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I actually rarely review authors I’m unfamiliar with, specially when it comes to works of nonfiction pertaining to psychic awakening.

I made an exception with Richard Haight’s INSPIRIENCE: MEDITATION UNBOUND, and I’m glad I did.

Their book is a quick, easy, fun read.

In order to say that I find this book highly useful and refreshing would be an understatement.

I like how he's come to all these meditations on his own, through personal exploration and after years of superhuman determination to bring a meditation experience he had when this individual was only sixteen back again into his life.

I actually love how many of the meditations, like the statement meditation and the gratitude meditation, can be practiced with open eyes and during daily activities.

The “reordering through meditation” method can get your desk uncluttered, your bills paid, your entire house cleaned, and almost any chore done that comes to your field of attention while exercising the appreciation meditation. Right now that’s what I call useful!

Mr. Haight has a talent for detailing exercises of a very subtle—and at times transcendental—nature in a clear and manner.
And the martial arts angle is very cool.

Even if you have never seen the inside of a dojo (or don’t know what a school is), I’m confident you will find the stories about his experiences in Japan with his sensei (teacher) and his experiences as a martial arts teacher himself both fascinating and informative.

I actually love how he uses the body and everything 5 senses to transcend both.

Transparent Meditation is my personal favorite. However because it requires both an investment in time (one-two hours) while lying down, unlike all the other meditations, I haven’t had a chance yet to provide this one a try. I intend to, however, the moment the opportunity arises. This meditation transcend the bounds of proprioception (the mental understanding of your body).

However, there is no summary of the primary points, or at least of the meditations, anywhere found in the book. To be fair to the writer, many nonfiction writers don’t offer quick reference summaries, leaving it up to the reader to spotlight the important sections.

It is a tribute and a testimony the value of INSPIRIENCE: MEDITATION UNBOUND that I spent the better part of two hrs taking notes and summarizing the entire book (especially the meditations) so that I can reference them whenever I actually want.

I feel that Mr. Haight has a lot to offer the world with his meditation and his method to spiritual techniques.

INSPIRIENCE: MEDITATION UNBOUND provides a fresh and effective way for those who connect closely to their senses and their body, as well as people who are more cerebral but wish to step outside of their thinking using a physical/sensory approach, to experience flexibility from the constraints of the perceived mind and the body, and live what Mr. Haight calls the inspirience of Isness., I've been meditating for many years, but after reading Richard's book I almost didn't realize that it was a meditation! I want to describe a bit. About 30 years ago I had a book that guided me personally through a way to hook up with my interior self. It was a series of steps that would calm and relax me, and hook up me to the universe. I've modified that through the years, but still do it today. I never really considered it deep breathing, because I was used to thinking that I actually should be chanting " OM" while sitting silently in a dark room.

After reading Inspirience, I actually realized (well, I kinda realized this many years in the past, at least unconsciously) that what I was doing was full regular deep breathing. The different meditations this individual teaches are similar to what I've been doing, but seem to be to give us a deeper connection to All That Is (he calls it Isness). Insted of focusing intently, I actually started defocusing and becoming more relaxed, letting the energy flow more freely within me.

If you're like me, someone who is always seeking more, you should get this book. It's not simply a manual for deep breathing, though. Richard tells many great stories about his life and journey which prepare you for how he got to where he is and so you realize that his experiences can benefit you directly.

I was re-reading this again right now so I can fully integrate the theories and perspectives into my new daily meditations. It has helped me centre myself tremendously! I was a new big fan of Richard and appear forwards to reading his other books., I have had a few authors ask me to review their books over the years, and after a fast glance through their work, I actually have chosen not to review. My time is valuable. I was fascinated by Richard L. Haight’s bio and agreed to consider reviewing Inspirience. I actually admit I did not see the book word for word, but rather jumped in and out of being drawn to the content as I scanned through. The concepts discussed in the book are concepts used in my own, personal practice - nothing was really new. I was looking to see where the author may deviate from spiritual principles when i understand and teach. There was clearly nothing in the publication that went counter to my understanding and experience. I imagined reading this article publication as a newcomer to spirituality (my two decades young self) and felt that it would be extremely valuable, challenging and wisdom-full – it could be a real gift and catalyst for a psychic exploration and healing. The particular author has a great gift for writing in very practical words concepts that can get very esoteric. The ideas are solid and meaningful. But this book is not merely for beginners on the way. This would be a valuable book to any spiritual library.
Disclaimer – I had been questioned to review this publication by the author., Functional and direct. This publication teaches you the real process of practical meditation and tells you why, through the writers experience or somewhat insperiance. In this book, Rich unravels the keys to unconditioned meditation by detailing many of the common issues with productive deep breathing through his experiences.

Rich refers to and quotes many well known enlightened teachers to improve knowledge of the concepts he introduces without relying on them to support his conclusions. This is a refreshing read and an amazing connection to a unified principle.

Richards life stories shed light on some of the most frequent pitfalls and misunderstandings about meditating like the fidgety meditation, quick meditation, awareness games, and all being released on the at the core of meditation practices and techniques that you can use easily without crystals, chants, music, special postures or mood lighting.

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