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There have been not as many reviews with this volume of the Intellectual Devotional series but I got it because I liked the Culture and American History quantities so much. I read one a morning and am now approaching the Middles Ages of famous people from around the world. I think I like this volume best since there are so many journal of men and women I knew absolutely nothing or very little about. I would not say I now know everything about these people but it is fun to look for more information info. Unless you know everything about every region of the world's history, you can discover new areas to explore reading these webpages. There are a amount of bios of Oriental and Middle Eastern philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, writers, and so on and a good amount of female bios. As I said, I am up to the Middle Ages and enjoyed reading about the folks from many countries and careers (scientific and religious) who preserved learning during the Dark Ages and early on Middle Ages., The ultimate volume in the Mental Devotional series offers 365 capsule biographies--one for every single day, except Leap Day--of " the world's most famous, brilliant, despicable, and memorable characters. " There are leaders, philosophers, innovators, evil doers, authors and artists, rebels and reformers, preachers and prophets, beginning with the Pharaoh Khufu (aka Cheops) and going on to Benazir Bhutto. The the bios are arranged in approximately chronological order (if it had been me, I'd have sorted by birthdate), and each includes the subject's dates and major accomplishments (although I noticed a couple of absences in that of Theodore Roosevelt, hardly surprising in a man who wore such an range of hats in his busy life), plus two or three " additional facts" at the bottom of the web page.

Of the 365, only eight were still dwelling at the time of publication: Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, the Unabomber, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Radovan Karadzic, Gunter Lawn, and Vaclav Havel. Associated with course, as in all such lists, your usage may vary; personally I'd have ignored these and incorporated instead Christopher Columbus, Beethoven, Robert E. Lee, Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve F. Kennedy (for getting a man on the moon, facing down The ussr in the Cuban Razzo Crisis, and establishing the Peace Corps), Lyndon W. Johnson (for Vietnam and the Great Society, though the latter was something of a bust), Hitler (who almost singlehandedly caused World War II), and Jawaharlal Nehru. The printing is a little small, which may cause problems for a lot of readers, and the catalog would have been increased by bolding the web page number on which each bio actually appears. Nevertheless it's still an interesting assemblage of influential people, and longer than many., This collection of brief biographies is educational but in addition fun to read. Presently there are 365 entries and they include the great, the good, and the fascinating. There is a mixture of scientists, artists, soldiers, religious leaders, philosophers, politicians, writers, and well known evildoers. Included are Churchill, Sartre, Lenin, Paul of Tarsus, Hannibal, Vlad the Impaler, John Lennon and the Unabomber. Each biography is a page long, however the print is on the tiny side.

The publication is well written, lively, and accessible. It provides you with sufficient information to sound knowledgeable. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the publication., I want to read one article every day during breakfast. I am at the beginning of the publication which is filled with Egyptian and Greek personalities, the ones who have formed the idea of Western Civilization. A delightful way to enhance my knowledge of a history that really matters - not so much kings and wars, but those who made a difference. Makes me want to go back to school and learn historic Greek. I recommend this book to all ages., I actually read one page/one brief biography a night and I am enjoying it quite thoroughly. The the bios are in chronological series, so I am engrossed in ancient cultures and civilizations, some of them familiar but others I actually had never heard of. All are fascinating. This specific is a very simple course in mastering about multiple civilizations through the men and women who formed them., I read the American History and the Cultured Class versions of this book first. I actually think I acquired the American history one for my husband and he or she didn't read it and I picked up and was hooked. They are written in weekly format, where every day of the week for a year you read about a person, place or topic. This specific one is biographies. This starts from Ancient times and works it's way up to present day. It also runs the gamment of all beliefs and places in the world. It just really a cool way to learn something totally new or to find out more on something you need to do know. I find that even if someone I am familiar with the publication brings about a new fact or something more than I already knew. I totally suggest this book for just about any fact fan in your life., This can be a book of short journal meant to be read one every day of the year, though We are reading it straight through. It seems like, once I pick upwards the Kindle to read it Constantly stop at just one. It includes many people I had noticed of and many I actually have not, which is surprising since I read a lot of historical past. It goes chronologicly and each biography is around a page long. At the ending of each web page are additional subwoofers facts who have to do with the person. Each day of the week covers seven subjects: leaders, philosophers, innovators, villians, authors and artists, rebels and reformers, and preachers and prophets. This publication is well written and pleasurable to read. I don't have anything bad to say of it except I wish it wouldn't end., This specific series of books is great for the person who wants to be a college student of the world. There is certainly enough information for one to get a good notion of the subject. Often I was generated seek more information because my interest was so carefully sparked by what I actually read.

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