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I loved this book! Is actually an interesting story, but more than that - there are some beautiful one-liners, descriptions of the landscape or observations on life, that just make you stop and re-read them. For instance , " Spanish moss like gauzy gray scarves draped from the bend of each and every joint - attaining like there were something they wanted, desperately desired, " and " Presently there were no stars, as if some lamplighter, sluggish or drunk, had neglected to light them. "

Need to admit, the first few chapters were slow... and I didn't realize it was historical fiction, so I was confused. On the other hand. I'm stressed right now and maybe wasn't bringing my " A" game.

This book alternates two related stories, chapter by section. One chronicles the days leading up to a 1822 slave revolt in Charleston, South Carolina. Typically the other story is modern-day, as a history student whose life is falling apart will try to get to the bottom of the historical evidence.

If only I experienced read the Author's Notice first, where Joy chronicles her journey as she learned about this item of background spent time in Charleston. I retained thinking - wait, is this 1822 stuff real? How much of this is real? I would have saved myself some wondering, had I read the Author's Note first!, INTRO I chose A Tangled Mercy because I felt I was ready for a more important novel that might actually be a piece of kindling in the bonfire we need to ignite in order that the message of hope and love and mercy can burst forth. Why I wanted this would require that I stray too significantly from a proper report on this novel. Read on to learn what I loved...


I anticipated this to be a hard-edged sword, in terms of vocabulary. Instead, I got a story remarkably free of foul language: not really a single f-word and no s-words. Therefore, this is a book I will share with my fellow parishioners and teens within my area.

BELIEVABILITY The research done by the author has helped keep this read as easy to suspend disbelief.

BONUS CONTENT is provided in connection with background used and its pertinence with recent events. This particular part is eerie and is a must-read.


‘... “The mess, ” the boy said aloud in his best cellar voice, “people cause. ”

A hand on his shoulder made the young man jump.

Now wouldn’t that become the truth, Gabe. ”

The boy pitched back again his head to stare up in to the clergyman’s. “Hey again. ”

Clementa Pinckney smiled—the kind of smile that blew a warm wind over whatever it was that you were thinking, making some of the resolution and the grudge of your thoughts spin away.

“What, ” Pastor Clem wished to know, “did I catch you in the middle of thinking? ”

Gabe tipped his mind in the direction of the photographer, who flipped to glower every few moments. “Thinking how many people are real hard to think.

Clementa Pinckney smiled—the kind of smile that blew a warm wind over whatever it was that you were thinking, making some of the grit and the grudge of your thoughts spin away.

Guía Pinckney’s own eyes implemented Gabe’s and then crinkled into a smile. “You know, people over the age of thirteen, in case a preacher asks what they’re thinking, they make upwards something extra special sanctified sounding—right out of skinny air. It can wear on a man. ”

“What if I said I don’t much like the seems of some people? ”

The hand Clem Pinckney had positioned on his shoulder grew heavier now. “Then I’d say that I see... ”

Excerpted from Chapter 16 of Joy Jordan-Lake’s “A Twisted Mystery. ”

MAIN POINT HERE Thirty years ago, I experienced a lttle bit of a chat with the great folksinger Pete Seeger, in an interview I did with him within my fledging publication, LAND Magazine. Part of our chat involved contest and prejudice. He said pride in one’s traditions can be a good thing, but to beware of when it morphs into denigration of another contest, ethnicity or religious beliefs. “A Tangled Mercy” is one step towards dealing with that time.

Five stars away of 5.

Comments regarding your opinion of the book or of my review, whether favorable or unfavorable, are always welcome. If you opt for the book based on my review and become disappointed, especially, I do want to know that and I would like to understand how I can improve as a book reviewer. Just please be polite.

Thank you., That took quite some time to get into and feel committed to the two stories that comprise this novel, but once I did, I enjoyed it immensely. Typically the history exposed in the chapters set in 1822 makes the reader wonder what choices he or she would have made in certain situations were they in the place of a slave or in a family of slave-owners. You understand what you would like to think you would do and say, but who is able to say for sure. A good read., I was captivated by this history from beginning to conclusion. The characters in this story are not perfect - they struggle with courage, conviction and self deprecation - which makes them very relatable. The terrible history of slavery that still haunts our society as institutionalized racism is addressed with honesty and insight. I was pleased by the depth of research on historical as well as contemporary events woven into this history. Having visited Charleston many times, I appreciated the detailed and sensory explanation of familiar places contained in the story. I recommend it highly., This was an unexpectedly great book. Cherished the history, the storyplot line, and the descriptive writing about the location. Manufactured me " see" metropolis and go through the sights and sounds, both past and present., Ms. Jordan-Lake balances just the right amount of historical details with a rip-roaring good history. Her characters capture you from their first launch. I finished this long book in two days.

Ms. Jordan-Lake inspires me to be a much better article writer.

Francine Thomas Howard, Any time I first started reading I didn't think I'd like it.... but was I wrong! Lol a great read I highly recommend. Its spellbinding and funny. Intriguing and dad but not boring., Initially when i first started out reading this book I wasn't sure how I would like the way it is written, but found that was what made me get tangled in the story. Great story and very real characters.

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