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Fantastic book!! My Mom loved it and she is a die hard fan of the factory books!!, Purchased as a present. Arrived quickly and exactly as promoted. Thanks!, Great.. read more about chocolates, then the movie, Followers of Roald Dahl along with Charlie and the Dark chocolate Factory have a great deal to be thankful for in this delectable book. In this year when we commemorate the Golden Anniversary of Charlie, this well-written publication is a timely tribute to the story and its effect on our lives.

Guardian journalist Lucy Mangan writes this book in a engaging, accessible way. The lady writes as someone who knows and loves the girl subject matter. It examines the origins of the history, its various adaptations, the impact on popular culture and even the Wonka sweet spin-offs inspired by the book. It is a detailed, thorough, behind-the-scenes tour of the publication and its adaptations. The lady even offers up the girl thoughts on what made each adaptation work even though she betrays a slight bias to the Gene Wilder film of 1971. The best thing is the comparison between the four different illustrated editions of the story to date. I loved the comparison she drew between illustrations of Schindelman, Jaques, Foreman and Blake. It is fascinating to see these various illustrations side by side and it saves myself the trouble of obtaining to acquire first edition copies at exorbitant prices. Admittedly, after looking at the Schindelman drawings, I felt that they did not quite define the characters as well as those done by other illustrators. Not really to begrudge those who grew up with Schindelman's version, but it's just that the characters were unable drawn distinctly in his drawings.

There are only a couple of small details I would like to focus on. They don't weaken the book per se but it would be helpful to the author if she ever updates the publication. It might have been good if Mangan had moved her sections about Roald's schooldays, his Cadbury-tasting classes great love of chocolates to the beginning. This would have made for a more effective beginning if we readers were released to Dahl's personality and his love of chocolates. It feels abrupt to get started on the story in the middle by describing the evolution of his Charlie manuscript in the years when Dahl wrote the story. Dahl's abiding love of chocolates and the Cadbury boxes are an important impact on the story, and so it might be better to speak of Dahl's college when recounting the beginnings of the story. This would be a helpful reminder to readers that the origins of the story did not start in 1961, but back in Repton during Dahl's schooldays. Another point I would really prefer to mention is that it would do well if this book had the possiblity to show us the difference between Dahl's first Oompa-Loompa chapter (in the 1964 Knopf edition with Schindelman's drawings) and the rewritten version we know today. I know this cut passage is an objectionable passage and I am not saying it needs to cause trouble or stir up racial tensions. However it would be good to print it for the sake of comparison, so that viewers know that this important part needed changing. I actually admit I would find it more helpful if Mangan had the possiblity to say a little bit about the sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. This may be weaker than Dahl's other books but it is still part of the history of Charlie. As such it would still be worth a mention in this book.

Despite these two small omissions I'm sure that this book will pleasure many a Dahl fan or a Charlie fan. It has already helped me hungry for Wonka chocolates bars. It is an absolute whipple-scrumptious treat to even get your hands on a copy. It is well worth the purchase for any Dahl fan., If you've ever before wanted to know everything there is to know about Roald Dahl's STEVE AND THE CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURING PLANT, this might be the book for you. Remembering Charlie's 50th birthday, INSIDE OF CHARLIE’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY goes deep to the world of Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas and of course Charlie Bucket. Giving a behind the scenes look at the book, both of the movies, stage shows and pop culture references, this book is packed with trivia and insight into the classic history. It also gives a brief good the chocolates industry and how Roald arrived to want to create about it. All with plenty of glossy, color images that'll have you salivating on every page!

As a huge fan of Roald Dahl's book, I loved getting to learn more about the world of Willy Wonka. I found the initial three sections to be the most fascinating. This specific first section is focused on Roald's process and how the book came to can be found. It also covered the publication around the world and its reception.

The particular second section was exactly about the various adaptations of the book, particularly the two movies that were made. The book goes into much more detail with the Gene Wilder version, but it was neat to learn about the process for each movie and how certain things changed from one to the other. There were a lot of things the older movie couldn't do simply because the special effects technology wasn't as advanced as the younger movie. They also got two wildly different understanding of Willy Wonka himself, with Gene Wilder enjoying him as joyfully demented and Johnny Depp enjoying him more childlike. This was cool to read about the directors' different assumes on the same source material.

The particular 3 rd section compared the illustrations from four models of the book, displaying the drawings from Frederick Schindelman, Faith Jaques, Michael Foreman and of course Quentin Blake. It was cool to see each artist's interpretation of the story, but I definitely felt most attached with the illustrations in my old battered copy from once i was a kid!

The particular last two sections are a little drier, with one about the result the book had on pop culture, one about a history of chocolate and the last one about the critical reception of the book. But they're worth a read if you're interested in learning a little more about the entire world beyond the book.

INSIDE OF CHARLIE’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY is certainly a lot of fun if you have a Wonka fan in your life. It's a quick read with plenty of trivia that'll entertain and even surprise you. All in all it's a great companion for the 50-year-old traditional!
Reviewed by Rebecca Czochor, good quality with low price. Fantastic and affordable product. Good weight meaning less pressure while cutting. Excellent ergonomic. Sharp. Cutting tomatoes and onions was obviously a nice experience. I purchased this product to replace a old one. i will purchase it from you next time. fast shipping, for a host,, Awesome!! Fantastic detail and it separates the info between the publication, movies, musicals etc. Every Willy Wonka fan's desire!!

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