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Intelligent, contrarian and practical take on the venture capital industry as well as how to foster innovation in the way we invest in order to capture more big ideas. Explains how opportunity capital as an industry holds one of the most potent keys to unlocking change on the global scale, by backing entrepreneurs who come from diverse backgrounds and who understand huge global problems in industries like housing, schooling, and food. Shares examples of existing industry innovations, like Village Capital's peer selection model, as well as a thoughtful choice of fresh ideas that can be applied not only in VC but in authorities and by entrepreneurs on their own. We would definitely recommend this book to VCs and other innovation-enablers., This is a very proactive and timely read -- that...

This is a very proactive and timely read -- that opens upwards the whole debate of why Silicon Venture Capital does what it has and whether it should in the future -- with innovation and software accessible everywhere solving huge problems in society, it can time and energy to do things in different ways and go everywhere., Best timing to have an introspective look at our innovation overall economy, and how to open our eyes to the entrepreneurs and ideas that most deserve our attention. Readable, insightful, and compelling, Ross Baird shares his journey being an entrepreneur and investor, and shines a much needed light on the people, communities and businesses that will be the foundation of the reconditioned American dream. Thrilled to see this story being told., I loved this book. I reside in Louisville, Kentucky and I feel like a lot of the discussions around startups and innovation don't pay attention--or matter--to me at all. Ross writes a clear, engaging, and useful guide how to innovate better for those of all of us who don't reside in Walls Street or Silicon Valley. This conversation is extremely important as we look and re-imagining the Us economy and building the right systems to tackle the challenges many people face., Great book written by visionaries who truly understand the future of entrepreneurship!, " The idea that entrepreneurship is a meritocracy is a misconception. " Ross Baird facets his debut book, The particular Innovation Blind Spot, on the premise that capital fails to flow to the most modern and useful new ideas. As an alternative, he argues, " money flows to the ideas that are the most convenient to find or the most familiar. "

Baird identifies three major blind spots hindering our innovation process. How we pick new ideas, where we find new ideas, and who we commit in all present problems in the innovation overall economy.

He crafts his arguments to appeal to both logical and emotion-oriented followers. Employing a mixture of hard data and anecdotes from his venture capital experience, Baird makes cases against the traditional due-diligence process, warm introductions, and pattern recognition. Overall, his attempts to eviscerate traditional investment considering prove potently effective. On the other hand, a critic with no solutions is about as valuable as an angel investor promising capital he does not possess (read the publication and you should get the reference).

Luckily, Baird dedicates a resounding 100 pages to describing on-the-cusp solutions to mitigate blind spots and develop flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystems. He lays out a wide variety of impact-oriented ideas for investors, governments, and entrepreneurial ecosystem builders. His plans even extend to ways in which entrepreneurs and large-company employees can play roles in mitigating biases. Although he occasionally delves in to the weeds of high-level concepts, his solutions are generally accessible and stuffed with forward-thinking wisdom.

As the President of Village Capital, Baird brings a unique perspective to venture capital investing. His firm uses a peer-selection model where entrepreneurs rank one another, and the top two startups receive seed-stage capital. Most importantly, Village Capital employs one-pocket thinking by investing in social projects, rather than focusing simply on profits and making philanthropic contributions quietly (two-pocket thinking). Village Capital’s finance invests in 5 industries (Financial health, Education, Health-related, Energy, and Agriculture), which can be addressing pressing global issues that affect the majority of society.

In addition to promoting one-pocket thinking and peer-selected investment, Baird elaborates on intriguing models for impact investment. Using Access Ventures as a case study, he describes how investors can focus on impact-oriented returns across asset classes and progress entire ecosystems. This can be a particularly useful model for institutional investors and hedge money. In the venture capital arena, Village Capital’s VIRAL (Venture Investment Readiness and Awareness Level) provides a brilliant mechanism to split down communication barriers between investors and entrepreneurs.

The particular concluding section of the book, " Topophilia" (love of place), is where Baird's voice and eyesight resonates the loudest. He discusses the creation of thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems exterior of Silicon Valley, Nyc, and Boston. Tying all of his ideas and celebrities together, " Topophilia" starts the doorway to a future of bottom-up monetary and cultural development, restoring the American Dream.

If you possess an inkling of intrigue about Ross Baird’s vision and ideas, I actually highly recommend purchasing The Innovation Blind Spot. This publication will open up your eyes to a plethora of options for a future world, filled up with one-pocket thinking and bottom-up ecosystem building., This book annoys me. It annoys me that it has to be written also it annoys me that it is a new way of thinking about where advancement is or isn't being promoted and funded. It annoys me that it wasn't written 5-10 years ago. A book like this has been missing for many years. Fortunately the author walked into the gap.

Presently there are a lot of books on innovation. They will tend to either be (a) written without value to race, class, gender or geography or (b) written very much with respect to geography, implicitly or clearly telling you that you should move to Si Valley. This book is neither. It's a excited plea to investors to tell them that the opportunities are elsewhere--and that the most crucial innovations are probably not the things they in person care about, in the locations where they live. Ironically, in our digital age, place and geography do matter. Investors who are purchasing our digital future very much tend to commit in what they know, tangibly, in front of their faces.

This publication is also a excited plea to entrepreneurs, to tell them that they do matter, even if they don't look like the author or me (good schools, white, male, fit the profile) and give them some visions of alternative entrepreneurs who have been available to them, with enhancements that matter, in places that we don't normally hear about in the entrepreneurial press.

Disclosure: I understand the author. This is not some book written as an extended business card. It's everything that mcdougal lives and cares about every day, put into your hands to bring you into his quest.

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