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It is a great book – a fantastic analysis of the trend inside the roles that lawyers play within the modern organization. The book isn’t a new memoir, but the story is told by the revolution’s leading figure, the legendary Ben Heineman, who else took over the leading lawyer’s job at GE as a possible outsider with an extraordinary reputation and upon the market having permanently changed the corporate world plus the legitimate profession as we realize them. The book particulars the wide-ranging roles that will lawyers within the corporation possess increasingly come to enjoy and that Heineman thinks they must play to make sure that corporations create worth in far-reaching, legal and ethical ways. But the book is not just about lawyers and not just with regard to lawyers. Because Heineman recognizes the role of inside of counsel as so wide-ranging, his book is likewise an outstanding overview of the vast and various roles that the large modern corporation plays. It therefore becomes a uniquely essential book in illuminating the complex, global and essential business world more generally., This is a great guide. The only book I am aware that describes the career of insider counsel. I have given it many folks and as a general lawyer, I refer to attempting to., Ben Heineman’s " The Inside Counsel Revolution" is an astonishing effort. Not just is it a should read for in-house lawyer, it is just a must read with regard to anyone who cares about modern corporate governance. Focusing on the idea of the basic counsel as a “lawyer-statesman, ” the book lays out a broader platform for how corporate governance needs to evolve to create simultaneously high-preforming and highly ethical companies.

Although the book is experienced, it is at the same time down-to-earth, understandable and highly practical. Heineman illustrates the principles he or she is advancing with fascinating and detailed analyses of actual cases – where items went wrong, how the companies involved responded, and how they should have acted in the first place.

In the middle of his beautifully coherent framework for higher performing/high integrity companies is usually the general counsel; nevertheless the book also particulars how other actors ~ the CEO and older management, the board associated with directors, the broad span of stakeholders, from staff to share-owners from regulators to customers – figure into his framework.

The particular book is the apparent product of both huge in-the-trenches experience and trenchant thought. For those who else have been frustrated by the seemingly never-ending slew associated with corporate scandals, but who else also believe in industry economies, Ben Heineman’s guide is gives a clear-headed prescription for hope. And all of us hope in-house lawyers and all corporate actors will read it., Ben Heineman led the transformation associated with the multi- faceted function of the chief legitimate officer in a modern corporation, especially one whose activities reach into several countries. Now he has written a book of excellent power and clarity charting how that dramatic alter occurred over the final quarter century and how essential you should companies looking for to succeed in the several dimensions of performance, shareholder value, customer service, skill development, crisis management, integrity, governance, leadership interacting along with governments, policy makers and regulators, all of which together establish reputation and success. This book will be important to lawyers in or even outside a corporate regulation department. But it should also be essential reading for ceo's, board users, senior executives and people who else aspire to leadership roles in enterprises around the world.
Lewis Kaden
Vice Chairman, Citigroup (retired)
Lead Director, ArcelorMittal SA, Ben Heineman's guide " The Inside Counsel Revolution" is the best guide ever written for GCs, not only because Bill Heineman has a excellent vision but in addition because he or she explains how and why every company (thus everyone) should implement it. Following his former 2008 guide " High Performance with High Integrity", Ben Heineman goes far beyond and evolves his vision on capitalism and the core function of GCs who should not only serve organization but also the whole society playing the " lawyer-statesman" role. GCs, in-house lawyers and outside counsels should read this great guide, because the Revolution is not really over! CEO and C-levels should also read " The Inside Counsel Revolution" and embrace the " high performance with higher integrity" paradigm. Olivier L. Chaduteau, Managing Partner associated with Day One Consulting., This is a must-read with regard to any general counsel -- or individuals who aspire to the title. Ben Heineman figuratively -- and now literally -- wrote the book on how to be a general counsel with regard to a world-class company. The Inside Counsel Revolution is nicely written, easy to read, and broken into essay-sized chapters. In his years at GE, Heineman reshaped and redefined the role of general lawyer. And the hard-earned wisdom he shares here is usually priceless: How to earn each the trust and respect of the CEO plus the C-Suite, walk the line being partner and guardian, and help build and sustain a culture of integrity where employees not just do things right, nevertheless do the right items. It should be inside arms-reach of any basic counsel who aspires to do the right items, too. Buy this guide.

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