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Overall a pretty nice guide to Pixinsight. The book is much like the video clip series that Warren Keller put out a few years back. Each aspect of processing is explained thoroughly, from image calibration to various methods of getting faint details from nonlinear stretched images. I actually prefer this to the videos since it is much easier to guide while I am working in Pixinsight. The Amazon kindle edition is very easy to adhere to. I prefer using my Android-phone to read it as the Amazon kindle Android App presents the book in color and allows you to zoom in on images., This is a great resource for building a structured method for processing images with Pixinsight. The book does require that the reader/user has an elementary working knowledge of the program and on a personal note it was invaluable for myself to have worked through preprocessing and and image processing using less engaged methods from the internet. That previous experience gave me a better concept of the logic and direction the book was teaching. The particular book is a great free resource to the numerous online videos and tutorials. Sometimes the author even referenced a number of the tutorials I actually had found and used on the internet. It can written in such a way that you can follow the steps exactly as written or use a layered approach, i. electronic. add additional steps as you learn.

From the first read I figured out additional steps that immediately helped me improve image quality. After using Pixinsight about a year before I purchased the book I finally feel like Excellent structured processing route to build on and understand the logic of every step rather than just carrying out a laundry listing of steps provided by others without an understanding of why.

The particular book is well really worth the money!!, This is a great book and I put it to use constantly as a reference, as many PixInsight processes do not have documentation, and sometimes the documentation that exists in PixInsight is somewhat esoteric and hard to comprehend.

Buyers should be aware that this book should NOT be the first resource to go to in order to learn PixInsight. The particular author does not " waste" time going over the PixInsight user interface or covering the very basics. Instead, in the Introduction, he directs us all to web resources that do a great job of addressing this material (including resources by the author himself).

There are many techniques and scripts in PixInsight. There are several that perform noise reduction, as well as several that can be used for sharpening the image. In addition, each process, and script, could have numerous variables that may be established, affecting how the process or script processes the image. Warren's book guides you through this, first by suggesting a work (for example, if you are combining luminance, L, G and B images to form a ultimate color image, the work chart is on web page 247) for every type of image processing, and also by suggesting values for the parameters for the various processes and intrigue, parameters which have been shown, through experience, to work well in most all cases.

A reviewer suggested that you could do better by searching your PixInsight resources on the web. We had to do that in the previous when this guide was not available. You can can still do that today, but this is a lot of work, and frustration, and what you get is of variable quality. Furthermore, each person do things in various ways as a result of richness of PixInsight, which the finish tends to be confusing to the beginner.

The advantage of having this book is that the reader can follow one consistent source of information from learn to finish, and it is comprehensive enough to provide a good grounding in PixInsight. From there, you can then explore PixInsight, and other resources (including Warren Keller's excellent video clip series) on their own, and perhaps adapt their astro image processing in variance to what Mr. Warren Keller recommends. Nevertheless, Mr. Keller is a pretty good teacher and practitioner of the art, having had his images selected as NASA's APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) more than once, so his advice is worth it.

The book is well illustrated with B&W, and where appropriate, color screen shots. Numerous screen shots are annotated.

Highly recommended., If you're using PixInsight for astrophotography, you've no doubt already spent a fair amount of money on equipment and software. The minimal additional expense of this book is well worth it to create or enhance your workflow. Yes, most of this info is available online... somewhere, often in various places and in various formats (videos, web pages, etc. ). Nevertheless, I find it impossible to follow the spread online resources effectively. I actually much prefer the book format as a bottom, which is often augmented with the online resources as needed. And although the online help is growing, I actually think it is often delves way too deep into the underlying equations rather than showing typical use circumstance scenarios and/or recommendations. This book fits nicely as a user guide while just touching some of the technical background. Because another reviewer mentioned, is actually not a technical guide for the details of the actual image processing mathematics, but that isn't the intended audience.

Just centered on my personal choice - one complaint is the fact that most of the book goes back and forth from a step-by-step process to a technical background / much deeper dive, which makes it hard for me to follow at times. I actually would have preferred a simpler workflow section in advance, with a separate area for more in-depth technical conversations and theory later. The particular author did attempt this to a degree, with two very brief workflow illustrations later in the book (too quick to use by themselves, unfortunately), and an advanced subjects section at the end.

Given the size of PixInsight, where there are 10+ means of doing any one thing, you will probably find that you prefer an alternative to the book's workflow. My original workflow (based on online resources) was somewhat different, but I'm changing mine to be more in line with the book's workflow. I'm actually creating my own simplified file (if you can call 40 pages " simplified" ) to translate it into a step-by-step work checklist/recipe that I can more easily follow. Nevertheless, I am basing that document on the great work in this book.

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