a must read for all professional educators, coaches, Athletic Directors, managers, parents and anyone else involved in the progress students or student-athletes. Dr . Fraser gives her regrettable experience dealing with educators and coaches who personify the role as bullies and offers a detailed look on the process of bullying and how they get away with it. Being an all around athlete growing up, I truly agree with this book and it also gave me personally so much detailed information about how exactly adult bullies, both teacher to student and coach to athlete, operate and the long-term destruction it causes. She does a great job pin aiming emotional abuse and its' comparison to physical and sexual abuse which I believe very few educators/coaches are aware of. The time for " old style coaching" is certainly over and really should have never occurred in the first place. Being a teacher and coach, I am very interested to the future research and studies of emotional abuse from adult bullies so that all educators and coaches become more aware., I got to stop reading following your first chapter. I got tears welling up in my eyes remembering what my youngest son got to go through. Becoming verbal abused/degraded with other basketball players and being denied an chance to be competitive for junior varsity; a right he while others earned. Hearing parent feared retaliation against their kids if they complain. Seeing and your walls of silence and protection go up. As a parent being refused access to visitors to report this abuse. Near the athletic director when he said the worse reasons for my son. Feeling helpless and realizing the parents were right about retaliation. Realizing that there were adults who were willing to damage my son for giving voice concerns about abuse. Knowing how many parents and teachers were willing to look the other way. This happen in 1998/1999. Jennifer's book is talking and identifying teacher bullies/abuse that has been around for years. This book should be reading for all parents whose children play sports. All teachers need to learn to be part of the solution not part of the cover upwards. Coaches should read it to remember who they are training and why they may be training. Jennifer talks about the psychological and physiology effects of bullying and abuse on young men and males. Her book is must read and really should inspire all of us to battle bullying and abuses in our school and playing areas.

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