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We read all of the books in the arranged and found it so refreshing to read about such a strong women character. Do not get me incorrect, they have a long road to go before they reach the end of their story, but I for one found myself not wanting their story to end! The particular author did an excellent job creating these characters and their story. You is just not regret reading these textbooks!, Cade and Andie have the whole package
Crazy relatives
Surprises around every corner!!!
One another through every hardship
Boy I love this couple!!!!, I loved each of the textbooks in the Intercepred by Love Series. Rachelle Ayala is a great romance article writer. Once I started reading I didn't want to stop. If you want to read an activity love I highly recommend this series., I had only read the first book in the series when We was happy to see it is now in a complete set so there is no waiting between books to see what happens next.

Part one of the six book series is off to a great start! It's a quick, easy read that can be read in one sitting.

We learn how vulnerable Cade, a football star, can be. He is hiding from the paparazzi in a quiet school town until training begins again. This individual feels he is the reason his team lost the Super Bowl game. He meets Andie, a librarian who researches the ancient King era and he finds her in the library fantasizing about King David.

Full of wit, steamy romance, opposites attract and touching father/daughter times. It kept me turning the pages. Oh and Rachelle Ayala generally discovers a way to add a couple of cute animals to her stories. Even the dogs, Gollie and Red-colored find love in this one!

I listened to the audio version of part 1 plus I possess the whole series in print. I like being able to switch between the two if I need to. Now, on to part two... yay, I don't have to wait, it's right here in the set., I thoroughly enjoyed this box set. While i wished it was all one book it was worth the 5 stars., I liked the story archive overall, and was happy I spent my time in reading the whole story. The particular protagonists were likable and mostly relatable, or as relatable as a professional football quarterback and research librarian turned Hollywood movie consultant with chances for more can be. There were simply a few factors at which I sensed like the plot becomes felt a lttle bit gratuitous, like, " Haven't these bad people been through enough? " All in all an entertaining read., Exactly what happens when a sports player meets a librarian? A lot of passes off the field, which Rachelle tells with such talent. I love the girl books and she did not disappoint with this one. I love the beginning to Cade and Andie and their dogs Red and Gollie!! If you're buying new series, this is a must read!! You might have an unpredictable story with twists that I did not see coming. I aren't wait to see the rest of this series to see what else is in store for us all.
On the end of part one, Andie encourages Cade to return to California and take care of his obligations. What does book 2 have in store for us? Cade returns to California and Andie keeps in New York. Is the end? No, it isn't!! Andie gets a job offer to come to California and work as an advisor/consultant on movie about King David and his wives. Will Cade and her meet again? Of course they will, but there are many surprises along the way. This is another book i couldn't put down and i also aren't wait to read book 3.
I absolutely love this series!! Andie and Cade have a love that can't be beat. This book was packed with love, mystery, laughs, changes and turns. I highly recommend reading each of the parts to get the full story and enjoy Andie and Cade to the fullest. I never would have guessed this person had such hatred for Cade. I am not spoiling the story by giving his name, since I hate spoilers! We want everyone to read this book and uncover all the answers for themselves. Who ends upwards being Bret's biological father? How does the sting go down at the casino? Do Declan and Andie finally get their divorce? Does Cade play football for the Flash or does he go to another team? You will find all these solutions and so much more, when you read this book!! We still have another book left in this series and I can't hold out for it to be ready!! We still have questions that need answers!! Rachelle you keep up your wonderful storytelling and we're going all continue reading!!, We initially read each of these books separately, and reviewed them each individually. This series is one the best I have ever read. It has everything you could ever want from the story; intrigue, discovery, excitement, tenderness, loss, consideration, etc .

From the very start I used to be drawn into the book and i also just kept getting deeper and deeper the more Rachelle wrote. The characters develop very nicely throughout the series. The storyline never gets boring or lost once in all 6 books!

This truly is an amazing buy and i also highly recommend!

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