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Really informative book. Lots of great insights and DO-IT-YOURSELF home remedies for many issues. I love the vision exercises; do them daily and also have noticed a great deal of improvement. I actually don't wear glass; experienced to start out using reading eyeglasses about a year back but am noticing that I don't need them as much since We have been doing the vision exercises. There's lots of great info in this book and I would suggest it to anyone who's interested in implementing a balanced lifestyle., I think this book is an excellent, practical guide to basic, simple healthy living. I relate to it almost daily. I used Daniel Reid's book " Chinese Health insurance and Healing" in my Holistic Physician coursework and purchased the Tao of HS&L because of it. Reid's direct, easy-to-understand, and tasteful approach to diet, exercise and sex sucked from ancient teachings and practices encourages the reader to view life and longevity in another perspective, and enjoy life completely., Love it., I could say a lot of great things about fantastic book, but I'll try to keep it simple. It is amazing how much ground the book covers. As I actually said in the name, it is like getting 10 books in one. There are extremely few textbooks that I'd give a 5-star review, but this one deserves it. The author really poured out there his research into this guide. There isn't any doodling or scampering around with words to fill upwards a book. He visits the material and just keeps going with more great information.

Overall, it is about healthy eating, digestion, and breathing. It offers other topics, but more me personally, these are the key points. I really like how he take lessons learned in the East over hundreds of years ago, and puts them into use in modern and daily dwelling. I chuckle - probably combined with the author - about how exactly slow and dysfunctional the West has been when it comes to learning, exploring, and resolving the same topics.

The writer seems to know at a deep level all of the best that the East and West have produced. He graciously presents it all here, and doesn't waste time wanting to make value judgements. He lets detailed information and time-honored living speak for themselves. I almost see the author as off to the side; presenting the information, but letting all of us to the thinking and come to our own conclusions, that we greatly respect., Love it, Perfect, This particular book is excellent and covers so many aspects of our lives to keep us healthy. I actually will obtain a few more copies to provide to friends & family. What better gift idea than health?, An excellent book in some ways, less so in others. The Health part of the book is by far the most useful.
I would recommend it but extreme care readers not to expect too much.

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