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I actually picked up this guide after a breakup and after I took an online test that revealed me as having an insecure attachment style. I wish That i knew of I was this way before my breakup. I might have been able to have had a much better chance of a more healthy relationship; and we may even still be together. This book breaks or cracks down the insecure connection style more than into just three main connection style categories. Not merely did I discover I was of the insecure style but also more in the “Fearful” category! OUCH!... My answer is ouch, because the guide describes this style as particularly difficult to package with. And believe me, We are starting to package with my style mind on and it is extremely tough so far. Typically the book provides extensive of workbook style content – like questioners, charts, and exercised that you can benefit from. I was able to screen grab the parts I wanted to use from my Kindle viewer on my computer screen. If you can purchase a printed backup too, then that would be helpful.
Overall I feel similar to this material has given us a leg up about how to conquer my insecure connection style, and I am hopeful to earn more of a secure connection style as I sort out these exercises. I am also hopeful that the next relationship I get into will go better?... We’ll see., Out of this whole book there were maybe 4 lines that helped me and the rest seemed very basic and things anyone with common sense would know, Well thought out! This particular is not the first time I come in touch with attachment styles, but I love the examples and the easy to understand approach., Extremely helpful read focusing on the attachment styles., I actually read this book because I actually have a anxiety about rejection and always attributed my fear to being with a spouse that was not only a narcissist, but also a sex addict. Reasonable fears for that situation... I went to counseling, read books, journaled and did a lot of work to get out of that relationship also to a place where I was ready to date again. I was bewildered when after some dates, a failed relationship, and then finally conference someone that was truly great those same fears kept resurfacing. This new man in my life gave me no reason to fear rejection, so I knew wherein the situation lies. I came upon this book after looking insecurity and see the guide that was written about me and my deepest thoughts. I am still astonished how well I actually am captured within these words and the exercises immediately began helping me to truly feel the love that I was being shown and be thankful for it., I enjoyed this book. Thank you., Great and insightful guide!, It is real

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