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To begin with, full disclosure, I caused Steve at a Pena Alto design consultancy in the ‘90s where I used to be a principal and it was his first job. During that time, customer research was an emerging discipline in design to discover unmet needs and drive the design process and we were all in “learning as you go” mode. Steve’s educational background was interface design but his analytical mind and natural ability led him into research.

Since then we have both shifted, but over time I have followed him or her online and watched him or her blossom and become a thought leader in customer research. More recently, when I was a Senior Director at Plantronics, We brought him in to help us better understand our customer base for a new and dangerous product category. His ideas were just what we needed to break the decision logjam and move forward.

I think this book is instructive, not so much as a do it yourself (diy) tool, and for product teams to higher understand what it takes to conduct research and analyze the inherent messiness of data. It needs creativity, people skills, and seasoned experience to chase down customer assertions and uncover their invisible meanings into actionable ideas., This book is a good starting point for a beginner as it provides you a sense of what to consider when conducting an interview. For somebody who has already done some interviews, I may think it will be a boring book either. For each part of conducting a proper interview we receive good tips and tips about what we should pay attention to and which area we should work on to be better. It is not a long book and may worry, you won't be faced with dry theory.

Steve Portigal gives technical advice (e. g. finding participants, recording the job interview,.. ), introduces soft skills (e. g. awareness of body language) and alerts about social aspects (e. g. how to respond in somebody's home). Furthermore, while describing the process, you get a sense of which tools you need immediately and which you should invest in in the long term and why. Remember that reading this article book will not instantly allow you to a good interviewer. It's up to you to practice.

A person can read detailed review here - http://uxbookreviews.com/2015/05/21/interviewing-users-how-to-uncover-compelling-insights/,A stand-out book. The book certainly offers expert advise on how to think about, prepare and conduct interviews that will lead to most useful insights. But what makes this book unique is Steve's surprise to talk about the exceptions while setting out the norms. Not everyone confronts such outliers aside from resolves it. For example, he talks about how exactly to not offend by refusing hospitality in a user's premise. He expands superbly that while it is a professional pursuit for the investigator it feels like a social call for the customer. It is important to empathize with that for the customer feeling at ease. Certainly makes you wiser whatever be your expertise in user research. A worthy read and re-read!, Finding out how to ask questions, and learning to really listen to people and hear what’s important to them is such a crucial skill for designers, experts, and product managers today. Yes, it’s especially important for design research, but also in other scenarios—talking to stakeholders, discussions with clients, quarrels with one’s considerable other, you name it.

Learning how to listen—and to seriously hear the intent right behind what is said—is a critical skill that the best designers excel at. This is not a surprise you either have or else you don’t, it’s a competency you can develop with the very thorough guidance in this guide. It covers the mechanics of a good interview, how to get the information you need without biasing everything, and all the soft skills necessary to execute research.

This particular combo of hard and soft skills gives newbies the confidence in their skills to actually go out and TALK to people, rather than sandbagging and avoiding the whole thing. I’ve recommended it to all my students, and recommend this book to anyone looking to ask better questions and have more informative conversations., Steve Portigal does an incredible job of balancing the specific and general to create one of the most useful books I have ever read. The real-life “war stories” help clarify the points made in the book, even though the ideas drawn from those tales are applicable to anyone doing this type of work.

A lot of things I’ve read will point to the value of research and even give an overview of certain techniques, however they don’t go specific on how to really do it. I’ll often complete a book and stay thrilled by the concepts, but leave without anything concrete that I can apply directly to my work. This book is the first I’ve found with a comprehensive approach that addresses every detail of conducting an interview. I was able to take what I’d learned and use it in my next journey out into the field. Even though many of the concepts have started to become routine now, referring to my notes is now a standard part of my prep work for each new trip. It keeps everything fresh and also reminds me to try new pleasures.

I can understand other reviewers’ desires for more detail on synthesizing the research data and so that it is valuable/valued within the business. This particular is obviously the area where I need the most help at this point. However, I found the included information on this topic to be a helpful start, and i also concur that this can (and should) be a guide all on its own. I also appreciate the laser focus that Interviewing Users has on, well, interviewing users. Steve Portigal sticks to the stage and is delightfully thorough without arriving near to being long-winded.

I’ve encouraged everyone in the team to read this guide. Should you be trying to become more effective to do field research, I suggest that you also read this book (and more than once). Even if you have been conducting interviews for a while, you’ll find a lot of value here.

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