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Nik Ripken has shared an incredible look at persecution and the attitudes of the persecuted. Their reaction to persecution is nothing like I thought it might be and has changed my attitude towards Christianity in the States. Evey Christian should read this book. God's church in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would be better for it., Such an eye opening and humbling accounts about the persecution an strength of faith of beleivers in other nations. Nik Ripken sets out on a journey to understand persecution in the cathedral. He is surprised and befriended, shocked and led by the Holy Spirit into some amazing and horrifying situations. A must read to understand and know that God is still at your workplace in the world today and the gospel is still going out in the midst of wicked., Wonderful book. Insightful and revealing of the traditional western church. Not a " how-to" book! Reaching those around us with the truth of grace by trust in Christ Jesus is a worthwhile work. God is doing unpredicted things in our world today. Recommend readers read the first book, Insanity of God, before this one. Insanity of Behavior builds and applies the first book to our lives., The Insanity of Behavior is companion piece to Ripken's previous work, The particular Insanity of God. Although the two works cover some of the same ground, each book should get a reading. The Ripken's felt called by God to go overseas as missionaries. When they reacted to that call, they had no idea that they would eventually ending up working in Somalia. In that lawless land, their faith took a major nose dive. Their losses were huge. Ultimately they came home injured emotionally and spiritually with a huge question mark hanging over their minds: can faith survive under powerful persecution? They established out on a quest to find the answer to that question, eventually selecting 600 Christians who got endured under some type of persecution. That is the issue of Ripken's first publication. His second one, The particular Insanity of Obedience investigates what it looks like to go out as sheep among wolves and provides story after story about how to undertake the Great Commission rate - even when obedience appears crazy from a human perspective., His first book was incredible and this second one does not disappointed you. He or she picks up right where he left off in The particular Insanity of God. We highly recommend this for Jesus' followers after you've read the first book., This book is obligatory reading for all Christians to understand well what it means to be a follower of the Master Jesus. Full of tales and with excellent insights of the Word by those who are constantly tested by fire and are still following Jesus faithfully., I had high expectations for this book as it got been recommended as a very challenging book to learn. The early chapters in particular are very confronting to Christians and their approach to missionary endeavour. Later chapters were more analytical and less challenging. Not as good as the first book although there is much food for thought and some confronting statements at times in various chapters., I started out with The Insanity of God, and could hardly put it down. Whenever I started this publication, Nik revisited many of the stories, and I found that the questions at the ending of the chapter caused me to sluggish down. I encourage you to definitely read them both. Best books I've read in quite a long time.

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