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Introductions aren't really supposed to be dense... so is actually hard to give that one 5 stars for that very reason. This is not a breezy guide, nor is it always terribly distinct, but then Kant's problems themselves are notoriously dense, difficult and yet, for all that, main to continental philosophy. The Conclusion section is a treat for anyone infatuate of the continental custom and key modern (Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Heidegger) and post-modern philosophy (Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard) that follows in that tradition and attempts to grapple with Kant's long-lasting questions about the limits of the subject (individual), people versus the private space of action, the nature of the aesthetic experience, the sublime, and the question of freedom. The particular conclusion's postmodern influence list probably should include Baudrillard, but he is apparently plainly absent, even though M was clearly engaged with the Kantian-originated origins of philosophical concepts of the limits of knowledge, the environment of alienation within those limits, and the size of representation which Schopenhauer not to mention Derrida later pick up on.

In sum, the publication seemed to me to suffer a small bit from a lack of clarity in exposition of Kant's difficult ideas, but arguably makes up for it in the final outcome section in the way it ties the continental tradition together as Kant's lineage, and since an finally enlightenment-centered (if not defined) project, seeking to understand itself and how it got there, whether or not there is certainly freedom, and how to handle that freedom, if it indeed does exist., Found it a helpful guide to complex ideas, Clarifies complicated concepts simply and directly, but the book still has depth, and reliable scholarly information. Fun approach and guide for students or anyone new to the ideas of Margen and his time., This specific is the second publication I've read in the Introducing series, having first read the volume on Jean Jacques Rousseau, which I actually found to be well-written, interesting, and helpful. The particular Introducing series promises succinct, in-a-nutshell overviews of a variety of scholarly matters, combining concise text with graphic art. Upon picking up this volume on Kant, I could explain to immediately the art was horrible and would offer little help in elucidating the subject matter. However, I purchased the publication anyway, solely for the text, based on my experience of the Rousseau volume. Sadly, Introducing Kant proved to be a major disappointment.

The particular reason philosophy is not commonly read by the general public is because it utilizes heavy amounts of field-specific jargon that hinders the knowledge of the average uninitiated reader. The reason one buys a volume from the Introducing series is to avoid that very jargon. If difficult lingo is necessary, then it should be clearly defined before being implemented. Evidently Christopher Kul-Want did not get the memo. Although Kant's philosophical writings are notoriously difficult to understand, Kul-Want seems determined to give the master a run for his money. I pity the students of undergraduate philosophy courses who may be assigned this book as a text. The only portions of the book that are clearly understandable are the brief passages offering historical and biographical details. The particular examination of Kant's thought, mostly focused on his three Critiques, is rendered in prose that is largely unintelligible. Kul-Want presupposes an understanding of theory and a familiarity with philosophical jargon on the part of the reader that is inappropriate for this venue.

I'm not certified to argue with Kul-Want's conclusions concerning Kant. Possibly among his peers this book is considered a revelation. The fault here really lies with the publisher. Shame on Icon Books for including this as part of their Presenting series. The purpose of these books should be to summarize also to make simpler. Introducing Kant fails its intended audience. The only readers who will understand this book are those who already have a thorough knowledge of its topic. The particular rest of us, dreaming about an education on Margen, are left to scuff our heads., This publication does NOT describe Margen, it actually makes him or her more incomprehensible. I'm not almost any Kant expert, but I do know something about Kant's Critique of Judgement, and I know for a fact that the author makes Kant's ideas on the sublime more confusing and incomprehensible. Avoid, and don't waste your money.

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