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This books reads more like a documentary. it commences with the matter of fact death in custody of Cameron Doomagee, and all the events that follow. It shows how fact can become muddled, and how witnesses, who have their own questionable reputations themselves, become either discredited or simply plain worn-out. The author brings into the narrative, the history of how Australia's aborigines were forced to blend into society. This is a very sad tale which is not unique to Australia, but has also happened in many other countries with diverse effects. To me, any guide that stirs my interest to learn more about a certain time in history, people or events, deserves at least 3 stars. However, it is not necessarily a story that moves me nor a book I would recommend, unless someone was specifically thinking about the plight of Australia's aborigines or would like to learn more about a history of Australia., Being an excelente story and understanding the theme, one, that no matter where you are... History repeats it self repeatedly.....
Could have been writting, for me, with more animosity, more enthusiasm, easier for the general public...
Where many of the times, after reading three pages, I just could not concentrate, I just could not remember but , had a vague idea, so I had to go back.
I have read before about the aboriginies and their Culture, one which is inimaginable beautiful, People so advance, so very sensitive, so precious.... a Tradition that, if MAN, would have allowed to are present and respected.... Man would have learned a lot from... but, here we go history repeat IT SELF.., This is a book everyone should read. It is the true story of a policeman who wiped out an aborigine in custody but was not found guilty of a crime. There are always rumours of such things happening in the news but this book presents the whole story from beginning end with a lttle bit of Radical culture thrown in as well. It read like a novel, but it really happened and now I can understand how the whole drama played out. The uncompromising nature of the two cultures was very sympathetically described., This is a spectacular short guide everyone should read. The reportage of injustice is so astutely recorded; mcdougal fair and poetic and also to the point. I adored the recreation of old beliefs of the aboriginals - the dream world - juxtaposed to the harsh reality of present day. The articles are rare yet powerful and moving. I couldn't input it down. AND THE FACT THAT WILL IT TRULY IS TRUTH JUST MAKES IT ALL THE MORE MEMORABLE. JMN, This book is very interesting. I am 50 percent way through it and can't wait to notice the outcome. Don't tell me! I hope the good people of Australia step up to the baseball bat and do what is right., Outstanding coverage of a typical results of humanity's instinctual desire to hate.

Many years ago I was used in Southern The african continent and developed friendships with blacks, coloureds and whites in the region, yet, I was shocked to learn that hatred and prejudice are universal among mankind. "Mankind loves to hate, " I noticed, and figured it is futile to swim against the tide.

Fortunately, people such as Chloe Hooper pay little heed to my thoughtless ramblings. Tall Man is sure to help plant seeds for change, for Mr. Hooper has done a terrific job of reporting and lighting a tragedy in Northern Australia that led to murder in 2004.

Only when we all realize that hate, prejudice and discrimination are the flip side of thoughtless adherence to, as Pete Seeger once informed me, pride in a person's heritage, skin color, religious beliefs and patriotic zeal in the direction of one's own nation can, if left unchecked, business lead to denigrate other people who are just as proud of their heritage, skin color and history. Well, is that not specifically what most members of believe of themselves when they retort against whatever we so proudly declare.

Perhaps, just perhaps, when enough writers enlighten us all about the manifold forms of prejudice and discrimination will we, all humanity, get started to increase about our bottom instincts. If so, one of the seeds of that new world will have been planted by Chloe Hooper - D. William anderson.

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