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Stewart does it again! Build on the peripheral figures from StarShip Mage the book rolls right together with Espionage, sabotage Strong Space Battles I aren't wait for the next book., First, I received a totally free electronic advanced reader's copy in exchange for an unbiased review, that said I did buy the book in support of Mr. Stewart's continued efforts. Glynn Stewart has a previous Starship's Mage series, about a personality referred to early in this book, with 5 books in that series to date that I have absolutely loved! This is a concurrent series placed in the same time/universe that begins with some of the characters from Publication 1 titled Starship's Mage. I would recommend reading that publication first to get background, set the scene and tone for this series ( just my opinion).
Now about Interstellar Mage. The tale is absolutely about the Captain of the Red Falcon and less so about the jump mage this individual recruits. Perhaps later textbooks will feature her more but I really avoid care. While the tale is Mr. Stewarts typical page turner, with excellent story line and pacing, there is one variation from his other textbooks. I simply could never value any of the characters.
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The Captain (MC) was about as unexciting as I would expect a freighter Captain to be, he just did not come off as a dominant or dynamic persona, boring!
The Interstellar Mage, a drunk, who sleeps with men she covers in a bar for a location to stay and a cashiered military officer (she got off Too gently in my military opinion) thankfully appeared little so when she did she was betraying the Captain and crew of the deliver she was first official on!
Right now there was no part of this book that held me, no character that I empathize with, simply nothing that engaged me unlike both the original Starship's Mage series and Mr. Stewarts Castle Federation series (another excellent SciFi series set in a different universe).
Sorry to say, We will not be following this series, although others may enjoy this book.
I hope Mr. Stewart continues his Fortress Federation And the original Starship's Mage series as I thoroughly enjoy both of them., Glynn Stewart gives us another rolicking good romp through her SciFi universe, where mages jump spacecraft light years in the blink of an eye, through fireballs, make air solid, etc., providing them power over space and dominion overall the exoplanets and star systems known to man. Except where they don't. And those places -- organized criminal offense and shadowy actors in a network of anti-magic systems, provide complicated dangers to civilization as we know it. Captain Brian Rice returns to our pages from the first Starship Mage books, together with some of his old crew. Their figures develop wonderfully in " Interstellar Mage", where they are joined by Mage Maria Soprano and some other new heroes. This was a lot of fun and very hard to put down. I recommend it most highly!
Disclosure: We received a free electric advanced reader's copy in exchange for my impartial review., Interstellar mage.

We received this book as a possible Advanced Readers Copy in return for providing an impartial review.

Interstellar mage is definitely an interesting addition to the starships mage universe. while considerably different from the standard starships mage storyline it answers something many readers had after the end of the original publication, " what happened to the rest of the crew of the blue jay". that question is answered in this book.

while interstellar mage lacks the intrigue and magic of the primary storyline it remains a great read. the new figures are interesting if a little hypocritical and the story appears to be shaping to take an interesting side route that could possibly link back up to the primary storyline at some point.

i anticipate seeing where the series goes., Another really good book by Glynn Stewart.

Set in the Interstellar Mage world (Hand Of Mars), Captain David Rice outsmarts his way across space, fighting against pirates which may have painted a target on his back. While earlier textbooks centered on Damian, Right here we follow the captain of the Blue Jay as he starts off with his new deliver.

The blue Jay was destroyed after Damian made considerable enhancements to the runes the controlled guns and ship. Now Captain Rice has a fresh deliver that is a freighter with a weapon established up-close to warships. Typically the hand of Mars gave this to Captain Rice to exchange the Blue Jay. He sets out as freighter but is quickly pulled intrigue and fighting for his life. A lot of action in this book. I don't want spoil this
for other viewers

I like Glynn Stewart's books. They are put together with precision and excellent workmanship. I agreed upon up to get arch copied of books in return for an honest review., After reading the Starship Mage series, I thought no character could ever replace Damian in my heart. But I guess I was wrong? I'm not positive if I just love this universe, or if Glenn Stewart's characters and storylines just work for me, but I read through this book in one sitting and cannot wait around for the next!

We enjoyed the speed of the story, the unpredicted events, and the majority of all the strong and interesting characters - who taken care of their basic character regardless of overwhelming odds and profitable opportunities. There is also a lot of details presented in phrases of military hierarchy, politics, and technology, but it's efficiently wrapped into the tale - I felt like I learned something as well as being interested!

I did obtain a review copy of this publication; all opinions are my very own!

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