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Isn't it about time that we now have a book on the marketplace that explains all about egg donation in a way that doesn't seem scary, freak us out, or cause our minds to explode from way too much information!

Usually when I read an e book on egg donation (there are not many) We leave not satisfied or frustrated. I need information that is up to time, not offensive, not dry, and something a lay down person can understand.

We can finally refer all of my intended parents to the Insider's Guide to Egg Donation by Wendie Wilson-Miller and Erika Napolentano. This book is clear. It's concise. It can unbiased. There are hints, recommendations, checklists, and they even highlight segments that allow you the reader to go back over those elements that are most important to you for each segment.
What We like the most about any book are the real life stories, letters, and comments that are contributed throughout any book and this book has them all!

Aside from this being a warm book, it's accurate, updated, and not overly complicated. It's simple, to the point, and really if this sounds the only book you find to learn on egg donation this is the book for you when i guarantee you will avoid this book and understand the egg donation process from A to Z.

The nerdy part of me has to mention that the appendix and the glossary are amazing features. I possess mine on my Ipad and refer to it regularly in my daily job talking to a large number of intended parents yearly that are just embarking on egg donation.

This book is a fantastic guide and I think will help support many many intended parents and parents for many years!

Good work women - you have so much to be proud of. What an fabulous contribution to the world of 3rd celebration reproduction!
We at Parents Via Egg Donation are extremely happy and proud of the work you have accomplished., This particular book is a godsend for intended parents that are even just considering egg donation. It is a very emotional and complicated spot to take for most people trying to cover their heads around altering paths and using an egg donor. This book absolutely helps to direct you through that process from all aspects. It is compassionate to the designed parents, as well as shedding light on the view from the sight of the donor, which in insightful. There are numerous mental stages that one undergoes when facing infertility, and Wendie Wilson-Miller & Erika Napoletano--along with the addition of several experts in the field-- quite definitely deal with that, help you really feel less alone, and give you so many tools and information as to how to deal with each step. I also found the personal exerpts to be amazingly relatable and heart-warming. Every single fertility doctor should give this to their patients considering egg donation, it is beyond helpful., Hope future editions expand upon working through the thoughts, questions, and issues that come along with this process. It is a good, very brief guide to the process., This was so helpful in giving me some background in a area where there isn't really one to help you understand. We browse the chapters at separate times based on what I was experiencing at that moment so We didn't overwhelm myself in an already stressful situation. Would recommend for everybody experiencing this., The book provides very accurate information (or at least, similar to what my physician thinks). It makes feel more assured when asking questions to the doctor. I absolutely recommend it., Have personaly proved helpful with Wendie Wilson Miller for many years and admire her honesty, commitment, and compassion to the world of infertility and Egg Donation., In an industry that's evolving the technology in a accelerated rate, a book about them is already outdated and lacking the most current information (for example, there is nothing on frozen egg banks, which are increasing in popularity and likely the wave of the future). There is also information that explained some firms have "thousands" of contributor when that is no longer the case as there is a shortage due to a disparity in source and demand. Nothing against the author... just not sure a book is the best source of information in such a rapidly changing landscape., Because a woman who is coming to words with the idea that I may well not be able to conceive with my own eggs, We turned to this book for more information about egg donation as We had heard positive reviews of it. Although it is true that more GBLT couples are turning to egg donation in order to build their family members, the vast majority of individuals who take this route are women whose eggs are not viable for whatever reason. With this fact comes a lot of pain and grieving for women who will not be able to transfer their genes to their children. We found one of the authors, Erika, particularly insensitive to this fact -- as she thanks the girl parents for her great genes in the forward, and procedes talk about how exactly cool it was to literally see herself in one of the children she helped a couple create in her introduction. I decided that if this author could be so insensitive to the feelings of girls she was supposedly writing for, perhaps this wasn't the book for me. A lot of others out there.

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