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I should be clear that I am writing this as a younger professional baker who has focused on whole embryon, at work and at home. I've only already been carrying this out a couple years and I have a lot to learn. Total I highly recommend this book and am happy that I purchased it. The recipes are good, the proportions have already been well researched, and after doing a dozen or so I'm very happy with what I've eaten and learned. Tartine Bread is what got me into bread baking in the first place and in many ways changed the direction of living. Along with that said, I have some constructive criticisms of the new book - I concentrate on the breads section, I'm not interested in pastry.

And an aside: I see consist of reviews beginning bakers who difficulty - I do not think this is a book for beginners, start with Tartine Bread, and not only that only if you are dedicated. These methods make the best bread that exist, but not with no learning curve.

The flaw of this publication, and of many baking books and the food submitting industry in general, is that they are simply recipe books. Recipes are nice, they give you a place to start, and they slowly but surely add to one's intuitive knowledge - nonetheless they avoid show you much about the big picture. I was really really hoping that this book would build on Tartine Bread in that direction. Tartine Bread laid out a good basis, both in technique and some background theory, but it left me wanting a lot more. I had high hopes this book, focusing on whole grains, would have dived deeper into the nuances of naturally leavened baking, both generally and with the variety of different grains.

There are some simple examples: He or she has bumped the sodium percentage to second . five per cent from the 2% used in Tartine Bread. Exactly why? Has he changed his overall view on sodium, or does the change arise from using more whole grains? He gives wheat germ to every loaf in the book; why? That seems so arbitrary, and yet there is no explanation (unless I skipped it). The time in the dutch oven in this book has already been extended to 30 minutes before the cover is removed. Why? Your basic structure of the quality recipes lacks important explanation.

Nevertheless more profoundly, I think there's a lot he leaves out about the overall skill of baking - and for me, We want skills, not blueprints. My loaves turn out there pretty good, but I've never pulled a loaf from my oven that has the open, creamy crumb structure I possess seen at Tartine or in his pictures. There must be a lot to say about the nuances of managing a leaven, about the feeling of the dough at different stages, about the ultimate proof and what you look for and how that pertains to whole grains, about hydration and how it influences each adjustable along the way.. and about how each grain reacts differently to the complete baking process.. not to mention all the factors that impact the crust and structure of the loaf through the ending of the bake. And there still isn't one book with practical, thorough information about milling and flours.. (aging or not aging fresh milled flour, flour strength, how fine vs. course milling influences the loaf, and the like and so forth.. )

Again - We write this as a baker who is a voracious learner who is never satisfied with his skills and knowledge. Regarding someone that just wants a recipe book, is actually a great recipe publication - my favorite. 5/5. But since a tool to learn, 2/5.. Basically, I am bummed that a guy who obviously has so much passion and knowledge and wisdom appears to be holding back. I'd much rather he or she concentrate on the craft itself than page after web page of pretty photos which are a reminder of my elusive goal to develop as a baker! So I write this review largely to cast my vote: I avoid think we need any more recipe books. We want to learn the knowledge and craft that are behind it all.., I love this book. We love Chad and Tartine, too. He's a fantastic baker, and a great guy, and I loved meeting him in his esteemed bakery. I own the first Tartine publication and had this one pre-ordered for months before it just arrived in time for the holidays. This morning hours I made the Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies and they are simply awesome. I've already read the majority of the book and I'm going to have quite a little of fun with many of the recipes. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has at minimum moderate baking experience and wants to go to the next level with recipes that use whole, ancient grain flours and cultured milk and cream such as kefir.

The reason I'm giving taking a star off the rating for this book is that it needs attention in the accuracy of a few of the recipes. I am going to point one as an example. The Chamomile-Kamut Shortbread recipe was obviously not given enough awareness of detail by the editor. It asks for 10g of chamomile plants to be infused into 53g of honey. Well, that's great on paper, but trying to do that in reality produces a sticky mess of the worst quality. You'll ending up with almost all of your honey being bound by the flowers and/or tea-bag you're using. You could be able to squeeze out just one tablespoon out of the original 1/4 cup volume of honey. The formula goes on to explain to you to "Remove the chamomile and discard. inches Then it never shows you what to do with the chamomile mixed honey. And later at the ending tells you to "then fold in the lemon zest and chamomile flowers". Well, for someone with life experience it's not going to be a problem to find out to whip the honey with the butter and ignore the chamomile flowers instruction, but for someone relatively new to baking it would be a problem. These types of sorts of confusing instructions could, and should have been avoided in a book of this quality. UPGRADE: I just finished baking these and noted yet another error/inaccuracy in the same shortbread recipe. This instructs to cut the shortbread into 1x2" cookies and that the recipe would deliver about 5 dozen cookies. That means 60 cookies at 2 sq. in. per cookie, or 120 sq. in. of shortbread needed to get that deliver. I'll let you decide getting that from the 6x10" pan (i. e. 60 sq. in. of baked surface). In other words, the actual yield is half of what the recipe guarantees. Yes, the book was definitely rushed to print out before it was ready for prime time.

We also agree with one of the previous comments that points out that the book has an air of pretentiousness about it. Though, as they say, it ain't bragging if you can get it done, and they definitely can do it at Tartine. Still, let's remember Steve Trotter and pause... take a breath... and be human again.

One more thing that I was thrilled about was the primer on kefir and making kefir cream and butter. It was sort of a synchronicity for me personally as I had just started culturing raw milk kefir about 3 weeks ago and made kefir cream and butter about 4 days before the publication showed up. I was super stoked about this and will be making the Lemon-Poppy-Kefir Pound Wedding cake as soon as my next batch of kefir cream is ready in order to beat it into rechausser. On that note, if you have never yet got real kefir-cultured butter from raw cream, well, I am simply hoping you will do yourself a prefer and make it to be able to know what an incredible distinction it makes., The constituents are given in grams and cups/tablespoons. I always air on the side of grams, for accuracy, but it seems the cups/tablespoons are a little more accurate. Therefore beware. Also, when subsequent the recipes, always count on your own method first. In the begleiter a choux recipe, for example, I find that the technique description is a little lacking for a novice. Not a problem for most seasoned bakers, but it could be frustrating for someone with a little less experience.

Overall, the pastry section of the book leans greatly towards chocolate, rye, and apples. Great for winter menus, but I found only a few true summer desserts. I'm very excited about this publication!, beautiful photos, but this book is merely recomended if you have access to specialty flours, This is a nice excursion into alternatives to all-flour. Beautifully photographed and written.
Once a few days, I bake the Tartine Country Loaf from the first book for my family. However due to large, and often difficult to find flour varieties in this book, it is likely We will never have time for all these interesting bakes. That isn't a negative, per se, I'm happy this book has so many recipes, as the new cookbook trend appears to be packed with author exposition; #3 strikes a nice balance! Because a home baker, who has to present consumable food for the few days, I didn't find this book practical. Happy to have it for a unusual free day to test!, Good, slightly modern and within the Tartine strategy (which in my very humble view is great)

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