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In the event that you where one of the blessed ones who bought an Instant Pot (aka IP) on Prime Day in July, like I did, congrats. If you found, after taking it of the package, that it's a little intimidating, join the club. Right now there is unquestionably a learning contour with the IP but so worth the effort. I actually immediately went on the hunt for recipes to try and downloaded a bunch of *free* Immediate Pot cookbooks. Let the buyer beware, *free* really does not equal *good* - many of those textbooks are poorly edited/translated and have serious errors.

This is an 'official' Immediate Pot cookbook and an excellent one. I was cautioned that unless there is a picture of a real IP on the cover (copyright) it is not sanctioned by Instant Container - this one is an official cookbook but it's so much more than recipes. I usually purchase my books for Kindle (and there is an e-book version) but this one I bought in soft-back. For the price, under , it is unquestionably absolutely essential buy.

This cookbook has everything you need to know to use your Instant Container. The beginning of the book is an intro to the Instant Container, to pressure cooking and how to care for your pot. Although a lot of this information may be found in the moment Container manual, the manual (which comes with the IP) is at 2 languages and, I think, is difficult to read.

The middle of the guide has recipes. Some quality recipes are more involved but many are recipes for cooking basic things (such Chicken Wings) which a newbie like me wanted to learn. Even after cooking for the better part of 45 years, finding out the settings and times for cooking in the IP makes myself seem like a novice. I actually made the chicken wings this weekend and, from frozen, were fast and delicious. You will find recipes for soups, meats, and desserts.

The end of the book gets the cooking chart for meats, veggies and grains. The index makes it easy to find just what you are looking for (like those wings). I highly recommend this guide, it has been the best purchase I made since getting my Immediate Pot.
[... ], Use this book constantly & love it. The recipes & tips are great. I actually just finished making the Quick Chicken Tikka Masala (mmmm good) & was looking for something more to try. So far, every recipe made has already been outstanding., I have used a pressure cooker for years, and purchased an Instant Pot model about 4 months ago. Loved it so much bought one for my sibling and was buying simple cookbook for her that would help her to adapt to using the cooker since she is new at it. This is an excellent choice and for the purpose! The beginning reviews some basics of pressure cooking food, while not in specific fine detail apart from tips like " thicken at the end" or when converting quality recipes reduce your water. But, the lack of specifity works for new users in this it simplifies the learning curve. The recipes are more often than not excellent for clean eating and do not rely on highly processed food items, consequently you can be assured you are serving up healthy dishes wicked fast. Additionally, the recipes on offer are : not only " redos" of options found everywhere. They are thoughtfully selected for the book, use common ingredients, and well written. They indeed are simply to follow! I actually love that the writer tagged the recipes by cook times- ones done in under 20 minutes, family friendly, work few days appropriate options, etc. Recipes look solid and delicious, and cook times look appropriate. Timing charts can be found towards the back (use them! ). Overall given this is written specifid to the wildly popular Instant Pot pressure pot it goes a long way to simplifying using it. The price point is appropriate too. You will not find 500 quality recipes in here, but you will find a good base to work with. Once you get the hang of them too, they are simple to start to tweak yourself for variations. Love that it must be available on Kindle Unlimited!, Every recipe I have tried has turned out there delicious! I love my Instant Pot and the point that I can have a " Sunday" pot roast on the dinner desk in about 1 .5 hours. Much less that cooking food all day long! Ribs... delicious! Pulled Pork... amazing!, Useful tips and alteration charts. Just a little disappointed by not enough pictures of recipes., Great summary of cooking with an Instant Pot and a prosperity of recipe options. The particular Brown Butter Asparagus Risotto was delightful and oh so easy to make., Could ge the same recipes online at no cost. Considered there would be something different within it.
\, Ideal for discovering meals and blend of meals one rarely things about. Instructions are incredibly easy to follow and the guide inside is very helpful.

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