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Excellent account from one of my favorite genres: True-life survival biography.
We found the book persuasive from the get-go, and downright gripping at times. He did a good job of piecing together where the various actors were on the huge batch at pivotal instances of the last ascent and ancestry from the summit.
My only gound beef: Could've benefited from more photos, e. g. A few of the other major characters in the storyplot (The rich, deletente, Sandy Pittman; The guides and clients of the expedition; the members of the other expeditions [the Taiwanese team, the South Africans]... and particularly THE SHERPAS! Why no pictures of the SHERPAS? )., I have to say, before reading this book I experienced No clue what climbing mountains entailed. It is how shall I say, "another world" - one I would be terrified to be a part of after having read this book. I concur with others that - perhaps also it is because it was written at such an psychological time, but Krakauer does seem to have a lot of emotional distress boiling inside of him, but I am certain it has to do with possible, survivors sense of guilt, which he does mention and the fact that this feud brewed between him and Boukreev, and I agree - having read and reread many different POVs on this particular part of Boukreev not using oxygen, turning back before alot of the people but then saving 3, I agree that Krakauer has a particular amount of anger in the direction of this man, who is deceased now, but the impression even with the ending of him finally coming to a certain amount of popularity of him, it seems as though a sizable amount of his distress comes from a seemingly small occurrence at the top of the mountain (but again I am no mountaineer) and from what We read, it wasn't such a little problem though to me almost seems unimportant in regards to the remaining book and the huge feat of ALL of the climbers, survivors delete word, of what they accomplished, God Rest the Souls of these who did not survive.
To have gone through what he had, being a journalist and not a mountaineer as they say, one can only imagine - there must be a whole lot of pain in his heart about seeing people he went up with only to watch ten of them I think it was? die, In addition to at one point - (Im terrible with the names) there was a part where he sees who he thinks is Andy Harris but turns out to actually be another man who survived and it brought him a good deal of pain that this individual actually thought the man was alive and in a camp, his substantial other called simply to have to call them back the next day to tell her that this individual was in fact deceased. Again, the book was a HUGE undertaking for me personally so far as keeping everyone's titles straight so I might be confusing that one point - I just know that Krakauer looked like there was psychologically terribly distraught with a whole lot of the events that happened. To debate this Boukreev using oxygen I think is pointless - what happened happened - to me personally, anyone that climbs mountains for a living or for sports activity I admire, I assume, but I additionally think AN INDIVIDUAL ARE CRAZY LOL - (said as light heartedly as I can) my goodness, what possesses individuals to want to do this? It must be a calling a true inner calling that I can simply not fathom. It sounds like an awful lot of pain for a little gain but hey, the same can be said for life in general.
I admire Krakauer and enjoyed the book thouroughly. Some read the Climb and probably never will - one huge batch book for me is sufficient. It was enthralling but scared me to a degree. Again, I are unable to imagine the pain of being that cold and without oxygen, being asthmatic, and thinking back to my oxygen depleted youth PRACTICALLY NOTHING hurts worse than not being able to inhale so climbing any mountains for me is OUT OF the question, especially after reading this book WHOA is all I have to say!!!
In addition to for anyone a part of the 1996 rise who is still still living - give yourself a crack, you too, Krakauer, what you did was fine and I see no reason so that you can feel guilty - let go of those negative feelings - at one reason for the book a Sherpa will get hit in the back of your head with a stone a couple of times and turns to tell Krakauer, EXACTLY WHAT have we done to make the mountain Gods so angry???
That will part more than some other made me think.... what INDEED????, Together with May well Simpson's  Touching the Void: The real Story of One Man's Miraculous Success , "Into Thin Air" is perhaps the most generally read book about modern mountaineering today. Krakauer, a journalist accompanying an expedition of "paying customers" to climb Everest in 1996, was caught in a storm that shortly after summiting that killed five climbers. "Into Thin Air" is a cross between a clinical examination of the factors that contributed to this disaster and a (limited) self-examination and restorative exercise by the author to confront his own factor to the tragedy.

Although "Into Thin Air" at times feels like a slightly padded and stretched version of the magazine article Krakauer primarily wrote, in general the story moves quickly and is compellingly informed. Krakauer has, in my view, been reasonably scrupulous in seeking a range of views and recollections and relatively honest about his own perceived disadvantages - he is also candid about the problems involved in piecing together an accurate picture from the recollections of cool, tired, frightened and oxygen-deprived people in stress - or of in being overly critical of their choices with 20/20 hindsight. While one would have to read a piece from an opposing viewpoint such as  The Rise: Tragic Ambitions on Everest   to form a definitive view of the actions of Andrei Boukreev, for example, Krakauer's criticism of Boukreev's actions before the disaster appears measured and objective (and gives space to opposition interpretations) while acknowledging his heroic and superhuman rescue efforts during the surprise. Some of the one-star reviews attacking Krakauer about this front appear a little unreasonable and unwilling to consider that Boukreev's heroism doesn't exclude inadequate planning or cooperation beforehand.

The most disappointing aspect of "Into Slim Air" is the writers tendency to conflate relatively trivial virtues (being an amusing dinner companion, having agreeable political views, or being able to climb a mountain well) with more fundamental human virtues - which appears to be a reasonably common trait in works of this nature. When you are an improved climber and a more enjoyable companion than the next guy/girl on the string, then you are an improved person and that's it. As a consequence, this individual comes across as relatively shallow and banal, and never really engages with some of the more essential moral questions posed by events on Everest that climbing season, when a number of climbers in distress were either ignored, given insufficient help or pushed beyond their restrictions in order not to compromise what exactly is, ultimately, a fairly empty achievement to let somebody die for. While no particularly deep thinker himself, Joe Simpson does a far better job of challenging this mental climate in  Dark Shadows Falling .

Somewhere between three and a half and four stars (I marked it down to three only because there are so many 4/5 star reviews posted already). Certainly much more interesting and memorable than the authors  Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains , which also seems considering trivial personal qualities at the expense of more important ones., Well written written and very interesting. For somebody who has never, will never and would never rise a hill much less a mountain, I like vicariously going up the huge batch from the warm comfort of home with an e book in my hands. In addition to while I have little accord for individuals who climb mountains such as Everest and destroy themselves along the way I do feel for Krakauer for having experienced so much guilt and pain as a survivor. And for individuals who would and who have criticized him in his writing about this disaster, I say, " stay it in your ear. " Generally seems to me Krakaur was very honest in his reporting of this occurrence and any part this individual might have had inside it. We do not feel there was anything he could have done to cause anything to have come out any differently. I mean, can occur, when you're functioning on about 10 brain cells at high höhe who is to pin the consequence on anyone for much of anything that happens up there.

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