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I actually stepped into the world of Babylon all weekend break, and like great books, sadly they must come to an end. The particular Tao of Pam (Pam of Babylon Series) Book 6 I devoured, and I do believe this one is my favorite. Author Suzanne Jenkins delivers, with an unforgetable and long awaited book 6, that I anxiously anticipated. I actually would highly suggest reading the books in order, (as many people usually do), however I loved how the author performed recaps throughout, touching on memories of the many characters portrayed, and performed a little retracing of steps back in time. It not only refreshened the story in my mind, but eluded to catastrophy on the way. I was waiting for the bombshells, and let me tell you, there have been quite a few. In The Tao Of Pam, everything is laid on the stand... lessons on growing up, the karma of deceipt, unfaithfulness, and death. Will Pam ever fall off her pedestal after everything she has been through, physically and mentally? Will Lisa and Brent finally take charge of their own life for once, rather than rely on Pam in order to save the day? We also meet up with gorgeous woman Ashton, one of many of Jacks former enthusiasts, and shows us visitors another side of the story. And Sandra... will she fall under old ways? Does Jack EVER pass away??? And the ending has me screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! " That is all I will give... book 7 cannot come fast enough. I recommend The Pam Of Babylon series as your next reads if you are searching for something new to get involved with. Every book is better than the last, and you will not be disappointed. I look forward to book several... What can possibly happen next?! *EEEEEEP*, The whole series, Pam of Babylon, is a dark, well written, compelling look into a twisted relationship in a modern-day setting. This really is publication #6, as much depends on knowing the characters and the storyline, it probably really does not stand well on it's own as a solo read, but as part of the series it absolutely shines as the next segment of the continuous saga of the life span of Pam of Babylon.

Whenever I picked up publication #1, it was some pretty rugged subject make a difference. Though a novel, it is no light hype. The author has done a masterful and truly insightful job of building her characters, exploring a very complex relationship matrix involving many main figures and how they effect and interact round the major character of the publication who is dead from the beginning of the story. Through all follows, you learn much of Jack, while watching the depth charges of his behaviors detonate deeper and deeper in the lives of his wife, children, mother, sibling and his family, mistress, various lovers and those whom he used and abused when he was alive. It is one of the most outstanding series of books that I actually have read around me, but it is not always comfortable, in fact frequently not, which is where the brilliance of this author really shines - she makes it possible to take this painful journey anyway, and i also have figured out a lot through reading her insightful narrative and observing her penetrating development of characters and their amazing interactions. I cannot recommend this series highly enough. But get started with book #1. Smile, Just how much heartbreak can one woman endure. If her marriage was a desire because she had her head in the sand widowhood is a karmic repeat of lessons not learned. Pam tries and succeeds in continuing on with her life but it isn't easy and we all want to help her. Luckily Suzanne Jenkins let's us continue down the path ready., I've waited for publication 6... and was not disappointed!! I think this is my 2nd favorite book from the series and leaves me wanting publication 7.. now!!! While The particular Pam books are about her life.. With this publication she kinda must take a back seat to things happening around her. In The other books she has found out her life isn't as perfect as she thought... and in this book her kids show her that they aren't as perfect as she thinks. I actually always like when Pam gets a moment to realize how under felt life is., This really is another great book in the Pam of Babylon series, book #6. This author is able to weave the most detailed complex story, with the amount of characters, and never drop the basketball once. It is a joy to get to know the people in Suzanne's book, she makes them come to life. She makes you cheer to them and weep for them. You really feel like you already know them. I highly recommend this book and Now i'm off to find publication #7!, I don't usually read this sort of story--Peyton Place-y, totally partnership driven, totally chick lit. I laughed as I actually described it to my husband. Yet, I couldn't put it down and kept returning to the publication, whilst being on vacation in Hawaii! I did not know it was part of a series, nevertheless the author had an easy way of describing each character's fit in the tale.

It was only after I finished the publication that I also recognized this author had written another favorite of mine, The Savant of Chelsea. I am sure Let me read more books by Suzanne Jenkins--it's inevitable!, Like all the Pam of Babylon books this one is a great story. You really need to read each book so as to realize what a wonderful story of Pam Smith this is and her life and family/friends. None of the series in books has already been a disappointment. I have enjoyed all of them. Definitely worth reading this series and i also don't read that many series of books. This one is a keeper!, Another great Pam book by Suzanne Jenkins! It's amazing how she is in a position to make her characters so real that you want to go Babylon and meet them face-to-face. The character development over the series has been nothing lacking amazing, and it's obvious from the ending (don't want to spoil it for anyone) that there will still be at least one more. Keep 'em approaching, Suzanne!

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