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Very interesting true story of a woman's journey with her mother's slow decline into the dementia or Alzheimer tunnel maze. Informative, coronary heart rending, well researched and yet maddening. Such a sad ending to what should be the golden years. Sad that families become so desperate for help, relief, education. Some desire that research is continuous. The baby boomer era will surely be in trouble financially. A young person asked me if dementia or Alzheimer disease was around when my grandpa and grandma were alive. I really could only say that individuals live lengthier now. We called odd behaviors of our parents senility. So while our modern medicine can keep people alive longer, emotional decline and capacity are not taken into account as helped living, memory care and nursing homes fill. Quality of life becomes extremely important to my way of thinking. I have seen first hand elder family members become shells of their former selves, strapped into wheelchairs, unable to do anything for themselves, unrecognizable, recognizing no one. Watching the movie Still Alice was obviously a wake up call. She waited too long., Regarding me part of the 5stars for this publication comes with the many appendices and excellent bibliography, that is of invaluable help to anyone, dealing with, or worried about dementia and Alzheimers. From begin to finish mcdougal brings you into her world of working with dementia and the truth of becoming whether willing or not a primary care giver. Genuinely honest in working with the person you knew, to the person who has become due to dementia. Yet with all the ups and downs in this relationship Stettinus keeps her clear love and devotion for her mother, despite many difficulties all through their relationship., The combination of a poignant personal story and well-researched resources make for an ideal guide for family and friends who are struggling with the dementia of a adored person in their lives. Inside the Dementia Crisis: A Daughter's Memoir changes the overwhelming challenges Martha Stettinius faced into a loving, brave story. She has chosen to discuss what she has figured out with others who are on the same route - at the very beginning or already further down that road. The woman story reflects her careful, thoughtful observations as a writer, even though her subject is her very own mother and herself. Her style is accessible and warm, her knowledge is at once unique to her and extends beyond to the wider territory of this modern day scourge. Likely to find this book as I did to be an important contribution to the literature on this timely topic., I needed to take the time to write a well thought out review, but if I hold out any longer, I will probably just pass this by without comment. This book was as good written and true to its major focus that I actually just want to advise anyone who has had is going through any personal connection with dementia to read this publication. It is an honest presentation of what like to live with and be offered to someone who is experiencing dementia. The author provides ground floor realistic advice for those who recognize early indicators of dementia as well as those dealing with dementia's later stages. Don't pass up this possibility to learn through someone else's experience that is clearly written, although not maudlin or harsh. I highly recommend this book., As the caregiver for my hubby, who was clinically determined to have Dementia NOS in 2008, I actually have read a number of books on the subject of Alzheimer's Illness and other forms of dementia. Of the many textbooks I have read, two stand out: one is the book that Rachel Hadas wrote about being the spouse of someone with dementia and the other is this publication by Martha Settinius. In this book, Ms. Settinius gives her activities with her mother before, during and after her diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. Ms. Settinius shares the stress and anxieties that go along with as being a caregiver but also writes about the insights has gained about herself and her mother as they move through different stages of her mom's illness. In addition to being a memoir, this book also includes a wealth of information about to medical/ clinical issues related to dementia, financial considerations and planning for care outside of the home. I found this publication to be interesting to read but also extremely helpful in terms of the information to be found throughout the book and in the well explored appendices. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a family member who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia. It should also be recommended reading for professionals in the field., This is one of the most compassionate, informative and insightful books I have read regarding care-giving and difficulties of issues surrounding dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The step-mother and mother-in-law both have suffered from dementia. My step-mother is now deceased. I watched the caring personality of my step-mother turn into anger and I am watching my mother-in-law struggle to find that right word. Over time, I have learned to visit with love and no expectations; just be there with her.

Martha's capability to share with the story of her care-giving journey put this reader right there with her and her mother. Thanks, Martha., I just read Martha's memoir, In the Dementia Epidemic. It is extraordinary. The book is extremely well-written. While intensely personal, Martha weaves in considerable research and knowledge. I lived a very similar story with my mom. Reading this story provided the reassurance of learning that both the hard feelings and challenges as well as the joys and success of living with dementia are shared by others. Thank you!, I adored the author's honest characterization to become her mother's care-giver. She does a good job of investing in little nuggets of wisdom that she wished she had known at the time, which I felt actually helped the story along and made me more curious about what was going to happen next. Since a middle aged mature, my parents are ageing and the are all issues I could have to face in the not too distant future. Also i was there as my mother did this for my Oma, it isn't whatsoever a simple road. I found myself so absorbed in the story that I read it often and finished in record time.

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